Black Canary, Firestorm, Atom, Green Arrow, and The Flash Confirmed for Vixen Season 2

Despite the fact that Megan Echikunwoke’s Mari McCabe won’t be making the full jump into live action for Legends of Tomorrow’s second season, we will get to see a Vixen on the show then, and we’ll still get to see more of Mari in this August’s Vixen Season 2.


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Speaking with TVGuide Arrow and Vixen EP Marc Guggenheim re-confirmed that Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary would be appearing in the show’s second season – as well as confirming that other heroes, including the likes of The Atom, Firestorm, Green Arrow, and The Flash would be appearing as well. Given the fact that all of these characters are set to be included, and the fact that Vixen’s second season takes place prior to the death of the Black Canary and includes the Jax Jefferson version of Firestorm it’s likely that Vixen Season 2 will take place at some point between Arrow’s 6th episode of it’s 4th season (The Flash’s 6th of it’s 2nd season) and Arrow’s 14th episode of it’s 4th season (The Flash’s 14th of it’s second); this accounts for the parameters set by the capture of Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer early in Arrow’s fourth season, Jax Jefferson becoming Firestorm, and the Black Canary’s death.

While not much else was stated in the quote you can see above, it’s clear that – unlike Vixen’s first season – the show’s second season will see Vixen expand her boarders beyond those of Detroit.

Source: SpoilerTV

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