Thoughts, Theories, and Critiques on Arrow, 4×08, Legends of Yesterday

PART TWO OF THE EPIC CROSSOVER WITH “THE FLASH” — Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (guest star Grant Gustin) take Kendra Saunders (guest star Ciara Renée) and Carter Hall (guest star Falk Henstchel) to a remote location to keep them hidden from Vandal Savage (guest star Casper Crump) while they figure out how to defeat him. Malcolm (John Barrowman) arranges a meeting between Vandal, Green Arrow and The Flash that doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), Thea (Willa Holland), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) work with Team Flash to come up with a weapon powerful enough to destroy Vandal Savage. Thor Freudenthal directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim and teleplay by Brian Ford Sullivan & Marc Guggenheim (#408).



DISCLAIMER: I am a reviewer, and these are my reviews. Reviews tend to critique and reviewers stand as the critics, so don’t tell me I’m being “too critical” when clearly I’ll only be pointing out the few things that are “so good” that they need to be pointed out. On top of that, these “thoughts, theories and critiques” guides are my equivalent of live-tweet-reviews during the show…but they are posted after each show as to avoid spoiling other fans viewing experiences during the show. Point being,

  1. I really hope that the big showdown at the end of this episode isn’t 7-9 heroes against one man. Vandal is a tough guy, but he’s just like a pretty normal guy as well, I don’t that fight would be too interesting to see.
  2. Flashbacks! Certainly gotta love the fact that we are getting to see the Legends (Hawkman and Hawkgirl) of Yesterday (the past).
  3. Did Vandal speak of the threat of “sky rocks”? Because in the comics it’s a meteor that gives Vandal his immortality, maybe that’s similar in this version? or maybe it’s just a nod to Vandal’s original origin?
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron nod, “Bunch of superheroes in a farm house”
  5. Why does Felicity need to know what he’s running down? Again, these Olicity scenes seem so out of place and forced it’s insane. Why would she go after him when he says he’s running something down?


  1. Oh wow, in the sunlight Hawkgirl’s costume certainly looks more colorful than it has in stills released before.
  2. I really like this version of Hawkman so far, very blunt, very direct.
  3. What is this woman’s name? They have confirmed it’s not Sandra Hawke…who is she?
  4. Only William I can find in DC history that ties to Green Arrow is Roy WILLIAM Harper…hm
  5. How was Oliver planning on getting that hair…if she didn’t drop the hat?


  1. Wait….another version of Barry?!?!?!? Time travel in this episode?!?! The last time we saw Barry see another version of himself while running was Out of Time, and Barry traveled time later on in that episode to the same point that he saw that version of himself. We also know this crossover ends after tonights episode, so Barry journeying back to this point in a later episode wouldn’t make much sense…so either Barry will end up time traveling and will travel back to that point in time (the point where he was running to see Vandal) or we’ll be left with a conundrum as to why Barry saw himself…

    When I was watching I thought...

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  2. I’m really enjoying the sass Barry’s been giving off lately, it’s a little more Wally West-like, but still very enjoyable…

    I like

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  3. Just a quick guess, Vandal will destroy the city, Barry will travel back in time and convince Oliver to “surrender” Carter and Kendra and they’ll go after Savage again.
  4. Ah, that Doctor will be appearing in Legends of Tomorrow, and I have previously postulated he MAYMAY, be Hector Hall
  5. “The staff”…”The staff of Horus”…thanks again for clarifying Felicity, I thought they meant the other staff…


  1. Good, Oliver realizes he’s a father
  2. There is NO WAY she would have seen him super speed anything into his pocket
  3. HAHAHA Barry just breaks Oliver’s trust like that? And shows Felicity….this whole scene was a joke
  4. Samantha…Samantha what? Give me a last name for Oliver’s baby mama…
  5. Wow, that’s pretty honorable that Samantha didn’t cash that check


  1. Jokes on Oliver, Felicity already annoyed the truth out of Barry.
  2. Don’t worry Olicity fans, this “fight” means nothing, he proposes next episode
  3. HE JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS KID FELICITY, Calm down, he’s right, he GETS a minute….when was he planning on telling you? What about Diggle? Thea? Laurel? Calm down…
  4. “You don’t trust me, you never will”…except that he left the city last season to be with you Felicity, jeez the writers should work on consistency, their relationship already seems forced…
  5. OH! Barry’s time travel….it’ll fix all of this Olicity sh*t so they’re just fine and dandy….


