Could Ray Palmer’s Brother Appear in Arrow’s 5th Season or Legends 2nd Season?

The 10th episode of DC’s newest TV show, Legends of Tomorrow featured a pseduo- introduction to a character fans have come to know as “Sydney Palmer”. According to what was established on the show, Sydney went Felicity Smoak whilst she sat as acting CEO of Palmer Technologies before eventually founding his own company,  Kasnia Conglomerate and using Ray’s ATOM-tech to create a sentient ATOM “police force”. Speaking to TVLine EP of both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Marc Guggenheim, commented on the character’s potential introduction in the future of either Arrow or Legends.

TVLine Question: Anything on my new obsession, Legends of Tomorrow? —Clay

TVLine Answer: Remember how Ray mentioned that he has a brother named Sydney, who must have gone on to work for Felicity Smoak? We asked Arrow/Legends exec producer Marc Guggenheim if said sibling will pop up in Star City. “[He] is a potential Arrow character,” Guggenheim confirms. “[But] we’ve actually been talking about seeing [Sydney] in Legends Season 2.” (For the record, Ray and Syd are not twins, the EP clarifies. They just happen to have “an uncanny similarity,” as evidenced by that Brandon Routh-like bust.)


Not much is known about Sydney Palmer, although some people have noted the interesting connection between his name, “SYdney” and another villainous  DC comics character “SYlbert Rundine”. This connection is interesting as Rundine actually stole the Atom’s shrinking technology in the comics and used it for his own villainous purposes as the character known as Dwarfstar.


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