An Expanded Gotham Season 5 to premiere Jan 2019, Mr J Halloween Teaser

Good news for all fans of Gotham. According to T.V Line, Gotham’s last season will be returning much sooner than and will be extended from ten episodes to twelve. (Source here) This would bring Gotham up 100 episodes This now 12 episode season is now to air in the midseason on January 3rd Presumably, this would allow Gotham to enter syndication, as well as give Gotham Season 5 two more hours than the prior four.

Gotham Season 5


Just today, a new trailer featuring both Jerome and Jeremiah’s best moments as well as teasing Jeremiah’s new look. Gotham is due to come back Thursday January 3rd presumably at 8pm EST.

Sources: T.V Line, Youtube

Author: False Facer 92

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