Arrow’s Prometheus: Did This Weeks Episode Reveal The Villains Identity?

Arrow’s Prometheus: Did This Weeks Episode Reveal The Villains Identity?
– Zack Phillips

Arrow’s fifth season has come under some heavy criticism since its premiere back in October. Some have completely abandoned the program after the monstrosities that were seasons three and four. However, Arrow’s fifth season has thus far proven to be one of the best seasons of the show to date. Perhaps that is due to the lack of Olicity, or perhaps it’s the new team spicing things up. Certainly the Russian flashbacks are fixing what the previous two seasons destroyed, but what is the key to this season of Arrow’s success?

While they may not be the definite cause of this season’s success, the mystery surrounding the villain known as Prometheus is one of the most captivating stories in the show so far. Considering this is the first real ‘mystery’ villain in the shows history, it should come to no surprise that Prometheus is living up to The Flash’s Reverse Flash and Zoom. What made the two speedsters captivating villains is that people couldn’t guess who they were up until the point that they took the mask off. While Harrison Wells was a fairly obvious candidate for the Reverse Flash, Thawne’s story for becoming the scientist is one that nobody saw coming. Similar to the Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon scenario, few saw ‘Jay’ becoming the villain known as Zoom.

Season 1 saw Oliver Queen as ‘the Hood’ as he fought against Malcolm Merlyn’s Dark Archer. To the average viewer, the Dark Archer could be seen as a ‘mystery’ villain, however to the comic book fans, as soon as the name ‘Merlyn’ was uttered, fans knew the identity of the notorious Dark Archer. As Season 2 introduced Deathstroke, comic fans knew that Slade Wilson would be behind the mercenaries acts of violence. The first time the audience sees Deathstroke, he is revealed as Slade. Ra’s Al Ghul within Season 3 was definitely not a ‘mystery villain’, and nor was Damien Darhk in Season 4. Prometheus is the first villain of the series to take a page from Flash’s book, featuring a villain obsessed with the Green Arrow whose identity is unknown to the audience.

Similar to Reverse Flash and Zoom, there are many fan theories out there in attempt to deduce Prometheus’s identity. The question remains; Who is under the mask?


Tommy Merlyn: Tommy is a popular theory for Prometheus’s true identity. In the first season, Tommy Merlyn was killed after the City Necessary Resources Initiative building literally fell on him during his father’s Undertaking. That should be an automatic red flag, however Arrow has proven time and time again that death means nothing. Perhaps Malcolm had access to a secondary Lazarus Pit, and placed Tommy’s body in during the gap between the first and second season. Perhaps Tommy emerged a completely different person, and Malcolm was forced to lock Tommy away somewhere. When Sara was brought back from the dead last season, Malcolm seemed to speak from experience when he warned Laurel not to bring her back. If he’d seen the effects on Tommy, could he have wanted to spare Sara of the same fate?

With Flashpoint affecting the timeline, Tommy’s death could have never occurred. This season the writers have made an effort of bringing up different events or characters in earlier seasons, for example; Quentin telling Thea that her mother would be proud, or Diggle referencing Slade Wilson. However, nobody has brought Tommy up at all since the premiere. Could this be pure coincidence, or is nobody bringing Tommy up because he never died in the first place? He could have left Star City after seeing Oliver and Laurel together, and upon learning of her death, return to the city to destroy Oliver. The producers have stated that Oliver created this character in the first season.

Tommy Merlyn is an extremely likely candidate.


Billy Malone: Billy has only been on the show since the beginning of the season, but that doesn’t mean that Malone couldn’t be Prometheus. While Billy has been seen helping Oliver out in the field, and while he is Felicity’s boyfriend, this behaviour could all be a charade for his alter-ego as Prometheus. He seemed to take the news that Felicity works with the Green Arrow well, so perhaps he is just an average police officer that could become a valued member to Team Arrow.

