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Gotham airs at 8pm EST on Fox.

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Gotham Finale to be a Batman-Centric Episode http://dctvu.com/gotham-finale-to-be-a-batman-centric-episode/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-finale-to-be-a-batman-centric-episode/#comments Sun, 13 Jan 2019 23:24:59 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17476 An interesting bit of news we’ve there’s more to say about the last episode of Gotham not also is it going to take ten years into the future but it will see more just a small appearance of Batman, but it is going to be a full-on Batman-centric episode.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, (Link Here) Cameron Monaghan talks about his experiences playing Jerome and Jeremiah, and what it was like to play a character who died and then would come back. Cameron also talked about what we can expect in the future with Jeremiah and his favorite character is one we have not seen yet who will appear in the final episode. This character might finally be the Joker, considering Gotham has been given some liberties this season, the Joker embargo might be lifted so.

Gotham airs on Thursdays @ 8 pm on Fox.

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[Spoilers] Poison Ivy to Return Next Episode http://dctvu.com/spoilers-poison-ivy-to-return-next-episode/ http://dctvu.com/spoilers-poison-ivy-to-return-next-episode/#comments Wed, 09 Jan 2019 02:37:45 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17467 Poison Ivy (Peyton List) will be making her return on this week’s episode of Gotham several photos dropped by Fox and posted on Flickering Myth as well as some art on social media, show Poison Ivy herself but also shows her lair at Robinson Park. How exactly Poison Ivy will play into the larger storyline is still unkown.

Poison Ivy S5

Robinson Park

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Gotham S5 E1 Review http://dctvu.com/gotham-s5-e1-review/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-s5-e1-review/#comments Tue, 08 Jan 2019 02:33:46 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17456 Gotham’s first episode of the season accurately paints a picture of just how bad things now are in Gotham. We are first treated to a Flash Forward where we see Jim, Harvey, the Penguin, and The Riddler facing off against what looks to be an army, and this is on the on the three hundred and ninety-first day that Gotham is abandoned. This means that the worst is yet to come and for more than a year Gotham will be left on its own.

We are then sent to the present the 34th day that Gotham has been abandoned and we’re giving an exposition That shows things are still just as bad right now the GCPD only controls a 10-block radius outside of their Precinct while the rest of Gotham is left to the mercy of various criminals. The Penguin and Barbara Keen have gone back to roughly business, as usual. However, other criminals have gotten in on having their own gangs and carving up their own turfs such as Firefly, and Mr. freeze who are busy clashing with each other as well as the Scarecrow who has his own band of creepy followers. The government says that nothing can be done.

Even the GCPD has problems of its own is it not also contains cops but refugees and the lack of food and supplies is becoming a serious issue. The refugees are starting to protest the lack of food. the GCPD is also low on ammunition making protecting whoever they can very difficult. On top of that, it’s the Scarecrow of all people who draw first blood when it comes to fighting against the GCPD as he and his gang go to raid the hospital for medicine.

However, the GCPD is in the only side of his suffering the Penguins in the situation where he has a monopoly on bullets but little in the way of food which is causing a decrease in the effectiveness of his products. Barbara’s Sirens are in an opposite situation where they have plenty of food but little in the way of protection. This causes Barbara to try and work out a deal of ammunition for food, much to Tabitha’s protests as she wants the Penguin dead for killing Butch, granted she and Butch killed his mother back in season two. However, this partnership does not last. A helicopter from Wayne Enterprises carrying supplies is shot down leading to a standoff between the Penguin and the GCPD, after driving off the local gang the Lowboys.

However the GCPD and the Pen, Tabitha kills the Penguin’s men and tries to kill him with a gun. However, the bullet she placed in it earlier was one of the Penguin’s defective bullets, causing her gun to jam. Taking advantage of this the Penguin stabs her with a knife he had at his side and kills her. Barbara finds and tries to shot Penguin, but gets non-fatally shot by the Penguin himself. The Penguin ends up getting shot in the leg.

We are starting to see the beginning of Bruce’s future relationship with Jim Gordon as Police Commissioner. Jim here is much more tolerant of Bruce trying to actively help out, and even said to him that he did not have to go sneak around to help and that Jim would have wanted to come along. Bruce had also sent the helicopter and was almost able to stop the Scarecrow’s thugs from taking the medicine, if not for being disoriented from the light being restored while wearing night vision goggles.

The Riddler has a small plot of his own where he finds himself blacking out and waking up in random locations which he believes is the work of is Ed personality, he is also growing out his hair. the plot has a fair deal of humor such as the Riddler waking up near a dog or in a dumpster, but it is very small, just two-three scenes. It does show that The Riddler we’re seeing now is not the one we’re going to see by the end of No Man’s Land.

However, there is a more noticeable plot with Bruce and Selina. Selina was paralyzed extra being shot by Jeremiah during the last episode of season 4. Selena is undergoing treatment who would least be able to move if the treatment was successful but Selina finds out she cannot walk. This ordeal has left Selina broken and even perhaps without saying it blames Bruce, she’s depressed enough to try and kill herself, before getting sedated. The only solution Bruce is given is to find someone called The Witch by a suspicious nurse, as a means to possibly restore her ability to walk.

This episode does a great job of showing just how bad things are in Gotham. Sure one could say that Gotham is always been a crime-infested hellscape but in this case, it’s much different. The police could always try to restore order or even work with criminals to keep crime contained, and even the Gotham or Penguin as Mayor never saw Gotham degenerate into an everyman for himself warzone with scarce supplies. Now in Gotham, the various factions are laws unto themselves, and they have to struggle for resources to survive, The Penguin is forced to barter for food, the Sirens have little in the way of guns, and the Scarecrow is stealing medicine from a hospital.

Even though the episode has ended on a note of hope that GCPD has more supplies, it has only given them five weeks of supplies, and children are being targeted by gangs as well. Bruce has to worry about a suicidal Selena, the Penguin gets his leg damaged again, and Barbara has to deal with Tabithia dying. Tabitha’s death being so soon was unexpected. Personally, I’ve always liked Tabitha as the ruthless voice of reason to both her brother Theo in Season Two and Barbara in Seasons Three and Four. Her death will set Barbara on edge as she has lost this voice of reason, but it also finally gives Penguin his revenge against all of those responsible for his mother’s death in Season Two. Considering Echo, Jeremiah’s assistant makes a small appearance, showing that Jeremiah Valeska is still out there, there’s still plenty of time for things to get even worse than they are in Gotham.

Overall I would give this episode a nine. The atmosphere was great if a little bit jam-packed in terms of plot. The Riddler plot was just a very small set up, that I felt could have been put into a later episode, but the rest of the episode was great.

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An Expanded Gotham Season 5 to premiere Jan 2019, Mr J Halloween Teaser http://dctvu.com/an-expanded-gotham-season-5-to-premiere-jan-2019-mr-j-halloween-teaser/ http://dctvu.com/an-expanded-gotham-season-5-to-premiere-jan-2019-mr-j-halloween-teaser/#comments Thu, 01 Nov 2018 00:05:09 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17444 Good news for all fans of Gotham. According to T.V Line, Gotham’s last season will be returning much sooner than and will be extended from ten episodes to twelve. (Source here) This would bring Gotham up 100 episodes This now 12 episode season is now to air in the midseason on January 3rd Presumably, this would allow Gotham to enter syndication, as well as give Gotham Season 5 two more hours than the prior four.

Gotham Season 5


Just today, a new trailer featuring both Jerome and Jeremiah’s best moments as well as teasing Jeremiah’s new look. Gotham is due to come back Thursday January 3rd presumably at 8pm EST.

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[Spoilers] Gotham Season 5: Info so Far, and the Reveal of Bane http://dctvu.com/spoilers-gotham-season-5-info-so-far-and-the-reveal-of-bane/ http://dctvu.com/spoilers-gotham-season-5-info-so-far-and-the-reveal-of-bane/#comments Mon, 22 Oct 2018 23:27:51 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17414 Gotham is set to return for one last season that is quite different from the rest in terms of both length and format, so here is a rundown of the various changes.

Season Five is set to air next year in March, however, it will be a ten episode format, but each episode will two hours to make have it roughly the same amount of screen time as the previous four. Season Five plot-wise it will take inspiration from the Batman: No Man’s Land, basically Gotham city has been abandoned leaving gangs and super-villains free to carve up Gotham. Such as The Penguin, the Riddler, Barbara’s Sirens, and Jeremiah Valeska.

Aside from the usual suspects, several other villains will be joining Gotham such as Bane played by Shane West, Magpie. While among the regular cast a regular character will die by episode 4, at least according to Robin Lord Taylor. (Link in Italics)

Bane, in particular, will be much different, as this incarnation of Bane will be an army associate of Jims named Eduardo Dorrance, played by Shane West. (Nikita, Gotham) According to T.V Guide instead of being an orphan raised in the island prison of Pena Duro (Link in Italics) Eduardo is leading a group of mercenaries to help restore order to Gotham. Dorrance will instead of breaking of Bruce’s back, break Alfred’s instead. The name Dorrance itself is not entirely odd for Bane’s character as in the comics his father was King Snake or Sir Edmund Dorrance.

This is speculation but Bane also appears to at least become a major presence this season. The names of eight out of ten episodes (Link in Italics) have been given on next-epidsode.net, and two stand out at least in regards to Bane. The first is Pena Dura, which is Pena Duro rendered in proper Spanish, and I am Bane. Along with the reveal of Bane’s initial plans and what he will do to Alfred, Bane looks to be playing a very antagonistic role this season.

Bane 2

While just today the images above have been released of Bane. This just is speculation, but it seems Bane in Gotham could be truer to form to the comics than Tom Hardy’s portrayal was in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane seems to at least be wearing an apparatus, and Venom does exist in Gotham as a super-soldier formula, that was introduced Episode four of season one. Although it’s still unknown if there will be trademark muscle enhancement or just super strength, or if Venom does make an appearance and Bane does use it.

As it gets closer towards Gotham’s season premiere more information will be forthcoming.

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Fan-Art Imagines The DCEU’s Ultraman, Owlman, and Superwoman http://dctvu.com/fan-art-imagines-the-dceus-ultraman-owlman-and-superwoman/ http://dctvu.com/fan-art-imagines-the-dceus-ultraman-owlman-and-superwoman/#comments Fri, 26 Jan 2018 11:45:50 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17402 New fan-art posted by Instagram user @britedit imagines gives comic fans a glimpse at what Crime Syndicate members, Ultraman, Owlman, and Superwoman, might look like if they were to apepar in the DCEU!

The castings featured int the art are include:

  • Brant Daugherty as Ultraman
  • Casey Affleck as Owlman
  • Gina Carano as Superwoman

What do you think? Is this a character you’d want to see on the small or big screen? Sound off in the comments below!

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Fan-Art Imagines Henry Cavill’s Bizzaro http://dctvu.com/fan-art-imagines-henry-cavills-bizzaro/ http://dctvu.com/fan-art-imagines-henry-cavills-bizzaro/#comments Thu, 25 Jan 2018 10:52:40 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17398 New fan-art posted by Instagram user @barrett.digital gives comic fans a glimpse at what Bizzarro might look like if he was introduced in the DCEU!

The castings featured int the art are include:

  • Henry Cavill is Bizzarro

What do you think? Is this a character you’d want to see on the small or big screen? Sound off in the comments below!

