Comparing and Contrasting Costumes: DCEU v. DCTV – The Flash

This years San Diego Comic Con presented quite the surprise for fans of DC Comics, not only did were the traditional trailers for the upcoming seasons of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow released, but a full-length trailers for Wonder Woman, as well as [the] Justice League were officially released as well.  Alongside the release of the Justice League trailer, fans were also presented their official first look at the core-six members of the league who would make their appearance in the Justice League movie, and while new suits were presented for both Aquaman and Batman, people were most excited for the official first looks at both Cyborg and The Flash.

Given the fact that we’ll now have both a TV-Barry Allen, and a movie-Barry Allen (who judging by the Justice League trailer may as well be Wally West…) a comparison breaking down where each of their suits differ, as well as where each of their suits draw inspiration seemed fitting. Ever since the debut of Miller’s Flash (in both image and video form) people around the web have been arguing as to which of the character’s (TV or movie) has the “more accurate” costume, and which portrayal is better.

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DISCLAIMER:  I do NOT mind Ezra Miller as The Flash in the slightest. Am I disappointed it won’t be Grant Gustin (Barry Allen on the CW) playing The Flash on the big screen? Of course! But do I mind Ezra? Not in the slightest! Granted, Ezra’s version of Barry Allen seems significantly more akin to a hyped-up New 52 Barry or a PreNew 52 version of Wally, but Ezra has proven himself as an actor time and time again (see Perks of Being a Wallflower) and is more capable than most ‘fans’ believe he is.

For those less in-tune with Justice League set reports and rumors, it’s worth noting that the costume Ezra Miller was wearing in the trailer/in the officially released image is actually the DCEU Barry Allen’s prototype suit. According to set reports and rumors, the character will be getting a much more streamlined look from Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne at some point later in the film. That said, it’s likely that the suit crafted by Wayne for Allen in the films will bare a resemblance and draw inspiration from the same source material as the prototype we’ve seen.

So keep in mind, the following comparisons are being drawn between The Flash’s Season 2 costume, and the DCEU Justice League Flash’s prototype suit.Next-Page-Button1

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