While we haven’t seen Billy before on the show, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t existed. With Pike now as the Captain, and Quentin officially off the Star City Police Force, Billy could have simply moved up the ranks. However, The Flash’s Julian Albert and John Diggle Junior has proven that anyone could be created as a result of Flashpoint. Perhaps Malone is a direct result of Flashpoint.

Being a detective, it would give Billy the perfect opportunity to cover his tracks if he were Prometheus. It would also allow him to get into the evidence locker at SCPD and take Oliver’s old arrows.

Billy Malone is a likely candidate.


Quentin Lance: It is extremely unlikely that Quentin Lance is Prometheus. The only reason he’s added in this list is because of the fact that episode 5×06 ‘So it Begins’ alluded that Lance was Prometheus. In the final moments of the episode, the audience learns that Quentin has been blacking out as a result of his drinking. Lance wakes up on his couch to find himself covered in blood, a cut on his arm, and the exact same throwing star that Prometheus has used in his apartment.

Some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the cut on Quentin’s arm is on the opposite arm to the one that Prometheus was cut on. This in itself should rule Lance out. However Quentin lacks the skills and fighting techniques that Prometheus has used, and the abilities that Prometheus has showcased aren’t ones to be learned overnight. While the story is compelling, Quentin has been on Oliver’s side off and on again for years, and while he isn’t an official member of Team Arrow currently, he assists when he’s needed. The argument could be presented that he blames Oliver for Laurel’s death. That is possible, but once again Quentin lacks the abilities that Prometheus possesses.

Also, at the end of tonight’s episode, Quentin is checked into rehab whilst Prometheus appears on a rooftop with an apparent mole.

Quentin Lance is an extremely unlikely candidate.


Konstantin Kovar: At this stage, very little is known about Konstantin Kovar. He has appeared in two episodes whilst in the Russian flashbacks, and appears to think himself superior to Oliver. The audience is aware that he is ‘a monster’, according to the flashbacks in the fourth season, but aside from him owning a lot of Russia, very little is known about him.

It can be assumed that in the end of the season, Oliver will either kill Kovar or hand him over to the Bravta. If he is alive, he could be a likely candidate. However it is much more likely that if Prometheus is a member of Kovar’s family, it would be a son or daughter of Konstantin’s.

Konstantin Kovar is a somewhat likely candidate.


Lawrence Crock: Following tonight’s reveal that Artemis is supposedly a mole in Team Arrow, reporting back to Prometheus, Lawrence Crock is an extremely likely candidate. Lawrence Crock hasn’t appeared on Arrow as of yet, however with Artemis’s introduction, it should come as no surprise that her father would be close behind. In Young Justice, Artemis is the daughter to the criminals Lawrence Crock, the Sportsmaster, and Paula Crock, the Huntress. She is also the sister to the assassin Cheshire.

Perhaps Lawrence has been planning Oliver’s demise since last season, sending Evelyn in as a mole early on in the game to successfully gain his trust. Evelyn may have stated her parents died, and while that could be true, Crock might have known Evelyn sometime before she was orphaned. While Artemis was never a villain in the animated series, the story of Artemis betraying the Team could be inspired by Mia Dearden’s story. Mia is the daughter to the assassin Shado, and while she has appeared on Oliver’s team in the past, she has also betrayed him for her mother. Evelyn could be betraying Oliver for Lawrence, but eventually see the light and swap sides.

While Lawrence is typically suited up as the Sportsmaster, he isn’t entirely out of the question. Arrow has proven that source material means little to them.

Lawrence Crock is an extremely likely candidate.

While I had believed that Prometheus was Tommy since the premiere, with tonight’s revelations, I strongly believe that Prometheus is none other than the Sportsmaster; Artemis’s ‘father’, Lawrence Crock. Regardless of whoever is under the mask, this season is shaping up to be nothing short of fantastic, and for the time being, has a stronger storyline than The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Who do you Prometheus’s identity is?

Author: Zack Phillips

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