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Fan-Art Imagines the DCEU’s 3 Blue Beatles http://dctvu.com/fan-art-imagines-the-dceus-3-blue-beatles/ http://dctvu.com/fan-art-imagines-the-dceus-3-blue-beatles/#comments Tue, 23 Jan 2018 00:10:01 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17393 Do you want to see Blue Beetle in the DCEU? And if so, what version? Fan-art posted by Instagram user @savagecomics imagines Corbin Bernsen as Dan Garrett (the first Blue Beetle), James Roday as Ted Kord (the second Blue Beetle), and Tyler Posey as Jaime Reyes (the third Blue Beetle)!

1 beetle, 2 beetle, 3 beetle, Blue Beetle! After I made my Ted Kord Blue Beetle last week, I felt I needed to make the other 2! Personally I can’t wait to see Blue Beetle in the DCEU, which blue beetle do you think we’ll see first?

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PITCH: Superman – Earth-2, HBO TV Series (DC TV Universe) http://dctvu.com/pitch-superman-earth-2-hbo-tv-series-dc-tv-universe/ http://dctvu.com/pitch-superman-earth-2-hbo-tv-series-dc-tv-universe/#comments Mon, 22 Jan 2018 00:16:42 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=16537 Everybody knows that DC’s Television Division is growing stronger and stronger by the day. Already having four TV Shows in one channel, with another one being developed, they are already proving to expand their universes within television. These shows are already making Warner Brothers over 2 billion dollars, so these series are proving themselves to pay off in the end.

But here’s the thing, these series are not being used to their maximum potential to increase the feasability and the quality of the Multiversity. Since the CW Shows and the DCEU are two distinct universes, then why not form another one that can put two and two together and make the Multiversity one as it is supposed to be in one of the most high-quality shows ever to be showcased. Marvel has Netflix, Hulu, and ABC; Warner Brothers has HBO. With Marvel having proven the investment in these high-quality shows, imagine how much more WB can earn if they do the same. But here’s where WB/DC can beat Marvel to the punch; they can make the series’ universe connected with the films in a way that Marvel can only dream of. Gentlegeeks and gentledorks,  I introduce to you….


This series can be a gateway for both the DC Films Division and the Television Division. This will exclude the CW Series, and it will create another universe different from the ones preceded by it. The Superman series will entail a period piece during the 1940s where Superman fights crime and justice the old traditional way. This series will be an Earth II of sorts. And their characters can be integrated to into the DCEU’s Crisis On Infinite Earths film adaptation if chosen. Although its good to have everything connected, this series will not be a prequel to the movie mentioned beforehand. It has to stand on its own, as it does with the Multiverse altogether.

The show can also integrate history events (WW2, Pearl Harbor, etc) into their stories a la X-Men: First Class or Watchmen.

Truth, Justice, And the American Way

Superman: It’s not about the powers. Not the cape. It’s about standing up for what’s right.
And as long as people like you are out there, I’ll be here. Ready to fight alongside my world.


The first panels start up with something similar the series Preacher did, where a rocketship descends from space. Once it crashes. we fast forward right to the beggining of Clark Kent’s adult years. The season can start up with Superman starting up his own career as both, the Daily Planet journalist, meeting Lois Lane who starts out seeing him as a coward when Clark fails to stick up for himself under his human persona. What gets him into the Planet? Well, it’s a piece from a crisis witnessed in Africa where he reports on the altruistic “fictions” Ms. Lane has reported herself. Except, in this situation, Clark proves to have evidence, whereas Lois had mere speculation of the Superman’s existence. Perry mandates Clark to bring in more Superman stuff, and Clark agrees only if he brings Lois as a partner. Perry agrees, and puts Clark in charge (enter comment on Gender Equality / Women’s Rights by the loudmouthed Lane). This already gets Lois heated on Clark, so their relationship starts to envelop from here.

The first season will be an introduction to the Superman family. This includes Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen. This family will be relatively small because Superman will be dealing with grounded crisis from all over the place. His first missions, or arcs, won’t be anything supernatural. He will be fighting gang criminals (whom buy out cops, and start gang wars), crooks (busting criminals who take in heists; idea: a crook gets busted up for committing a crime, but confesses to have only done this to raise money for his sickly ill daughter to buy medicine which he cannot afford because big pharma doubled the prices), mobsters (gamblers rigging boxing matches with threats on the players’ lives, Superman takes the place of a lookalike boxer to win the bout, while dealing with the gamblers at the same time), corrupt businessmen (American big shots taking aim against the middle class), and corrupt politicians (starting wars to enrich the gun manufacturing industries and themselves). There will be a lot of political and social commentary in this season, which addresses many of the same issues Americans are facing today.

For the sake of a cohesive story, most of these missions would be discovered mid-season to be behind a masterful mastermind that controls a secret society whom runs crime all around the country. This secret society would be composed of the rich who seek enrich themselves. The leader of this secret organization would be the Ultra-Humanite, where he seems to be of highly-advanced intellect. Of course, the jig is up and he gets stopped by the end.

Things can escalate in the second season with the World War II being declared and the government calling on Superman to take on the Nazis and the Axis Powers. But first….

The War Years 
Batman: Why are you helping me?
Superman: Because I trust you, Bruce.

Luthor is introduced too, being a former member of the Ultra-Humanite’s Secret Society, only to form his own biotech-based gang which spreads crime to terrorize Superman. A robbery takes place where Superman stops it, but the damages are beyond repair because of the highly-advanced weapons used. Two Wayne employees have been injured, which forces Bruce to investigate as well. Bruce goes into Metropolis as the Batman, causes a little ruckus where he first meets with Superman. There, they learn that Captain Corben (highly-praised captain of a naval ship) was the head of the operation, so they team up to take him down. Clark convinces Perry to let him go to the Corben’s naval cruise with Lois to do a report, and Perry grants him that wish. This mission includes Lois and Clark being assigned to report on a naval ship with Clark, there they meet Bruce Wayne, whose in the ship for the same reason; but the ship gets attacked by Nazi submarines. Clark goes off to fight these naval ships, but he becomes really exasperated quickly, for the naval ship is comandeered by a Captain Corben; Bruce goes in as Batman and finds out that Corben holds radiation of Kryptonite under a bunk (all of this under the orders of Luthor). Superman saves them from the Nazi submarines, and he barely gears the ship out of the way of an iceberg it was about to hit. Clark comes back on board, Lois notices that he is really hurt. She opens up to see if he has any wounds only to uncover the Superman suit Clark has hidden. Lois is upset obviously, but she warms up to him and keeps his secret. Clark overhears Batman forcing a confession out of Corben, so he goes in. Corben spoils that it was Luthor, and the rest closes in as Superman takes Luthor and spoils his master plan of constructing a biotech armor to combat Supes, but cus of budget reasons, this doesn’t happen, and Superman/Batman brings Luthor in. Of course, Luthor’s lawyers lets him off and he goes out a free man. But in the end, Batman/Superman stay united.

After facing the likes of Luthor, Superman begins to realize the true threat the Nazis pose to the world. There can be an episode where Pearl Harbor is attacked and Clark hears of this through the radio, he goes on to Hawaii to catch the Japanese, but they have fled, so he stays and helps the base out with helping wounding soldiers. This gauges the Man of Steel to join America to fight the Nazis and the Axis Powers. During his trip to Pearl Harbor, he meets up with the Justice Society who agree to do the same thing.

The Justice Society of America (roster: Jay Garrick/Flash, Alan Scott/ Green Lantern, Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Wonder Woman, Sandman, and Johnny Thunder)  can show up as guests for the story arc. There can be a Full Metal Jacket/Private Ryan-esque episode where Superman leads the brigade into battle and witnesses the horrors of warfare on both sides. This can question his morality for what he is doing, and challenge the patriotism of his country. By the end, the season can end with the War being won over, everyone is happy besides, Superman, of course, because of the horrors he’s witnessed.  Lois is distressed about this too, changing her opinion about Clark. She says this to Clark. Clark argues that what he was doing was to protect people from getting hurt from a fascist regime. He says that he isn’t afraid of anything, except of losing her. And that’s the one thing he can’t bear. Lois says that he is no one to judge whether a live is worth more than the other,  but Clark responds if he’s only supposed to stand aside and let people die. Lois says that he is no one to say what is right and what is wrong, and she leaves him conflicted in taking part of a war such as this. By the end, Superman receives a congratulatory speeh from President Roosevelt as he presents him the Medal of Honor.

Lois arrives to visit Bruce to wish him a happy birthday, and Alfred gladly welcomes her. Lois and Bruce both discuss about the recent War Years with the Nazi Germans. Lois reveals that for the first time, she is afraid of what Clark is capable, having been involved in a war, whose purpose is to simply kill the other enemy. Bruce let’s Lois know not to worry about him, but Lois says that she knows how Clark is. That his perspective between wrong and right is black and white; what if something happens where he thinks he’s always right. Bruce shares Lois’s sympathy, and says something like that…

Bruce: Clark isn’t only Superman.
He has a human side to him too.
His deepest weakness isn’t a stone made out of Kryptonite, it’s his sympathy he has for others.
Deep inside, Clark is a good man.

Lois becomes comforted and she gives Bruce a birthday present. She also gives him a note to keep for himself. She says that it’s for Clark, but to keep it, just in case if anything happens. Bruce agrees and the season ends.

Third season can go a bit more sci-fiish introducing Superman rescuing outer world in other crisis. Here, the Man of Steel will be going toe-to-toe against villains such as Braniac and Mongul. Plus, things will get started with a special adaptation.

Space and Beyond
Superman: Who are you?
Jor-El: Who am I? Who are you?
I’m Jor-El of the House of El.
The season will start off with a boom with an adaptation of Moore’s classic For the Man Who Has Everything. For the most part, the story will be an exact replica of the actual comic. Panel-to-panel, everything will be practically the same with nothing changed to it. After the Trinity takes down the Mongul, an alien force, this forces Superman to go deep into space and expand his crime-fighting and life-saving out in the stars. Here, we can have Star Trek-esque episodes where Superman visits worlds of other galaxies and nebulas (maybe squeeze in a Green Lantern cameo). Obviously, this series will need some high quality special effects, so it would span shorter than the rest of the seasons. By the end of the season, Superman would marry Lois after she reveals that she’s pregnant. A happy ending.

This is an idea for an arc in mind. Do not read this if you do not want to. It’s pretty long. If you don’t, it won’t take away anything from the editorial. Just a little thing I’ve written up while typing this out.

During these adventures, Superman runs across a biological planet that has the ability to devour other planets. Superman flies towards it, but he gets sucked into a blackhole which infinitely accelerates his speed that causes him to break the barriers between time and space. There, he travels back in time, and ends up in Kandor, Krypton. There, Superman witnesses Krypton’s high-level traditions and cultures. He meets his father and his impregnated mother, but he doesn’t really reveal his identity to them. He only reveals that he’s “related”, and that his name is Kal-El. In this arc, they can go through many routes. Since the red sun is there, obviously, Clark won’t have his powers. Instead, they can have Kal-El and his father bond through these small moments of his visit, revealing evidences on Krypton’s impending doom and how he plans to send his son out of the world to save him from the apocalypse. He also informs him of how he has selected a kindly couple to watch over him over on Earth when the day arrives (here, we can catch glimpses of a young Martha and Jonathan Kent). Jor-El would also be forming ‘arc’ in Kandor to save themselves from the impossibility, they try to convince many to take shelter, but many of them think Jor-El is crazy. They House of El returns to Kandor only to return to see that it has all been mysteriously dissapeared (enter a Brainiac cameo, of course).

