Crossover Set Photo Gives A Decent Look at Nick Zano’s Citizen Steel

While set photos posted a few weeks ago did showcase the fact that Legends of Tomorrow newcomer Nick Zano would be suited up by the time the three episode, four show, crossover took place (his character is supposed to realize he has powers in Legends 2×03), the photos were taken from afar and so a detailed look at his costume wasn’t something to be shared. However now, courtesy of a user on reddit, fans do get to see their first semi-clear look at the character suited up…and it’s something that’s certainly going to leave fans torn.

While the costume does share certain similarities with it’s comic book counterpart, especially from the neck up, from the neck down it – unfortunately – looks more like Captain America’s costume from The Winter Solider. Typically a little costume similarity isn’t a huge deal, but given the fact that Citizen Steel’s powers will likely be perceived as akin to the powers bestowed upon Steve Rogers by the super solider serum the CW just seems to be begging fans to draw parallels (whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you to decide).


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  • 2013venjix

    All is missing is his shield.