Episode 4 of Arrow’s Fifth Season Will Be Titled “Penance”

Despite the fact that the plethora of casting reports for Arrow’s fifth season might suggest an ever-growing cast of both characters and stories for said characters EP’s of the show have promised that, to some end, the show will return to the semi-Green Arrow roots it had during it’s first season.

In order to do so, the EP’s have stated that this seasons villain, a character who shares a name with comic book villain Prometheus (but according to EP Marc Guggenheim will have little-to-nothing in common with said villain [yes, he actually said something to that end]) will be someone who was directly effected by Oliver’s actions as the much more vicious “Hood” in the show’s first season. This connection, if revealed early on in the season to Oliver, could serve as the reason that the title to 5×04 is “Penance” but that remains to be revealed; other options for the title’s potential meaning include Diggle feeling penance for being ‘forced’ to kill his brother last season or, as EP’s revealed she would, Felicity feeling penance for the lives she was ‘forced’ to kill at Havenrock last season.

Source: Twitter

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  • stilesgreen

    is it penance for having two really shitty seasons in a row?