Jor-El, Lara-El and Kal-El investigate what was the cause of this, they begin to believe that it was a tremor that has caused Kandor’s sudden dissapearance. They go over to the Firefalls volcano, which is the main source of tremors for quakes in Kandor, to investigate if this has anything to do with Krypton’s core collapsing. Another quake errupts, and Kal-El saves his own father from his own death. They take the ship back to Krypton’s capital, where they see General Zod forming a coup and overthrowing the government in place. Long story short, Superman saves his parents from getting killed after Zod’s arrest. They get into the ship to make their escape, but Zod’s ship blasts the shields of Jor-El’s ship rendering it helpless. Kal-El makes the “sacrifice”, and takes the emergency shuttle to drive it into Zod’s ship. He’ll crash it, and once he does, he’s going to take the transporter and transport them over to the Phantom Zone so that they will be gone for good. The House of El bids their farewells, and as they bid their farewells, Lara mentions that she’ll name her baby boy after the man that has saved their lives. Superman does as he planned out, but amidst the transportation beam to the Phantom Zone, they exit the nebula, thus Superman’s powers come back in track. This causes him to fly out of the stream away from the Phantom Zone, but he flies out so fast that he breaks the barriers once more to return to the present. After realizing how short life is after spending time with his home planet, Clark arrives to the Daily Planet and he proposes to Lois in front of everyone. Lois hugs Clark and they both get married.

Red Sun Rising | Red Sun Setting


The Fourth Season can start up with the Cold War being declared. The Justice Society can be featured again in the arc, but this time, there will be a lot of espionage going on. As Superman and the Justice Society uncover these plots, they find out more than what meets the eye which questions their loyalty to the government. By the end of the season, you can have this Russian criminal set up a plot against the Justice Society by framing them as the spies for the U.S.S.R. The evidence is kinda profound, but the government insists that if they want the Justice Society’s trust to fight for their country, then they would have to sign up a bill that identifies the secret identities of the J.S.A (ala Superhuman Registration Act). There’s a big escalation within the team as they form “sides”, Superman tries to neutralize the situation between  both rivaling sides, until a secret “someone” learns who Superman is, and murders Lois in cold blood. This causes the J.S.A to disband and retire, as Superman is left grieving for his wife. Superman attends a court preceding which addresses the issues of the Superhuman Registration Act, and Superman announces that he will not be taking part on the horrors of war no longer after recent events.

Then Season 5 can start up as a loose adaptation of the Red Son and Injustice. This time, since Superman’s declared an outlaw for not abiding by the government, the law begins to chase him down. Crime begins to run more rampant as ever before, and a nuclear war starts amongst both the Russians and the Americans after a devastating attack during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Superman goes all out and decimates both sides of the war to stop the bloodshed. He creates his own regime to protect Earth from themselves. He He takes totalitarian control of both countries, thus prompting most of the United Nations to take Superman out. Under Superman’s regime, he declares himself as the only soldier and takes out everyone that dares declare war. This gauges an underground resistance coalition between Luthor and the Justice Society and other heroes (Batman, Wonder Woman, etc) to take down Superman’s totalitarian rule. The battle is deadly, Superman even welcomes a returning Brainiac to help cease the situation.


 After many heroes (and citizens of the Superman regime) fall, Luthor and Superman start to talk things over so no more blood can be shed. Brainiac exposes Luthor’s true plan of visiting to stall some time so the Underground Resistance can seize the Nuclear Codes from the Pentagon to utilize all 28 nuclear warheads to kill Superman. This enrages Superman (since this means the end of the world) and causes him to engulf the entire U.S Pacific fleet to pieces with help from Brainiac;s ship (who were soldiers conspiring against Superman, some acting as spies for the resistance). 500 Green Lanterns, all lead by Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner, battle Superman to the end. But Superman takes out all 500 Lanterns out. Wonder Woman awaits with her ground force of Amazons to stop Superman, but it fails as Superman takes every one of them out and kills Diana with her own sword. Each keep on coming, but Superman just ends up killing every single one of them a la Red Son.

This is the end now, and Superman bursts into the Pentagon and goes into the chamber, there we see Batman, finally, confronting Superman. Superman says that he would never think Bruce would align himself with a psychopath like Luthor. Batman shoots back by saying he would never think Clark would be capable of taking away a life. Superman attempts to justify his doings for the better of the people. He says that he has given the people of Earth a chance to prove themselves, but that they need him to save them from each other. He confesses how Lois has fallen because of these people, and how his purpose is to protect the people from Earth by all means necessary. Batman says that he has lost his way. Bruce confesses that he has had great admiration for the man Clark once was. Bruce reveals a Kryptonite spear. Bruce says that the Bat inside of him is telling him to kill Superman then and now. But deep inside, he knows that Clark is still there. Then, the conversation goes something like this…

Superman: You’re just a man.
Out of all the bad things I did, what makes you think I won’t kill you?
Batman: Because I trust you, Clark
 Brief, emotional pause. Superman recollects himself to when he first met Bruce, and he says that he’s sorry but it’s too late. Bruce reveals that he might’ve thought he would think that. So he gives him an envelope that has Lois’s handwriting. Clark knows her handwriting like it’s the back of his hand. He opens it up. And the note reveals….

Superman orders Brainiac to end the invasion, but the robot reveals that he is not as reprogrammed as everyone thought, attacking Superman with green radiation that may be analogous to green kryptonite, given its effects on this Superman, while boasting that “eventually the entire universe” will “hum to his battery”. He is shut down by Luthor, and is destroyed by Superman. This triggers a fail-safe self-destruct (though it is lightly implied that Luthor had planned for this to happen) and as the gravitational singularities powering Brainiac’s ship threaten to explode, Superman rockets it into outer space, where it blows up. The Earth is saved, but Superman is thought to have been caught in an explosion which is said to have a kill radius of 15,000,000 miles (24,000,000 km).

The epilogue follows. A universal democracy is established, and Luthor is voted in as the President. Lex Luthor goes on to integrate many of Superman’s ideas into the new philosophy of “Luthorism” and form a “Global United States”. This becomes the defining moment for mankind’s future as it enters an unprecedented age of peace and stability. A benevolent world government is formed and maintained, and Luthor presides over a string of scientific achievements, including the cure of all known disease, and colonisation of the solar system. Lex Luthor lives for over two thousand years. At his funeral, it is revealed that Superman survived and is apparently immortal, although this is unknown to Lois, who has outlived her husband.

Now permanently retired from public view, Superman provides the epilogue narration akin to that of the Red Son, and he goes on to describe Luthor’s descendants, culminating from Lena Luthor to Lombard. To Luth-1938 and Lex-L. The line continues to go down from Jordan-L, to Lana-L, whose great grandson seems to be a young man called Jor-L, “whose intellect exceeded that of even his beloved ancestor.” Billions of years in the future, it is revealed that Earth is being torn apart by tidal stresses from its sun (which has become a red giant). Jor-L and Lara send their infant son rocketing back into the past. The final panels of the finale depicts the first panels of the pilot episode, where Kal-L’s timeship orbits around space and crashes in a farm over in Smallville, effectively causing a predestination paradox.

(taken from DC Wiki with some added, the ending will be just the same as the comic)

And that ladies, and gentlemen, is how my Superman HBO Show would wrap up as. It’s a very generic pitch of the actual show, but each characters do have arcs to them, and they stay true to the pressures their under. Since the Predestination Paradox is kinda set by the ending, it can always be disrupted when someone form an outer parallel Earth comes into contact with Earth II. This can be integrated just as much into the films, while remaining it’s one thing at the same time. My cast would be as follows.



Tom Bateman as ……………. Superman / Clark Kent
Notable Works: Jekyll and Hyde, Theater
Age: 28   |      Height: 6’3


Jessica Findlay as……….. Lois Lane
Notable Works: Downton Abbey, Winter’s Tale
Age: 27     |     Height: 5’6
Eion Bailey as……….Batman / Bruce Wayne
Notable Works: Band of Brothers, Once Upon A Time
Age:  39    |      Height: 6’0
 Pip Torrens as………Lex Luthor
Notable Works: The Crown, Pride & Prejudice
 Age: 56   |    Height: 6’0
Caitrona Balfe as…………Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Notable Works: Outlander, Now You See Me
Age: 39    |   Height: 5’10
Scott Speedman as……..Jay Garrick / The Flash
Notable Works: Animal Kingdom, Underworld
Height: 5’11    |    Age: 41
Gabriel Macht as…………. Alan Scott / Green Lantern
Notable Works: Suits, Because I Said So
Age: 45     |      Height: 6’0
Steven Kree as…………Wildcat / Ted Grant
Notable Works: Shakespeare In Love, Risen
Age: 46    |     Height: 6’0
Joseph Fiennes as………Doctor Fate
Notable Works: Shakespeare In Love, Risen
Age: 46    |     Height: 6’0
 Derek Luke as…….. Johnny Thunder
Notable Works: Awntwone Fisher, Notorious

 Age: 42    |     Height: 5’10

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[Spoilers]4×08 Stop Hitting Yourself Review http://dctvu.com/spoilers4x08-stop-hitting-yourself-review/ http://dctvu.com/spoilers4x08-stop-hitting-yourself-review/#comments Fri, 10 Nov 2017 23:18:23 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17373 This episode further shows the rift between Jim and Harvey, where Jim has to make another choice between his career and his friend and sets up a fairly interesting plot for Lee, Grundy and the Riddler, while the Penguin gets small story

The Riddler takes to mocking the Penguin at Cherry’s where Grundy has quickly become the star
attraction. This gets the Penguin’s wrath on them, who sends the Sirens to the Narrows to get Ed. While we are teased with the knowledge that Grundy still has his memories of being Butch. When Babara and Tabitha get distracted by seeing Lee and Grundy respectively, It’s up to Selena to go and get Nygma. This leads to a conflict that gets solved with a fight between Grundy and Tabitha, with Tabitha winning but not before Grundy mentions Tabitha by name, before getting knocked out. Firefly who was sent as insurance if the Siren’s failed or missed the deadline comes to burn down the club. Firefly is stopped by Lee, while Cherry who was a mole for the Penguin is killed by Barbara who along with Tabitha and Selena refuse to work for him anymore. Lee at Nygma’s urging becomes a leader in the Narrows, taking Cherry’s place.

Cherry being poorly used, is sadly not all that surprising, with characters being brought in to advance a plot. It would have been nice if she actually had personality, which Alex who appeared and died in one has her beat in that department. Instead, she ended up as just the owner of a convenient enough meeting place, before getting killed off as a spy for the Penguin. Lee and Barbara’s interactions were great, as they still cooly dislike each other, while Tabitha fighting Butch, and trying to get him to remember was quite sad. However, seeing Lee thrust into a leadership position is something new, even if it among the poor and mistreated, having Nygma as an advisor, who even with his reduced intelligence had made a great case for why she should be a leader in the Narrows, should be interesting.

Jim is offered the rank of captain, but it still does not make him trust the mayor, however, has to accept it which he is on the fence about, because he does not want to ruin his relationship with Harvey. It’s revealed that Sofia was able to convince the mayor to do so, which causes Jim to try and have faith in Harvey that he can still do the right, and not have to feel indebted to her.

That faith goes out the window when Harvey can’t muster up the will to go to an informal meeting with several cops that have been shot in the line of duty, including the one he mistakenly shot in the last episode. So Jim decides to take his place but rebuffs the idea of celebrating with Sofia and still wants to turn the force around. Jim still values his friendship with Harvey and wanted to have faith in him. However, Harvey is right to realize that Jim owes somebody whether he wants to or not. Which means Sofia could come to collect meaning that Sofia’s uneasy relationship with Jim could go south real soon, especially since he wants to wash his hands of her.

