A First Look of Michael Chiklis as The Executioner

Recently both a video from Gotham’s Youtube channel and several photos on ScreenRant show Nathaniel Barnes’s transformation into The Executioner, who appears bound to show up this season fully embracing the persona, similar to the Riddler. The video shows Barnes on a gurney who meets with Katherine who describes herself as a fan of his brand of justice, but wants to use Barnes for a more larger purpose and wants the Alice Tetch Virus in his body, or at least several samples of it. Which also reveals the Court still has Hugo Strange to do it’s bidding even if the Indian Hill program went south, and may have taken some inspiration from Jervis Tetch’s plan to get revenge on Gotham City with his sister’s psychosis-inducing blood.

The photos, on the other hand, show the first full appearance of The Executioner’s new outfit, which has some aesthetics of the Court of Owl’s Talons comic appearances with plenty of brown leather to go around. It appears that Barnes will get a pendulum blade attachment as some kind of weapon, but it does not appear to be at the cost of one of his hands and is wearing some sort of paint around his eyes.

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