Earth-1000 (Two Part Crossover Episode)

Another fan story for you guys, but it’s sort of a sequel to my previous editorial that I posted a few days ago. So I’d recommend reading that before reading this one, mainly for the themes in each and the actual villain. I came up with this idea shortly after Supergirl’s Exile. Despite the fact that I enjoy all the CW shows (except Arrow obviously), they aren’t really tailored to comic book fans. They are more so tailored to the people that watch the CW, teenagers, mostly teenage girls. It was because of this that I came up with the idea that there could be another world that is more comic book accurate with some of my own flare. That world is Earth-1000. I have worked on this idea much further than the story I’m presenting to you here, but the story is sort of an introduction of sorts to said world. So without further ado, I give you Earth-1000.

Episode 1: Earth-1000

A portal opens up on Earth-1 (not in S.T.A.R. Labs) and three people are thrown from it, and it closes. We see the strangers are the Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl, but they’re different. This Flash (played by Rick Cosnett) is more mature and has had his powers for a long time but is still a fun loving comedic character. This Green Arrow (played by Paul Wesley) is the complete opposite of the Oliver Queen we know and don’t love, a very comedic and light hearted guy who doesn’t take things seriously a lot of the time. This Supergirl (played by Molly C. Quinn) is quite a bit younger and more naive than her Earth-38 counterpart, but is still more knowledgeable and intelligent. Unlike the characters we know, these characters are less like friends and more like teammates. These characters arrive on Earth-1 after the Justice League’s battle with Darkseid, where he inadvertently sent them to different worlds. They need to figure out how to get off this Earth so they can find the other members of the Justice League and stop Darkseid. They learn of this world’s heroes and try to find them. Meanwhile, Earth-38 Supergirl arrives on this Earth to get help from Barry and company with a new villain on her Earth known as the Multi-Man. Unbeknownst to her is that he has arrived on this Earth and one of his new powers is that he disrupts this Earth’s temporal and cosmic field so they can’t leave this Earth using portals. They spend the entire night formulating ideas until they are too tired to think of anything. They go to Jitters to get a pick me up when Barry spots someone he thinks to be Eddie Thawne but shakes it off as sleep deprivation. They order their coffee and talk about life for a bit until a bank robbery stops their get together. They stop the bank robbery and head back to S.T.A.R. Labs where they find Earth-1000 Barry, Kara, and Oliver. They tell them that they need to try to leave this Earth and find members of their team. They go down to the Breach Room and Cisco tries to make a portal but realizes he can’t and that his powers might be blocked. Earth-1000 Barry decides that they’ll just have to figure it out here and try to get off this Earth at a later date. While trying to figure out how to get off this Earth, Barry, Kara, and Oliver talk with their Earth-1000 counterparts. Oliver learns about his happier life with Laurel (Black Canary) on Earth-1000 as well as his more liberal lifestyle and more comedic personality. Earth-1000 Oliver tells him that life is already too serious enough as it is and he’s just there to have a good time. Earth-1000 Barry tells him about his experience in over a decade as the Flash and how maybe when all of this is done he could help him become a better hero. While he is more mature, he still holds on to his roots as a hero and never forgets who he is or where he came from. He also asks about Eddie Thawne as Barry confused him for Eddie when they first met. After they talk about it, Earth-1000 Kara comes in to help figure out where the rest of the Justice League is. She proposes the idea that they track the other members through their tags that they received when they entered the League back in the day before their ID cards were used. Earth-1000 Barry agrees and states if they have the technology or brain power good enough and Barry thinks they do. They use equipment using Cisco’s breaching abilities as they try to pinpoint where the other League members are. Cisco manages to pinpoint where the other members are but still can’t make a breach to other Earths. Kara confides to Earth-1000 Kara that she never would’ve thought to do that. Earth-1000 Kara isn’t surprised as she’s noticed that Kara isn’t really in touch with her Kryptonian heritage and is more like an “Earth girl” than Kryptonian. She tells her that she shouldn’t try to be like and Earthling when she’s Supergirl, be like the person who was born and raised on Krypton/Argo City rather than this “Earth girl” she feels like she needs to be. Kara then goes for a walk and discovers that the Multi-Man has followed her onto this Earth. He beats the living shit out of her and tells her that she isn’t a hero and is only a fool, he lets her escape so that he can “have fun with her friends later”. The episode ends on a cliffhanger

Episode 2: Another World’s Finest

Kara comes back to S.T.A.R. Labs beaten and a mess. She states that the Multi-Man has found her and is going to kill all of them. Once she gets better, she has to fight him again and has to unfortunately kill again. Oliver then says that he will kill him as he doesn’t want the burden of another death on her hands. Kara thanks him and goes off to rest. Earth-1000 Barry, Oliver, and Kara are very willing to help them defeat the Multi-Man. When Kara finally gets better, she tells them that she thinks that the Multi-Man is stopping them from making breaches to other worlds. She tells the team that she will be bait to draw him out of Central City and that both Flashes, Green Arrows, and Supergirls will try to fight him until they can kill him somehow. Kara states that she doesn’t know how long it will take him to resurrect himself but she will try to get him back to Earth-38 as fast as possible. They put on their uniforms and head out to find the Multi-Man all over the city. They find him in an abandoned warehouse where he has set up a bomb that will got off in one hour. If they manage to defeat him during that time, the city will be spared, but if they don’t, then Central City will be a crater. They take him out of the city where they begin to fight. It takes them 58 minutes to defeat him. Oliver kills him with an explosive arrow that Cisco created. Kara quickly takes him back to Earth-38 before he can resurrect. Both Flashes defuse the bomb with Earth-1000 Kara’s help. Earth-38 Kara comes back to say her goodbyes to the Earth-1000 trinity as well as to the Earth-1 Team Flash and Oliver. She talks with Earth-1000 Kara a bit more about heritage, the Barrys talk about heroism and friendship, and the Olivers talk about a lighthearted lifestyle and love. Cisco makes them a breach to Earth-27 where “Clark and Arthur are” where they say their goodbyes and that they hope to meet in the future. They leave. Kara states that the Multi-Man is secured in a cell that negates all superpowers. She tells Barry and Oliver goodbye and that she is always a world away if they need her. She leaves. Oliver decides to go back to Star City to “think about the things that the other Oliver said”. Oliver leaves. Barry is left in the S.T.A.R. Labs Flash Room alone for a few seconds looking at his suit until Iris, Joe, Wally, Cisco, and Julian walk in to congratulate him on a job well done. Barry smiles as he is surrounded by friends. Cut to Oliver sitting in the Arrow Bunker alone until Diggle walks in. Oliver asks him “is it bad I don’t know what makes me happy?” where Diggle reassures him that saving the world probably should. Oliver laughs but is still left thinking about the stuff his doppelganger said. The episode ends with Kara traveling to the Fortress of Solitude and telling the computer that she wants to know everything about the lifestyle of a Kryptonian.

It is a bit more simplistic than the previous editorial as it is more so about the heroes interacting with a set of heroes that are the same but different. While I don’t explain stuff as much as I did with the previous story, these episodes still focus on Supergirl’s character and how she is still developing from the last story shown. There is also some development with Barry and Oliver, but less so than Kara’s development. I also wanted to balance it out with some action sequences to make it a more exciting episode unlike the character study of Supergirl’s Exile. I hope you guys like this story as well. I have one more planned, but this one might take a while. I once again apologize for the god awful paint job, but I still don’t have Photoshop….



Author: Super Legend

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