The Penguin factors into this episode as someone so angry for any slight that it kicks off half of the plot, a small side plot is where on the advice of Sofia Penguin takes up a hobby, to calm down. This hobby is mentoring a young child named Martin not to make the same mistakes he did in his efforts for revenge, which is a call back to Penguin doing the same in season 3, but showing how he has “grown” by rejecting friendship. It was great to see the Penguin actually go back to basics and show he still has his trademark sense of deception and cunning while providing a bit of humanizing for him, in his own way.

Rejecting Martin as a friend but considering him a co-conspirator, apparently has made Cobblepot slightly less volatile, not killing Mr. Penn when he receives more bad news and but he still seems fond of the child even if he won’t admit it. The Penguin is starting to take his own lessons to heart and has finally begun to suspect Sofia might not be all that she seems.

I would give this episode a 9/10. Barring the use of Cherry as nothing more than an owner of a place for main characters to meet and then get killed off, the plot was strong. This episode had the right mix of emotional moments such as seeing Harvey too ashamed to work and Jim losing faith in him because of that, to the possibility that Butch could still remember Tabitha, and seeing the Penguin in a supportive mentor role.

Plot-wise the Siren’s finally seem to be going their own way, while it looks like we are going to see both Jim and Lee as reluctant leaders.Sofia is going to have to find another tactic now that Jim feels he does not need her and the Penguin is getting suspicious of her.

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Gotham 4X07 A Day In the Narrows Review http://dctvu.com/gotham-4x07-a-day-in-the-narrows-review/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-4x07-a-day-in-the-narrows-review/#comments Fri, 10 Nov 2017 00:57:24 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17370 The latest episode of Gotham shows us just how badly Jim and Harvey’s friendship is being tested by Jim’s attempts efforts to persue the Penguin and more recently Professor Pyg, as well as how is Bruce coping having killed Ra’s Al Ghul, and killing someone in general.

I’d like to get the Gotham City Siren’s plotline out of the way because of the short length of it. Barbara decides to disband her partnership with Selena and Tabitha since Ra’s is dead and was her only reason for forming an outfit with Tabitha and Selena. Tabitha is angry and willing to cut her loses while Selena still wanted to do a job they were considering, and goes off on her own. This gets Selena in a tight situation with Tabitha having to come help her, eventually, Barbara helps them and comes around to actually keeping their partnership even without Ra’s. So it means that even without Ra’s this development won’t go to waste.

Apparently, killing Ra’s Al Ghul has left Bruce very angry, giving him no real sense of satisfaction. He starts to lash out against hired help and Alfred over the smallest of things. A former classmate of Bruce’s wants to invite him to hang out with her friends including a more mellowed out Tommy Eliot, and Bruce takes her up on her offer. Here Bruce starts to party, but unlike in They Who Hide Behind Masks Bruce’s rich playboy actions are not done for an ulterior motive, but more as a coping mechanism for his feelings. This is foreshadowed when, after Brant brings up Bruce having a butler instead of beating him up like he wanted to, Bruce decides to get revenge by buying the club, and not letting him in. Even so this partying just leaves Bruce as he’s been since episode 5, lost and confused, if a little less angry.

While Professor Pyg, himself does not get much screentime this episode. He is still has a presence that manages to get Jim to almost see his point. Pyg’s murders of cops are causing Harvey as acting captain to use the Penguin’s help to find him. However, the cops are just as violent as Penguin’s thugs, that the only thing to tell them apart is the uniforms. Still, the ending does give a little bit of hope that the GCPD can change for the better, but I think it might too quickly. That also raises the inconsistencies of GCPD since this season, just how corrupt are they, and does this mean the audience is to forgive them for how horrible their actions were early on.

Jim and Harvey’s relationship also reaches a breaking point where Harvey refused to listen to Jim over the chance to finally get Pyg and almost gets himself and other officers killed. Jim manages to save them but earns the anger of Harvey, which is heartbreaking considering their prior friendship was close. The Penguin largely plays a role in looking out for his own interests and taking Harvey’s side and ultimately loses, with the GCPD now willing to arrest Penguin’s license holders.

Overall, I would call this one of season 4’s stronger episodes plot-wise, at least and give it an 8/10. The smaller plots of the Sirens and Bruce Wayne had development to go along with them, and it opens up new opportunities for the Sirens and new problems for Bruce. Pyg once again gives a strong showing as a villain, while Harvey and Jim’s relationship deteriorating is fine, the GCPD should not be immediately be let off the hook by arresting license holders, after storming the Narrows the way they did.

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Gotham 4×06 Hog Day Afternoon Review http://dctvu.com/gotham-4x06-hog-day-afternoon-review/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-4x06-hog-day-afternoon-review/#comments Wed, 01 Nov 2017 00:20:09 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17345 This episode picks up from where the last one left off continuing the story with Nygma and recently revived Solomon Grundy and Sofia’s continued manipulation of the Penguin.

Solomon Grundy is now fighting at Cherry’s fighting pit with The Riddler as his manager. Cherry (Marinia Benedict) herself has been rather flat for now but seems okay with Lee running a back alley clinic, hopefully, she will get more focus. Regardless, this plot largely revolved around The Riddlers attempts to get Lee to help him, which gives us development for both. Grundy is largely there to win  money, but he seems to like Lee a little bit, and learn bit more about his undead state. While the Riddler has shown he still has some good ideas, at least until they require execution. While Lee is still moral despite what happened last season, and her story actually involves helping people, out of a sense of guilt than anything with Jim. It also brings her closer to comic book counterpart, as a doctor working for the disadvantaged and poor.

The Sofia and Penguin story line I’m rather mixed on it. While I like Sofia and her willingness to manipulate Oswald, the fact that the Penguin is alternating between detecting and falling for it, despite already having his mother or memory of her used against him 3 times, is off putting. Aside from Sofia, Zasz seems to be the only saving grace, not that I hate Robin Lord Taylor’s performance, but it looks to be a retread of prior plots of Cobblepot ruins himself because of either his own arrogance or his insecurities, except this time it’s not of his own doing. Although Sofia to her credit is at least taking a new approach by stepping into the role of a maternal figure, with more subtlety and less violence.

The introduction of Professor Pyg was the highlight of this episode. Despite an M.O grounded in reality, Pyg a cop killer of crooked cops to “fix” Gotham instead of a demented mob boss with a desire to fix people. Pyg provides the same mix of ghastly and cruel acts with an unnervingly authentic sense of joy and pride in his work, comparing his work to making sausages a good product from a disgusting process. Pyg’s crusade against the police has already aided in Jim’s growing alienation from the rest of the force. More so now that Pyg has revealed Harvey as being on the Penguin’s take, Jim seemingly has almost no friends on the force, and it puts Harvey’s actions earlier in this season in a different light. All of the times Harvey said he didn’t like having to let Penguin’s men go, were all of those lies told to still keep Jim’s trust?

My only issue with Jim’s stance on the Penguin is what does he expect Sofia to do in the Penguin’s place? Is Jim truly motivated by a sense of justice, or does he feel that Penguin’s licensing system would make him obsolete, and just another cop? That somehow Sofia will make things better by making him feel important again, by bringing back criminals he can actually arrest?

Overall I would give this episode a 7 out of 10. Professor Pyg’s introduction was great and felt authentic enough to the character’s personality and actions. Even if the motive is different. Seeing Jim’s growing alienation from the rest of the force, and Harvey being a corrupt cop The Plot with Nygma and Lee was good, and pleasantly surprised how Lee turned out. The Penguin and Sofia plot is starting to look a little bit better, at least the with the direction it is taking, with what would already be a recycled plotline.

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[Spoilers] Gotham to Recast Poison Ivy http://dctvu.com/spoilers-gotham-to-recast-poison-ivy/ http://dctvu.com/spoilers-gotham-to-recast-poison-ivy/#comments Tue, 31 Oct 2017 20:52:34 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17310 It seems Poison Ivy will be recast yet again, this time Peyton List (Flash, Tomorrow People) will play Poison Ivy when she returns in the next half of Season 4. She will be replacing Maggie Geha who portrayed Ivy since early season 3 up until episode 2 of this season. Ivy was last seen drinking a bunch of potions to get stronger, which apparently work.The following statement was released by the Producers of Gotham, after the announcement of the recast:

“In the continuing evolution of Poison Ivy’s origin story, Ivy Pepper has been transformed once again taking another step toward becoming the Ivy we know from the comics. Dangerous. A live wire of crazy energy. She’ll set her sights on Gotham, intent on making the city her own green paradise.”

Hopefully, Ivy, this time can actually be put in a storyline that would work for her. Otherwise one of the biggest weaknesses in Gotham is still rearing it’s ugly head, having a character established in prior Batman lore but not really used all that well, like with what happened to Harvey Dent. At least with her powers she won’t be in a role of playing second fiddle and it might work out.

Gotham airs on Thursday 8 PM est.


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[Spoilers]Gotham’s Professor Pyg To Be a Different Take on the Character http://dctvu.com/spoilersgothams-professor-pyg-to-be-a-different-take-on-the-character/ http://dctvu.com/spoilersgothams-professor-pyg-to-be-a-different-take-on-the-character/#comments Sun, 22 Oct 2017 20:27:59 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17334 While Professor Pyg played by Michael Cerveris is coming to Gotham, he is going to have a rather different characterization and motivation. An article by USA Today looks at Pyg’s motivations and as well what can expect since Pyg is getting a multi-episode arc that will Jim Gordon’s relationship with the Police force even further tested.

In Gotham, Pyg will be somewhat more grounded in reality, usually, Pyg’s worldview is so warped he is one of the few Batman villains who could realistically be put in a mental institution. This incarnation of Pyg is angry at the cops for letting criminals go due to the Penguin’s licensing system and is a cop-killing serial killer. While not the usual fare of being a madman who wants to make people perfect, Pyg still has plenty of the darker aspects associated with his character, his cop victims will have pig masks on their faces. However, Pyg’s plans will change from episode to episode as well

Gotham Pyg 2

Appearance wise, Pyg will actually be wearing a full face mask based off a pig’s head, but still, keep up with his relatively typical appearance of wearing a neat apron a bow tie. if contrasted with an even more creepy mask than usual.

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Crystal Reed Talks Gotham, Ep 11 To Be Mid-Season Finale http://dctvu.com/crystal-reed-talks-gotham-ep-11-to-be-mid-season-finale-2/ http://dctvu.com/crystal-reed-talks-gotham-ep-11-to-be-mid-season-finale-2/#comments Thu, 19 Oct 2017 23:59:18 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17328 Crystal Reed who plays Sofia Falcone recently did an interview with BUILD SERIES. During that interview, she talks about her experiences on Gotham. This ranges from getting into character, her acting, and as well what are Sofia’s motivations. A few small hints on what we have to look forward to later on this season. The Interview also goes into other aspects of her career such her time on Teen Wolf, and some time for questions.

One part of that interview that stands out is that something important will happen to her character come Episode 11, that will put the rest of her actions in a different light. Episode 11 will also be the mid-season finale of Gotham. Provided nothing changes to the schedule so far, it seems that episode 11 will air on November 30th.

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Gotham 4×03 They Who Hide Behind Masks Review http://dctvu.com/gotham-4x03-they-who-hide-behind-masks-review/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-4x03-they-who-hide-behind-masks-review/#comments Tue, 17 Oct 2017 00:45:19 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17299 Gotham takes a break from fear, to give much more development for Bruce and introduce us to Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed), as well get the ball rolling on The Riddler’s plot who was frozen in ice since the end of season 3.

