Army Tents Keep the Rain Out

Since you are still small (when you simulate scenes from the battlefield) you are used to imagining camping, like soldiers on TV. Now that you're an adult, you still want to go camping, it's just not with all the shots and grenades.

The kid inside you who wants to shoot dead people is himself dead and what you want now is an authentic camping experience.

You want to immerse yourself in the big open air of America; go to a place where you can get away from the life of your duties and responsibilities.  Buy the high quality army tents for all your camping needs. 

It's time to bite the bullet, you say to yourself, when you take the arrow and throw it at the map of North America. The arrow landed exactly where you expected. It's time to pack your things and fill the truck with gasoline.

Finally, tired and tired, you arrive at the camping park. You take your tent and throw it in a protected place. The elements are harder around these parts and you will need all the protection you can get.

Then, bingo, the tent is up. You pat your back and take a quick walk in the national park, eat and come back to rest using your head. Just as you are hobbling near the border of sub-consciousness, the terrifying thunder roll brings you back to your conscious state.

A flashing light is followed by another thunder round. Heavy rain. You begin to feel cooler and immediately realize that you are soaking wet.

Rain enters your ugly tent. Yes, you say to yourself, you don't want to be a soldier anymore, but you want a tent like that. You understand, when it's too late, of course, that the army tent is the only type that is worth buying.