Did Barry (and Flashpoint) Really Create Killer Frost?

Many fans of the CW’s hit show, The Flash, as well as characters on the show itself seem to be under the impression that Barry’s timeline-tampering, the creation and subsequent deletion of the Flashpoint timeline, somehow granted Cailtin Snow both her Killer Frost powers and her Killer Frost persona. While this may be true, at the moment, it’s actually nothing more than speculation, and here’s why…

The evidence people seem to be using is that, early last season (2×05) Harry showed the team his watch that was “able to detect metahumans”; he then proceeded to test the watch on Barry, Cisco, and Cailtin, the watch not turning red for the latter. The issue here is that Barry and Cisco’s powers were already active, and other instances in Season 2 suggested that the watch only successfully detected metahumans with the active metagene.


In Trajectory (2×16) Wells gives his watch to his daughter, Jesse ‘Quick’, and it does not turn red despite the fact that we now know that her character did have a metagene which was activated by the second Particle Accelerator explosion at the end of last season. To clarify, the watch only detects metahumans whose metagene has been activited.

While there was an early throwaway line that suggested the team were familiar with the “metahuman gene” all of the tests they’ve run on the show thus far have been on active-gene metahumans, and therefore it’s a bit hard to believe they have mastery of the topic. It should be noted that , while Cailtin did search for both Henry and Jax in 2×04’s ‘The Fury of Firestorm’, she also explicitly states that both characters had experienced ‘gene rearrangement mutation’ prior to us meeting them on screen.

Both Jax and Henry’s meta genes were active according the rules the show established, they were just incomplete. She said that she was looking for people with modified molecular processes similar to those found within Professor Stein.

Had Cailtin truly been only searching with people who had an active meta gene to merge with Stein, her response pool would have been much larger than two.

This misunderstanding of the metagene directly refutes Cailtin’s conclusion in 2×15 that she doesn’t have the meta gene as – based on prior knowledge – neither she nor the team have an active understanding of what the meta gene is while it is still dormant.


Tying back to the metagene in comic book lore, “this gene often lay dormant until a moment of extraordinary physiological stress activated it, and upon activation it would use the source of the biostress as a catalyst for “genetic change,” resulting in metahuman abilities.”

Cailtin was almost killed (had Zoom not phased through her) by the icicle shot by Earth-2’s Killer Frost late last season…could this have been the true catalyst (and biostress) for her powers?



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