Gotham starts us off with an admittedly stylistic flashback in Arabia, where we see Ra’s al Ghul has apparently died in battle, but was brought back to life from a follower with a Lazarus Pit, who tells Ra’s that he must find an heir, and is given a dagger.Back to the present day, this dagger becomes the driving force behind the main plot.

Bruce and Alfred are watching one of the Penguin’s shipments that have arrived on the docks when Bruce sees a thief who he feels is walking into a trap and goes in to save them. While Bruce does draw them away he feels that there’s something important on that ship.However, in talking with Alfred, Bruce comes to realize that he has to use other methods than his fists. He tries to sneak aboard the ship, disguised a street kid with an accent to match, to find the ship’s cargo manifest for anything out of the ordinary. When he finds out it’s a knife, whose image for it is in a historical book has a man Bruce believes is Ra’s. Bruce goes to the Penguin’s auction to get the knife but is confronted by Babara who also wants the knife for her client.

Here is where we see Bruce’s rich playboy person come to life. As a testament to David Mazouz’s acting skills and the writers, this does not disappoint. Bruce, when faced with Barbara’s actions, treats the auction as the joke matching her bids with more money with the addition of one dollar or even one cent, and appears to be the time of his life doing so. Bruce is starting to understand the concept of creating separate new identities, and while it has some mixed success so far, it’s never the less important.

However, Bruce wasn’t the only one after the knife, Selina was tasked with getting the knife as well for Barbara. Selina shows both her willingness to prove herself, but also isn’t desperate for Barbara’s approval, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen. Barbara herself seems to have retained some degree of her manipulative side, trying to appeal to Selina’s pride after, giving her chores to redeem herself that she knew Selenia would reject.

Jim going down to meet Carmine Falcon, to try and convince him to come back. While we know his daughter Sofia would be coming back to Gotham it’s interesting with what they are doing with the character. Apparently, Carmine Falcone is dying, much sooner than in the comics, and is not returning to Gotham City proper. Sofia herself is an interesting character so far, she seems to be a mix of contradictions of being caring, but also deceptive and ambitious that seems to belie her looks. If we have to have another love interest, at least she’ll look to have a more interesting start with Jim and little chance of character derailment that had happened in the past.

The Plot with the Riddler is interesting, to say the least. The Riddler gets broken out of the ice by a fangirl who actually wants to commit crimes with him, Myrtle Jenkins. However being in the ice left Nygma legs atrophied to the point Myrtle has to take care of him. Despite the Misery overtones, Myrtle is eccentric at best, and really doesn’t try to cause him any harm. However, the damage done to the Riddler was more than just physical, it also affected his brain.

Contrary to what I may have said earlier on, Nygma is not an amnesiac, he still has memory of who is and his rivalry with the Penguin but has his intelligence and perception greatly thrown off that he is no longer an incredibly dangerous genius, and cannot even answer basic riddles instead going for something else entirely. The Riddler decides to leave, leaving Myrtle to the mercy or lack thereof of the Penguin, who has Zsasz kill her, which he does after complimenting her dress.

Overall, I feel that seeing start Bruce grow into the other aspect of his style crime fighting, be it disguises or using exaggerated mannerism as Bruce Wayne, great, as we’ve lots of improvement in Bruce growing stronger. Selina’s plotline was rather lacking for her personally, and all we got was another small appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul. The Riddler side plot was okay, I found it to have a fair deal of dark comedy at the Riddler’s and fatally Mertyle’s expense but also, kind of sad to see the Riddler so pathetic. Sofia Falcone, I’m cautious about since she doesn’t she seem the type to put up with Jim, like Valarie Vale in season 3, but has the plot relevance of Lee so she at least stays for a while, we can hope. I would give this episode a 7 out of 10

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Tommy Elliot to Return to Gotham This Season http://dctvu.com/tommy-elliot-to-return-to-gotham-this-season/ http://dctvu.com/tommy-elliot-to-return-to-gotham-this-season/#comments Wed, 11 Oct 2017 17:28:24 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17297 In a season that seems to be finally tying up some loose ends, Tommy Elliot is finally returning to Gotham. Tommy Elliot, who later on in life becomes the Batman villain Hush, has only made a minor appearance as a classmate and bully of Bruce Wayne.However, While Tommy may be returning to Gotham, there’s no telling if a Hush storyline of some kind is in the work

However, While Tommy may be returning to Gotham, there’s no telling if a Hush storyline of some kind is in the works. Gotham’s Executive Coporducer, in an exclusive interview with Comicbook, Bryan Wynbrandt had this to say.

“Obviously when Tommy Elliot is discussed, there’s always is that Hush story line. That is something that we’ve discussed. Right now, we’re kind of still feeling that out. It could be something on the horizon, but I can’t say for sure.”

Gotham has not shied away from changing parts of various character’s backgrounds, making the Penguin a part of the Gotham mob as well as the of a poor immigrant in contrast to usually being independent even antagonistic to the mob and from one of Gotham’s founding families. Not to the mention the addition of new elements to certain characters.

Even without a Hush storyline, Tommy Elliot’s return could try and do more to reconcile one of the serious flaws of Gotham: The introductions of characters within the lore, be it Harvey Dent, Rene Montoya, Ivy, and Jonathan Crane were all introduced, and not really being used well or at all. Thankfully over the course of season 3, and with this season so far Gotham has made some progress in addressing this issue.

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Gotham 4X02 The Fear Reaper Review http://dctvu.com/gotham-402-the-fear-reaper-review/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-402-the-fear-reaper-review/#comments Thu, 05 Oct 2017 22:31:59 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17275 So another week, another episode of Gotham that is living up to this season becoming the darkest season yet, with no small amount of fear as we finally see the Scarecrow in action. Babara Kean also comes back with changes for the better.

Gotham’s take on Scarecrow is amazing, Crane gives off a slow methodical style of speech and always seems to have wide open eyes giving more of emphasis to his now maddened state. This incarnation of the Scarecrow is also comparatively “lighter” than most, at least in his rationale. The Scarecrow’s motivation has ranged from spreading fear after being bullied to simply just spreading fear because he can.

In this incarnation, Crane feels that the twisted way in which he was forced confront his fears, should be spread to everyone else to help embrace them. Yet you also see plenty of anger, in the young man, how he confronts Warden Reed about how Arkham never bothered to even try and help him, and his motivation to go after Jim Gordon for killing his father. The only negatives are that the costume could use a bit of work, and the gas needs to be tweaked, but I’d assume that Crane is starting with little chemical knowledge of his own, and going off his father’s work. However, I’d like to actually see him become more of a threat to Jim, or at least one that can’t be stopped by water.

Barbara’s return was something I was cautious about, however ever seeing her, I’m excited for her character than ever. Season one made her crazy, season two played off that, but made her a character used for schemes against Jim. Come season three she’s somewhat less psychotic and more focused, with a few serious issues, and makes it to the top only to seemingly die. Season Four comes along and she’s back and actually has a well thought out plan. Becoming a gunrunner and selling to both sides to gain more information on the criminal underworld. It’s a far cry from her aiming for the top and getting irrationally angry and paranoid when there’s a shadowy conspiracy she can’t touch. She appears to be less self-serving this time around, willing to a lose a hand to regain Tabitha’s trust.

I also like how Selena is coming into her own, she is showing assertiveness, that she wants to do more than just survive, but actually, make something of herself as a criminal. The fact that she wants to do it own her own terms, sets herself apart from her mother, who had to rely on her lover’s gang for her schemes. Her relationship with Tabitha also appears to be good, while Tabitha does look out for her, she doesn’t immediately dismiss her or her concerns because of her age.

Bruce and his growing dynamic with Alfred, has become rather recognizable, with Alfred voicing his reservations, but knowing he can not stop what Bruce sets out to do. I also liked the reference to Batman Begins, where Lucis has suspicions on Bruce’s real motives, and even provides him a proto-Batsuit, and communication, where Alfred becomes mission control. The suit does look a bit too much like a biker jacket, but since Gotham is rather camp I felt it was fine, and it won’t be a final look anyway.

The Penguin and Jim’s feud is escalating, with the Penguin creating a challenge to again try and prove the GCPD’s ineffectiveness. This Challenge is to capture Johnathan Crane, who the Penguin believes was responsible for the attack on his club. While Jim does fail the Penguin’s forced challenge, why he and Harvey are pining for the “good” old days of the Falcons is admittedly beyond me.

The Penguin would at least keep crime limited to certain people, and so far non-violent which is more than Falcone and the Gotham mob every did. Unless Jim’s issue is he is angry at the fact that Penguin is blatantly trying to tell them how to do their jobs. Although If the GCPD even bothered it wouldn’t be that, which makes the fact the GCPD has essentially sunk so low so quickly quite pathetic.

Speaking of which this season seems set to possibly provide yet another fall for Cobblepot, I’m fine with characters going through ups and downs. Yet with the Penguin it always comes back to some sense of arrogance, when his penchant for treating people like trash has come back to bite him. Will he ever truly learn or is this supposed to be his fatal flaw?

The only thing that has me worried is what to do about Ivy. First, she went from Selena’s weird friend with a love of plants and a knack for their uses, to then get aged up with the same knowledge of plants but remains kind of stupid, to saving the Penguin convincing him to at least treat people with more respect. Come season 4, the Penguin treats her like garbage anyway, she gets rejected by Tabitha and goes on a potion bender to get stronger. One can only hope that there is a good payoff.

Overall I’d say this episode was a 6.57/10. The introduction of Crane as the Scarecrow was good, along with Bruce and Selena’s development, how Barbara seems to be turning out this season so far is a nice change. I can only hope that The Penguin and Jim plot-line makes some sense later on down the line.

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Gotham Dark Band Trailer http://dctvu.com/gotham-dark-band-trailer/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-dark-band-trailer/#comments Tue, 19 Sep 2017 23:29:13 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17250 A trailer has recently been released on the Gotham’s official YouTube Channel. If first starts off with a series of clips from season 3 at the 2:22 mark is where the trailer goes into the Season 4 material, attached below is the link.

Among various clips of what is to come in season 4, we get to see more the Scarecrow (Charlie Tahan) and his fear toxins in action, and it looks like he’s going to be going after Jim Gordon. As a rarity, the Scarecrow also seems to be wielding what looks to be a scythe, harking back more towards the Scarecrow of the comics than other adaptations. What is more interesting at the end, is that Alfred is shown as an early form of Bruce’s mission control. Lucius Fox will play an early role supplying Bruce with a reinforced suit, but nothing too fancy, and it’s implied Lucius knows about what Bruce is doing as a reference to Batman Begins.

Gotham is due to return this Thursday, September 19th, @ 8 pm est.

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Gotham Teases Jerome Forming an Alliance with an Established Character http://dctvu.com/gotham-teases-jerome-forming-an-alliance-with-an-established-character/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-teases-jerome-forming-an-alliance-with-an-established-character/#comments Tue, 19 Sep 2017 20:39:45 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17245 A recent article by Comic Book, John Stephens confirms that Jerome Valeska will not also return in season 4 but also will be striking up an alliance with an established character, who Jerome has not interacted with in any way shape or form yet.

This established character is, in fact, the Penguin of all people. How this will come about we don’t know yet, however it does allow for both a previous unexplored dynamic between both characters. The Penguin of this continuity is a man who sees as Gotham’s one true hope for order It also gives a good idea at how specifically Jerome could to develop if he is to become the Joker. As Stephens himself says.

