Did Supergirl 2×21 ‘Resist’ Just Tease A Major Classic Character’s Appearance?

Did Supergirl 2×21 ‘Resist’ Just Tease A Major Classic Character’s Appearance?
Zack Phillips

This weeks Supergirl set the bar pretty high for the remainder of the DCTV Universe on their finale episodes. Despite Martian Manhunter’s absence, the team was still able to pull together to form an (almost) foolproof plan. Though while there was a lot happening on tonight’s episode, including the return of Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant, one minor plot point that could almost go unnoticed could serve as a large factor in the creation of a classic DC superhero.

Throughout the episode, the DEO struggled to format a plan that would both save the citizens of National City, and rescue two of the people closest to Kara. The situation was only made worse once the discovery of the President’s identity was revealed as an alien from the planet ‘Durlan’, a planet that was destroyed by invaders from another world. Lynda Carter’s character pushed the agents of the DEO to use their positron laser cannon to destroy the ship and everyone on it before it was too late to save the Earth. However, the team resisted, and instead aligned themselves with Cadmus to grant Supergirl passage onboard the ship, which ultimately ended in betrayal.

With J’onn unconscious, the team were left without a leader and somebody to offer advice on what to do and what not to do. Luckily, Cat Grant was on Air Force One with the President when it crash landed in National City, providing the team with a substitute. Alex, the acting director of the DEO, was tasked with infiltrating the DEO headquarters to gain access to the laser to destroy Rhea’s ships. But in a twist that nobody saw coming, the laser was destroyed at the hands of none other than Kal-El. Somehow, Rhea had managed to control Superman, pitting the two cousins against each other in a cliff-hanger leading into the finale.

‘Resist’ focused on a number of different issues this week, as Queen Rhea has finally taken siege over National City, whilst holding Mon-El and Lena Luthor captive on her ship. On the ship, Rhea demanded that Mon-El and Lena were to be married to grant her with a heir to the throne, as Mon-El had proven unfit for the role after rejecting his planet. When Lena attempted to object to marrying Mon-El, and creating a child with him, Mon-El piped up stating; “She doesn’t need us for anything. She just needs our genetic materials. Daxamites can generate a child by using just locks of hair.” Rhea then smugly admitted that she had collected those locks as they slept. While a somewhat minor plot point, and something that could be easily overlooked, the Daxamite’s technology could be just the answer to introducing Superboy, a highly anticipated, fan-favourite classic DC character, setting the stage for the future DC TV series; Titans.


Fans of Superboy knows that Connor Kent was created in a lab by Cadmus, using genetic material from both Superman and Lex Luthor. Cadmus designed Superboy to have artificial memories implanted within his mind, warping his reality to believe that he was a sixteen-year-old teenager. However, the clone was able to escape the Cadmus institute with the help of the Newsboy Legion, forging his own destiny as the hero Superboy. Similarly, the Young Justice cartoon featured Superboy being freed by Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash from Cadmus, with the exact same backstory.

‘Supergirl’ is a show about Kara Danvers and her life as the heroine and journalist at Catco media. The producers refused to involve Superman during its first season, and still refuse to allow the Martian Manhunter to unleash his full power at the risk of overshadowing Kara. If Superboy is to appear on the show, he would need to have ties to Supergirl instead of the Man of Steel. Altering his origin wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for the show, allowing Rhea to use the genetic DNA from both Lena Luthor and Mon-El, which still follows the traditional origin loosely of a Luthor and a being similar to Kryptonian physiology. Alternatively, Superman was under the control of Rhea during the episode. Perhaps she fused the genetic material of Clark Kent and Lena Luthor, which could create the Superboy clone.

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Obviously the Daxamite invasion will come to an end during next weeks episode, which could possibly result in the destruction of the ship and the technology required to create a clone. However a more likely scenario is that Cadmus would acquire the technology, including the machine that creates clones, and use it to create Superboy using Mon-El’s DNA, or even Kara’s or Clark’s.

Superboy is a fan-favourite character that has been speculated on the show ever since the first season, and with his Young Justice co-star Miss Martian already on the show, introducing Superboy doesn’t seem like such a stretch.

The finale of Supergirl airs on May 22.

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