  1. “Run Barry Run”
  2. Well, there was that Felicity dying moment we’ve all wanted, too bad it’ll last 5 seconds.
  3. WAIT, so does this mean that the timeline will be rewritten? Or is there now an alternate timeline where Team Arrow, Team Flash, and a ton of people are dead? I wonder if Cisco will Vibe back to all of these deaths?
  4. Just to clarify, due to time travel:
    -Oliver has his suspicions about his kid, but isn’t sure
    -No Olicity fight
    -Not everyone dies
  5. Cisco’s pep-talk…I’m getting amped



  1. Hath-Set is who Vandal is replacing in this version of events, it’s typically Hath that kills the Halls in Egypt…this is a very interesting merging of events. The two Egyptians being blessed by a  god (so they’re seemingly NOT from Thanagar…unless the “sky rocks” are from Thanagar).

    I think....

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  2. AH! An “nth metal” namedrop

    Nth metal (also called ninth metal) is a special metal found in the DC Universe.

    It is native to Thanagar, the home planet of Katar Hol and Shayera Thal. Among the unusual properties of Nth metal is the ability to negate gravity, allowing a person wearing an object, such as a belt, made of Nth Metal to fly. In addition, Nth metal also protects the wearer from the elements and speeds the healing of wounds, increases their strength, and protects them from extremes in temperature.

    It has many other properties that have yet to be revealed in full. It has been implied that the apparently “magical” abilities of the Thanagarian supervillain, Onimar Synn, all stem from his unique mastery of the properties of Nth metal. These powers are augmented to a god-like level in the Rann-Thanagar war when he builds himself an artificial body made of the substance. It is also used as shielding around the engines of all Thanagarian Warbird ships.

    In ancient Egypt a Thanagarian spaceship made of Nth metal crash-landed, to be discovered by Prince Khufu and his betrothed, Chay-ara. Exposure to Nth metal forced Khufu and Chay-Ara into a cycle of reincarnation. In the Twentieth Century, they were incarnated as Carter Hall and Shiera Saunders, the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl. As Hawkman and Hawkgirl, they wore Nth metal belts, made with the help of Thanagarian Paran Katar, father of Katar Hol, when he was visiting Earth.

    Many years later, Carter and Shiera’s son, Hector Hall made a suit of armor made of Nth metal and took the name Silver Scarab as a founding member of Infinity, Inc. The suit provided him with protection from attacks, allowed him to fly and to project solar energy blasts, and let him lift great weights.

    The current Hawkman and Hawkgirl continue to wear Nth metal armor.

    Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes wear flight rings made of an alloy of Nth metal called Valorium.

  3. Does the emergence of Kendra’s wings also mean more strength? or was the issue before that…she couldn’t fly?
  4. Well based on Legends of Tomorrow Savage is NOT gone…but I have a feeling Rip Hunter may show up at the end of this episode to explain that…maybe…

    I thought...

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  5. Ah, I feel bad for Cisco, that being said I’m hoping Kendra choosing to be a hero pushes Cisco towards being a more heroic Vibe
  6. Chances they run into his son?
  7. You like the Flash? How about Green Arrow?
  8. Central City actually makes a Captain Cold action figure? But Oliver doesn’t have his own?
  9. Oh the bowl with the ring was shattered and what? Felicity finds the ring? Oliver sees it again and finds this is the “right time” to propose?
  10. Again, if they were really in love, they wouldn’t need to remind the audience every 5 seconds. Castle and Beckett do it fine, Lisbon and Jane, basically every pairing of people ever.
  11. Merlyn…you crazy son of a gun

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  • Blues21

    Women are crazy dude, been in plenty of relationships where they freak out over petty shit. Completely believable, thought this episode was fantastic.

    • The Arrowverse

      Completely believable? Not by the way she’s been written before. That, AND he said he literally just found out.

      Unless your saying she’s a pointless psychopath…then sure

    • The Arrowverse

      It’s laughable that they basically chalked up loosing to Vandal due to an Olicity fight