“You’re totally gonna see him (Jerome) this year,”You’re gonna see him in a new position this year, and he’s gonna form an alliance with a character who he has not been near at any time soon.”
Essentially, we’re gonna see him and Oswald Cobblepot come closer,”

One of the few commonalities between the numerous incarnations of the Joker is that he always involved with crime before becoming the Joker. This backstory ranges being forced to be a part of the Red Hood Gang, a willing leader of the Red Hood Gang, or a gangster with ties to the Gotham Mob. Having a foray into organized crime could bring Jerome even closer on the path to becoming the Joker as we know him, or as much can know him anyway.

Gotham is set to return this Thursday, September 21st @ 8 pm est.

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New Gotham Promo Teases a Bruce in a Proto-Batman suit http://dctvu.com/new-gotham-promo-teases-a-bruce-in-a-proto-batman-suit/ http://dctvu.com/new-gotham-promo-teases-a-bruce-in-a-proto-batman-suit/#comments Tue, 29 Aug 2017 00:51:35 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17222 A recently released promo video, by Fox, teases both a Penguin vs Jim storyline and a proto-Batman suit for Bruce. The Jim vs Penguin plot seems to finally show him as some who finally cares about Gotham again, he doesn’t want the Penguin to have control over the city even if he isn’t Mayor anymore, which must explain Sophia Falcone’s (Crystal Reed) involvement.

The real thing that stands out is while Bruce is going out to be a vigilante, he will be going out in more than a coat and a ski mask this time like in the finale. Bruce looks like he’s going out in a suit with an attachable mask for his face. While it would seem ridiculous anywhere else, I’d argue the feel fits with Gotham. Bruce hasn’t shown any inspiration with bats to take them up as a symbol, so it’s not a true Batsuit, nor does Bruce seem to have any gadgets along with it, just good ol fisticuffs.

The Promo video which is down below which gives a better look at the suit and mask, and a small overview of what to expect for Season 4. As a reminder, Gotham is set to come back on Thursdays starting September 21st.

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The Origin of Solomon Grundy on Gotham http://dctvu.com/the-origin-of-solomon-grundy-on-gotham/ http://dctvu.com/the-origin-of-solomon-grundy-on-gotham/#comments Mon, 28 Aug 2017 21:37:56 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17219 While we’ve known for a while we are getting Solomon Grundy in Gotham, but how that happens hasn’t been revealed until now. Gotham, for the most part, has stuck with a sense of realism barring the super science and some elements of mysticism. Traditionally Solomon Grundy was Cyrus Gold a merchant who was killed and dumped in Slaughter Swamp and managed to come back as the zombie that we know him as.

However based off a picture taken from Twitter during filming Solomon Grundy looks more human and it appears that the wounds Cyrus suffered left him in a vegetative state, not specifically dead. John Stephens had spoken with Entertainment Weekly saying the following.

“He’s been in a vegetative state at Gotham General and so in order to clear up space for more beds, the administrators at the hospital have him dumped in Slaughter Swamp, as one does in Gotham,” So he emerges reborn out of Slaughter Swamp as the character we know as Solomon Grundy.”

This means while we are getting Solomon Grundy close to his origin story, having a zombie running around on Gotham seems unlikely. So Butch/Cyrus is dead metaphorically, in that he may not remember his past life, but he physically seems to be alive as he was only brain dead not physically dead. It’s not known what is going to be done with the Butch/Cyrus having lost one of his hands for the sake of Penguin’s scheme against early Season 2 Theo Galavan.

Grundy Riddler

The picture above that was taken from the Twitter account of Eric Molinksy shows a little bit of Grundy, who has the trade white hair but physically looks to still be intact and alive. Mind you, I’m only making a guess that Solomon Grundy is alive, as no indication has been given of a physical death yet.

Gotham will return on Thursdays on September 21st.

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Gotham’s Season 4 Theme Revealed http://dctvu.com/season-4s-theme-revealed/ http://dctvu.com/season-4s-theme-revealed/#comments Mon, 21 Aug 2017 22:49:33 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17210 Gotham’s Season 4 looks to have the concept of family as its theme. Several dynamics are going to play out over the course of this season. Joshua Batone of the website the Batman Universe was able to talk to both John Stephens Gotham showrunner and Jessica Lucas who plays Tabitha Galavan at the San Diego Comic-Con.

John Stephens said that while both Edward Nygma and Butch Gilzean are coming back, but not as we know them. While family is a theme it’s going to be explored from a sometimes less than traditional angle.

“One of the families is going to be a brand new very different Lee Tompkins together with Ed Nygma and Solomon Grundy who is Butch Gizlean obviously. Because when Butch becomes Solomon Grundy he doesn’t remember his former life. So when he runs into Ed Nygma he doesn’t remember that he wants to rip his head off. And Ed, who has suffered the effects of being frozen for three months needs Grundy’s help to get strong again and the three of them form this kind of weird little family,”

How Lee will react to Nygma considering their bad blood is not known nor will how will she be personality wise without the virus. Considering the fact, the virus brings out one’s darker impulses but doesn’t seem to alter their memory. So a few things could be possible she still remembers she experiences with the virus, or that takes the same approach with Mario and sees Nygma, and possibly Grundy as another victim of Jim. Perhaps she still feels bound to the Hippocratic and wants to help both of them.

While we have the relationship between Alfred and Bruce, there also is another relationship being touched that between Selina Kyle and Tabitha. Jessica Lucas says that relationship will play out more like an older sibling, younger sibling relationship. However, Tabitha for her part will also play the role of a rather strict teacher for Selina. Season 4 will take places 3-4 months after Season 3

Gotham is set to return on Thursday, September 21st.

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Gotham S4 To Be a Mix of The Long Halloween and Year One http://dctvu.com/gotham-s4-to-be-a-mix-of-the-long-halloween-year-one-and-more/ http://dctvu.com/gotham-s4-to-be-a-mix-of-the-long-halloween-year-one-and-more/#comments Thu, 03 Aug 2017 23:36:18 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17198 More information has started to come out about what we can see for Season 4. ScreenRant reports the first half is going to have elements of The Long Halloween and Year One for the second half. The Long Halloween was a 13 part story that involved Batman going up against a holiday themed killer named Holiday similar to Calendar Man, going after the Gotham Mob. turning out to be Alberto Falcone. Among the characters present where the Scarecrow, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and the Joker. Characters who are already present or are waiting in the wings. While Year One dealt with Bruce Wayne’s first year as Batman, which we are seeing hints of in Bruce’s willingness to continue being a vigilante.

Another interesting tidbit is that Deadline reports Crystal Reed has been cast as Sofia Falcone, who plans to go to war with the Penguin. In the Comics Sofia Falcone becomes a serial killer named Hangman in the same vein as her brother, to get revenge on her father’s killer. However, in Gotham, the mob has already fallen into a seeming decline, and unlike in the Long Halloween, the mob in Gotham looks to be less a traditional mafia, with an Italian-Sicilian exclusive membership. So it looks like Sofia will attempt to turn back the clock on a mafia that suffered under Cobblepot’s leadership.

Gotham is set to return September 21, a week earlier than expected.

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A History of Firestorm: Where Could the CW Go? http://dctvu.com/the-cws-firestorm-what-should-the-future-hold/ http://dctvu.com/the-cws-firestorm-what-should-the-future-hold/#comments Sat, 29 Jul 2017 23:19:35 +0000 http://thearrowverse.com/?p=12094 Date Written: January 22nd, 2018

The Flash’s second season ambitiously began by killing off fan-favorite character, Ronnie Raymond (played by Robbie Amell), a move seemingly made in the wake of Amell’s budding film career. Three seasons later, on the CW’s other hit show, Legends of Tomorrow, boldly killed off the only half of Raymond’s Firestorm left, Victor Garber’s Martin Stein, and left Franz Drameh’s Jax Jefferson without a cause in the show’s third mid-season finale. Drameh’s Jackson promptly left the show as well in search of his own, new, story.

While both of Firestorm’s younger halves have been killed and written out of shows respectivley, it’s important to note that death hasn’t stopped Firestorm, or more particularlly Ronnie Raymond, in the past.

Banner copy

Throughout DC comics history the members of the Firestorm Matrix have died, they’ve “died”, they’ve been separated, they’ve taken on the power of the Matrix on their own, etc., etc. , etc. and yet – for some reason – Firestorm is still looked at a B/C-list DC hero, it’s baffling that a character so immensely powerful and with such an interesting backstory – as you’ll soon see – could be glossed over as a glorified Human Torch in DC’s television universe.

Firestorm’s history is not only complex, but interesting, and downright baffling at some points. The character as a whole is – by far – one of DC’s most interesting and unexplored properties…so let’s hope the DCTV universe sees this and capitalizes on it…(#FirestormTheShow anyone?).

Comic Book Firestorms: The Ronnie Raymond Era

As stated beforehand, Firestorm’s comic book history is immense, confusing, and complex, if that isn’t something that interests you, and you’re merely concerned with the potential surrounding the TV-version of the character, then you can skip to page 7...

Banner copy

The Original, Ronnie Raymond + Martin Stein:

Much like The Flash’s first version of Firestorm was composed of Professor Martin Stein and Ronald “Ronnie” Raymond, the first Firestorm of the comics was as well. In the comics high school jock (not STAR Labs employee) Ronald Raymond and Nobel Prize winning physicist Martin Stein were caught in a nuclear blast causing the two to merge into the hero that Ronnie soon dubbed “Firestorm”; funnily enough – while it’s taken TV version of the character nearly two years to learn how to transmute matter, Ronnie did it in his first appearanceInterestingly, it was soon revealed that Stein was completely unaware of the merging process and becoming Firestorm, when Ronnie and Stein would merge, Stein’s mind would be conscious and able to help Ronnie, but when they were not merged, Stein forgot all memory of “Firestorm” based events. Despite initially having reservations, Ronnie loved being Firestorm because it made him feel “cool” and gave him a “purpose” and he believed if Stein knew what was happening he’d stop allowing the two to become Firestorm, Ronnie told Stein of what was happening, and too his surprised, Stein was overjoyed and more than happy to “stay in the game” and continue helping Ronnie as Firestorm. Unlike The Flash’s version of Firestorm, not only were Stein and Raymond able to sense when the other was in need, but they could also merge despite being in different places, if the Professor was in danger and Ronnie was elsewhere, he could someone Ronnie directly to him in order to merge and vice versa.

Soon, the Professor was offered a job in Pittsburgh – a place that should be familiar to those who watch the CW’s Flash as this is where both versions of Firestorm went to “train” – and this initially made Ronnie nervous as he was convinced that the professor would give up his role as the second half of Firestorm to go teach in Pittsburgh, but Ronnie’s fears were son quelled as he realized he too could go to Pittsburgh as a student.

Unfortunately, while in Pittsburgh, Stein fell terminally ill and while he still controlled the Firestorm Matrix along with Ronnie, his mind had changed due to the illness…it had become demented. Realizing they only had so much time left as Firestorm, Ronnie and a twisted Stein decided to attempt to leave a legacy for themselves and so, Firestorm demanded that the larger powers of the world (the US and Soviet Union) lay down all of their nuclear weapons. This demand caused a slight scruff between a Soviet Nuclear hero known as Pozhar (Mikhail Arcadian) and Firestorm, a scruff that led to the eventual creation of a new Firestorm in Firestorm: The Nuclear Man Annual #05 (the character was formally introduced in his next appearance, Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #065).

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The Confused, Ronnie Raymond + Mikhail Arkadin (+ Martin Stein):

The new Firestorm – who was composed of the physical bodies of Ronnie Raymond and the Russian Mikhail Arcadian – was actually controlled by the [now] disembodied and ill mind of Martin Stein. While many websites refer to this phase of Firestorm as “transitional”, the character lasted roughly 15 issues of Firestorm Volume 2 and would serve as an interesting time for the character. While neither Ronnie nor Mikhail had control of what this version of the character could do, the character still attempted to do good despite being controlled by the ill-minded Professor Stein.

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Firestorm Clone, Svaroxhich:

It was eventually revealed that the Soviet’s had taken a sample of Firestorm’s DNA (left behind when Firestorm and Pozhar first fought) and attempted to clone him, creating Svaroxhich – who was introduced in Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #083. Svaroxhich was a mindless being whose creation also revealed that Firestorm was actually much more than he appeared, he wasn’t just “The Nuclear Man”, but he was the Fire Elemental as well, this change began a fundamental shift in the character from everyday superhero to environmental crusader.

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Fire Elemental Controlled, Fire Elemental + Svaroxhich (Firestorm Clone) + Ronnie Ramond + Mikhail Arkadin:

In order to get the clone – Svaroxhich – under control, both Ronnie and Mikhail realized the cost and sacrificed their normal lives to become Firestorm, the true Fire Elemental – this occurred in Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #085. This version of the character not only received a new look, but being Firestorm’s “true form”, it was also revealed that the character was controlled by the sentiment mind of the Fire Elemental himself, an amalgam of the minds of Mikhail, Ronnie and the Elemental’s truest form.

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True Fire Elemental, Fire Elemental + Svaroxhich (Firestorm Clone) + Martin Stein:

In Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #100 Martin Stein – who had since been cured of his terminal illness, but was no longer part of the Firestorm Matrix – realized that, had Ronnie Raymond not been present at the initial accident that had created Firestorm it would have been Stein and Stein alone who was the Fire Elemental, it was his destiny. Stein, seemingly driven by the realization that he could leave everything behind – forced Mikhail and Ronnie to return to their old lives and became the true Fire Elemental himself but was accidentally exiled to deep space in the process of saving the Earth on his first mission. While he spent countless years in self imposed space-exile after being sent into deep space, he traveled the universe doing good and speaking only to himself as he was alone in the Matrix.

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Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond:

After Stein became the “Fire Elemental” and was sent off world during the early 90’s, Ronnie Raymond and other recurring Firestorm characters disappeared from comics for some time. Eventually Raymond remerged when he was diagnosed and undergoing treatment for leukemia in Extreme Justice Issue #03. In both that issue and the next, Ronnie is seen undergoing a new form of chemotherapy which, surprisingly, ends up unlocking his own latent metagene and he could once again – now solo – become Firestorm and access the Firestorm Matrix, all the while still being sick – these events took place in Issue #04. Following Ronnie’s re-emergance as Firestorm, Stein (who was still the Fire Elemental) feels a link between he and Ronnie reform, and in Issue #05 of Extreme Justice Stein returned to Earth and made Ronnie an offer. Stein’s offer essentially consisted of making Ronnie an extension of the Fire Elemental, an extension with little-to-no humanity, but a hero none-the-less. For obvious reasons Ronnie refused this offer and Stein, regaining some of his own humanity, chose to simply manipulate Ronnie’s cellular structure, and cure Ronnie of leukemia, allowing him to become Firestorm full time once again (still solo, without Stein). Unfortunately Raymond seemingly met his demise in Identity Crisis #5, in which he was stabbed by the Shadow Thief using the sword of the Shining Knight, this seemingly marked the end of an era…and the end of Ronnie Raymond.

Comic Book Firestorms: The Jason Rusch Era

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Firestorm, Jason Rusch + Random:

In 2004, the Firestorm comic was revived and a new character – by the name of Jason Rusch – took up the mantle. It was revealed early on in the series – through Jason’s own nightmares – that after having exploded (when Ronnie “died”), the Firestorm Matrix fell to the Earth and bonded with Rusch, who was passing by. The first eight issues of the series dealt with the fact that Jason – unlike Ronnie – had no mentor in this process (Ronnie had Stein, but Stein – at this point – was still in space as the Fire Elemental). Rather than being able to solely bond with one person, Jason could bond with anyone he chose to, but whomever was in the Matrix with him merely served as a battery for Firestorm, the longer the other person stayed the closer to death they got. Furthermore the series presented Jason as coming from a very different home-life than Ronnie had, and this simply made the character’s more solo-outings even more interesting. While Ronnie wasn’t “close” to his father, Ronnie’s father was always there for him, on the other hand Jason’s father had lost his hand in an industrial accident, and the rage from this turned his father abusive. The aforementioned abuse eventually lead to Jason’s mother leaving, and Jason being raised by an abusive – but also very sadness stricken – father. Interestingly Jason’s version of Firestorm could transmute organic matter and – briefly – could become invisible, two things Ronnie/Stein could never do.

Banner copy

Firestorm, Jason Rusch + Ronnie Raymond (+ Lorraine Reilly) :

At the end of Firestorm Volume 3  Issue #09 and throughout Firestorm Volume 3 Issue #10 it is revealed Ronnie did not perish in the battle with the Shadow Thief during Identity Crisis but rather he was merely trapped within the Firestorm Matrix. While Ronnie’s physical form did die in Issue #10 Ronnie remained a mental guide to Jason for the following three issues until his mental form finally did die during Issue #13. While bonded, the Ronnie/Jason version of Firestorm exhibited the ability to what other versions of Firestorm had not, they could “switch drivers” , at one moment Ronnie could be the physical form and Jason the mental, and in the next, Jason could be the physical form and Ronnie the mental – this concept was later revisited upon Ronnie’s return in Brightest Day. [If you’re at all confused up until this point, Ronnie gave Jason a brief two-page explanation of Firestorm’s history].

Banner copy

Firestorm, Jason Rusch (and sometimes others):

Following Ronnie’s true death and prior to Infinite Crisis Jason returned to being Firestorm. Interestingly, after his time with Ronnie, Jason was able to become Firestorm on his own – as detailed in Firestorm Volume 3 Issue #17 but this put tremendous stains on his body, and so he opted to merge with others when possible. A mere few weeks prior to his appearance in Infinite Crisis Jason was kidnapped by the Secret Society [of Super Villains] and met his eventual girlfriend – Gehenna, daughter of Firestorm villain Tokamak. A mere four issues later Jason had not only been recruited by Donna Troy to help stop the Infinite Crisis, but had also been killed and revived by none other than the Fire Elemental himself…Professor Martin Stein – this occurrence takes place in Firestorm Volume 3 Issue #21.

Banner copy

Firestorm, Jason Rusch + Martin Stein:

In what has to be the coolest set of Firestorm panels to date – I suggest checking them out in Firestorm Volume 3 Issue #22 which you can download by clicking the link – Jason not only convinces Stein to return to the Firestorm Matrix, but the two actually rebuild Firestorm from the ground up; they go through what powers the two should and shouldn’t have, who the two should and shouldn’t be able to merge with, etc., it’s truly fascinating. Stein and Jason worked together as Firestorm in a very similar, yet different manor that Ronnie and Stein had once worked together – much like Ronnie/Stein and Ronnie/Jax on The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow – the greatest differences were – surprisingly – not in how different Jason and Ronnie were from one another, but how changed Stein had become during his time as the Fire Elemental. Regardless, the two worked together until DC’s One Year Later event occurred.

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Firestorm, Jason Rusch and Lorraine Reilly:

When DC’s One Year Later event began, Jason was no longer merging with Professor Stein to become Firestorm, but rather Lorraine Reilly aka Firehawk in Stein’s absence. While Reilly could still turn into Firehawk on her own, the combined form of Jason and Lorraine created a much stronger hero, Firestorm imbued with the power’s of Firehawk as well. This pairing lasted only a few issues as Stein was found in Firestorm Volume 3 Issue #26.

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Firestorm, Jason Rusch + Martin Stein (Again):

Following Stein’s return, Jason and Stein worked together until the pair met Shilo Norman (the new Mister Miracle) who informed the pair that 1/4 of the Life Equation was hidden within the Firestorm Matrix, and that when paired with the other 3/4 of the equation, the Life Equation could stop Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation. The revelation soon led to Stein being kidnapped once again Darkseid and Jason choosing to merge with then girlfriend Gehenna in order to become Firestorm and find Stein. After finding Stein, he and Jason merged on and off until the Blackest Night event in which a reanimated Ronnie Raymond forcibly merged with Jason Rusch and forced Jason to kill his girlfriend Gehenna.


Comic Book Firestorms: The Rusch/Raymond Era

Banner copy

Deathstorm, Dead Ronnie Raymond (+ Jason Rusch):

In Blackest Night’s first issue Jason, Gehenna, and Professor Stein are seen visiting Ronnie Raymond’s grave and while Gehenna is pretty inconsiderate (she’s got to be one of my least favorite comic book characters ever), Jason is able to convey the message that she should just be quiet as Stein viewed Ronnie like a son and that her actions were extremely rude. Following this appearance both Jason and Gehenna are seen discussing their relationship, while Jason believed it best to finish college, Gehenna wanted to get married, something Jason saw as a distraction from his aforementioned goal. Following this meeting, in Blackest Night Issue #03, the two – as Firestorm – go to the Hall of Justice where the code of a deceased League member (Aquaman) had been used to enter, at the Hall of Justice, the encounter Deathstorm (dead Ronnie Raymond) and he is not only able to forcibly split Firestorm into Jason and Gehenna, but is able to absorb Jason into himself. As Jason watches Deathstorm turns his potential wife into nothing more than table salt.

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Brightest Day Firestorm; Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond:

Following Blackest Night, Ronnie Raymond was truly resurrected and given a second chance at life and, yet another chance to become Firestorm. That said, his partner Jason wasn’t too keen on merging with Ronnie for two – fairly obvious – reasons; the first, that Ronnie’s “Black Lantern Form” – had killed Jason’s then girlfriend, and the second that the pairing of both Jason and Ronnie made Firestorm very powerful and the madder they got at each other, the more the Firestorm Matrix was anger. Much like their first time merging together, Jason and Ronnie could once again”switch passengers” and they could take turns at the control. In Brightest Day it was also revealed that the Firestorm Matrix had also made Professor Stein into the Fire Elemental not because that was it’s final form, but because it wanted to distance Stein from Ronald, as Ronald was one of very few “perfect matches” for the Firestorm Matrix. Furthermore, it is revealed that Jason is another “perfect match” for the Matrix and that the Matrix itself is the spark that began the Big Bang and created the Universe; if Jason and Ronnie (two perfect matches) had lost control of their powers, they could potentially create another Big Bang.

Brightest Day progressed, and Ronnie admitted that he remembered killing Jason’s girlfriend, and that he was sorry – and Jason, realizing Ronnie’s pain – promptly forgave him. Unfortunately what they failed to realize is that the two weren’t alone in the Matrix, there was someone else within the Matrix with them, Deathstorm. Revealing that he was no longer a Black Lantern but more-so “death personified” for those connected to the Firestorm Matrix, Deathstorm emerged from within Ronnie/Jason and promptly gained his own form and abducted Professor Stein, telling Ronnie/Jason that “a mind’s a terrible thing to waste”. From there, Deathstorm went to the Rusch home and absorbed Jason’s father into his “Deathstorm Matrix” as well, prompting Jason to become even more infuriated with the situation at hand.  Fast forward and Ronnie/Jason believe they’d accidentally destroyed the universe – when in reality they’d been rocketed into deep space much as Stein had when he first became the Fire Elemental – the pair quickly realized that they’d actually been sent to where Deathstrom (and the Anti-Monitor) had been attempting to steal the energy from the newly formed White Lantern. During their final confrontation with Deathstorm, Stein was released from within the “Deathstorm Matrix” and Deathstorm split Jason and Ronnie apart, turning on Jason. In an attempt to defeat his enemy once and for all Deathstorm attempted to transmute Jason into salt, but not before Ronnie jumped in the way proving that he cared for Jason as well. As the beam approached Ronnie, Stein too jumped in the way and took the blast, slowly turning into table salt and telling Ronnie that he “wasn’t like a son to him, he was a son to him…”.

As Stein fades to nothingness (well, table salt actually) the White Lantern activates, kills Deathstorm, and sends Ronnie/Jason back to Earth. Whilst on Earth the two briefly gain a new form as the true Fire Elemental as they fight to stop the darkness from taking over once and for all.

Comic Book Firestorms: The Others

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Lorraine Reily aka Firehawk:

While you can read the character’s full backstory here, it’s important note that Lorraine’s backstory runs deep with Firestorm both before and after she became Firehawk. Not only had she met and been saved by Firestorm prior to her forced transformation into Firehawk, but she also had begun to develop feelings for him as well. After being kidnapped by Henry Hewitt (Tokamak) and turned into Firehawk in Fury of Firestorm Volume 2 Issue #17, Lorraine regained her wits and decided to use her newfound gifts as good, rather than evil; by Fury of Firestorm Volume 2 Issue #22 the two (Firestorm and Firehawk) had begun to work together.

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Mikhail Arcadian (Returns) as Pozhar/Firestorm:

After having returned to normal life for some time, Mikhail Arcadian returned to the pages of Firestorm in Volume 3 Issue 28 in which he revealed that – much like Ronnie Raymond – his powers had been reawakened after Ronnie and he had split from the Firestorm Elemental. Prior to their meeting in Issue 28 Mikhail had gone by “Firestorm”, not knowing that Jason and Stein had brought the name back into use already; he promptly returned to using the codename Pozhar (or as Jason called him “Poster”).

Comic Book Firestorms: The New 52 Lineup

While the New 52 tweaked and cut down a lot of the origins of DC comics characters I – personally – believe it may have ruined a lot of what made Firestorm interesting. As of the New 52 (when it began) Jason and Ronnie were both come into contact with “The God Particle”, something of Professor Martin Stein’s creation. After coming into contact with said particle, the two are able to independently become their own respective “Firestorms” and merge – if need-be – into the “Fury”. Furthermore, the aforementioned “God Particle” was revealed to be one of many “Firestorm Protocols” created by the – then missing – Professor Stein, furthermore it was revealed that various countries also had their own “Firestorms” as well.

Effectively I think this streamlined origin and creation of Firestorm actually cuts out a lot of what made the character interesting; gone was the banter between Stein and Ronnie (and Jason and Stein), gone was the entire arc about Ronnie dealing with being sick, gone was the entire Fire Elemental arc, etc. Point being, while the New 52 did introduce some interesting concepts and character’s to the “Firestorm story”, it also took away a lot of what made it special. Hopefully, DC’s Rebirth – which as been spectacular as of writing this – will be able to restore some of the legacy lost in the story of Firestorm.

Also whomever crafted this “new vision” of Firestorm decided it would be “cool” to have Ronnie/Jason/anyone with the Firestorm Protocol powers to say “Firestorm” in order to activate their powers…like the Human Torch says “Flame on”…

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New 52 Firestorm [Protocol] Red, Ronnie Raymond:

This version of Ronnie – much like his PreNew 52 self – was a jock at heart but unlike his PreNew 52 self (and again, another big part of the character they drastically changed), Ronnie isn’t excited to be Firestorm for quite some time; it’s Jason, and not Ronnie, whose excited to be a part of Professor Stein’s “program”. Ronnie was granted half of the powers of PreNew 52 Firestorm when Jason Rusch exposed him to the “God Particle” created by Doctor Martin Stein in order to save both of their respective lives. While Jason was given the ability to transmute matter, Ronnie was given the ability to create and expel nuclear fire.

Ronnie – after having seen how dangerous the Firestorm Protocols were – decided to go off on his own and try to stop Qurac terrorists who had been granted the Firestorm Protocol power; rather than having Z-Tech (the company he’d been working for with Jason) help, Ronnie got himself captured and lost his arm to the Qurac people.

While the New 52 certainly didn’t do justice to the character in the first twelve issues of The Fury of Firestorm, the character soon became a much more faithful adaptation following the end of the the first arc (beginning in Issue 13).

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Yellow, Jason Rusch:

This version of Jason – much like his PreNew 52 self – was a science geek above all – although this version of the character was significantly ruder about his status as a “geek”, often making fun of Ronnie for not being as smart as him and – at first – referring to him as “jock” rather than by “Ronnie”. Jason was granted half of the powers of PreNew 52 Firestorm when he exposed both he and Ronnie Raymond to the “God Particle” created by Doctor Martin Stein in order to save both of their respective lives. While Ronnie was given the ability to create and expel nuclear fire, Jason was granted the ability to transmute matter.

While the New 52 certainly didn’t do justice to the character in the first twelve issues of The Fury of Firestorm, the character soon became a much more faithful adaptation following the end of the the first arc (beginning in Issue 13).

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Fury, Ronnie Raymond + Jason Rusch:

Debuting in The Fury of Firestorm: Issue #01, the “Fury” of Firestorm is created when Jason and Ronnie (both in their Firestorm forms) merge into one – sentient – being. The being, although containing both Jason and Ronnie has it’s own unique personality. Whilst in Fury form both Jason and Ronnie are trapped within the Quantum field and are forced to watch the Fury’s heroic, but harsh actions. Upon latter merges into the Fury, Jason and Ronnie realize that while they don’t have full control, they can control the Fury to some degree. 

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Helix, Roger Zither:

Zither, the wife of Director Candice Zither of Z-Tech, was the first human selected to attempt Professor Martin Stein’s Firestorm Protocols. Zither was more than happy when he was selected to be the defender of the United States, calling himself the “first inner-space astronaut”. Unfortunately his excitement wasn’t enough, the experiment went wrong horribly wrong as it was revealed that Zither had not only (accidentally) burn his wife’s face, but he’d also killed his own kids. For three years Zither had been locked in Z-Tech, unable to understand what he’d done wrong, until his wife – director of Z-Tech – sent him to capture Ronnie and Jason. Even more unfortunate is the fact that – in his three years of captivity – Zither’s mind had become further twisted, proven by the fact that upon his first meeting of Jason and Ronnie he saw himself as “America’s only defender” and saw both Ronnie and Jason as demonic Nazi Firestorms.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Pozhar, Professor Mikhail Arkadin:

Mikhail – often referred to as “A Red Shadow – made his debut in The Fury of Firestorm: Issue #04 and, unlike previous versions of Mikhail, this character had no “family man” side, he was simply trying to control the Firestorm Protocols he claimed to have helped create. In The Fury of Firestorm Issue #06 he comes after Ronnie and Jason, simply telling them, “I hunt Firestorms”, before realizing that their powers are derived from the “true source” and that they’re simply attempting to help.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Unknown, Haji Al-Farishtaa:

Also making his debut in The Fury of Firestorm: Issue #04the codename-less Firestorm known only as “Haji Al-Farishtaa” was a rogue Firestorm Protocol and an illegal arms dealer, “shockingly” he sold illegal Firestorm Protocols to Qurac terrorists. The character was promptly killed by Pozhar.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Unknown, Qurac Terrorists:

Multiple Quac terrorists were given the Firestorm Protocol when it was sold to them by  Haji Al-Farishtaa and they used it – to the dismay of Ronnie Raymond – to kill as many people as they possibly could.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Hurricane, Unknown:

While not much is known of Hurricane, he’s seemingly another International Agent of Z-Tech, and came to Jason’s aid in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #08He is later killed by Z-Tech and Scorn in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #12.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Firehawk, Therese:

In what seems to be yet another case of stolen legacy, the new Firehawk is no longer Lorraine Reily, but rather another Z-Tech Interaction Agent whom comes to Jason’s aid in  The Fury of Firestorm Issue #08She – along with Jason – seemingly discover that Professor Stein is within the Quantum Field (the “new’ version of the Firestorm Matrix). She is seemingly killed by Z-Tech and Scorn in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #12 but it is revealed at the end of the issue that she teleported to Z-Tech headquarters in order to kill the head of Z-Tech by causing herself to explode.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Wrath, Jason Rusch + Therese (Firehawk):

Formed from a similar manner as Fury – the contact between Jason and Firehawk – Wrath – again like Fury – possessed it’s own unique persona. Unlike Fury, the merge between Firehawk and Jason proved too unstable, and the two were soon thrown from the Quantum Field; the character made it’s only appearance in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #09.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Rakshasi, Unknown:

Debuting in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #10, Rakshasi initially faces off against Pozhar who is about to killer her, before Ronnie Raymond intervenes. She is later killed by Z-Tech and Scorn in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #12.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Red 2.0, Ronnie Raymond:

After having lost his hand in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #07Pozhar revealed that both he and Stein had postulated that a rare few might develop more powers as Firestorm and that seemingly Ronnie was one of those few. This change is seemingly portrayed in Ronnie’s new power upgrade and new costume which debuted in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #10.

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New 52 Firestorm Protocol Scorn, Mikhail Arcadian + Ronnie Raymond:

Debuting in The Fury of Firestorm Issue #11 Scorn, much like Wrath and Fury before it, was an amalgamated version of two of the Firestorm Protocols. Rather than sharing what little control they had, as Ronnie/Jason did and as Jason/Firehawk did, Pozhar had full control of the newly created creature. In The Fury of Firestorm Issue #12 Scorn is able to kill Firehawk, Hurricane, and Rakshasi thanks to Z-Tech turning their protocols off.

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New 52 Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond + Jason Rusch:

During the events of  Issue #00 (of The Fury of Firestorm) , which takes place after the events Issues 1-12 of the series, it is revealed that – while Jason and Ronnie were seemingly freed of they “Firestorm Protocols” what’s left of the Protocols now allows them to merge into a much more familiar version of Firestorm. This version of the character had the powers of both the “Ronnie Red Firestorm” and the “Jason Yellow Firestorm” previously introduced, and – as stated beforehand – was much more in line with Firestorm’s prior to the New 52.

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New 52 Firestorm, Dr. Megala (+ Ronnie Raymond + Jason Rusch) :

In The Fury of Firestorms’s 14th issue, an evil mastermind by the name of Dr. Megala is able to highjack Firestorm’s body and use it for his own. During this time both Jason and Ronnie (as it’s revealed in the following issue) are trapped within Firestorm, unable to see nor gain control. It is later revealed that Megala had a hand in creating Captain Atom (as he too appears to combat the “new” Firestorm), furthermore it’s revealed that Megala originally wanted Captain Atom’s body as his own, but settled for Firestorm’s when he thought Atom had left the Earth for good (he was really just on the Moon). After taking a hit from Captain Atom, Ronnie and Jason are able to take control of Firestorm once again, but not before colliding with Captain Atom and causing his containment suit to explode.

The CW’s Firestorm

As you can probably tell at this point, Firestorm’s comic book backstory is extremely length and extremely interesting. The previous sections barely broke into the villains he’s faced or the storylines he’s been involved with and yet, the information given could fill a few books…or a few seasons of a TV show.

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While there are minor hurdles that the [potential] show or storyarc would need to leap over before beginning in order to truly adapt some of Firestorm’s most interesting storylines, the hurdles are few and far between. Many people seem to believe that TV character Jax Jackson serves as a replacement to comic character Jason Rusch, the truth of the matter is that TV-Jax is a lot more like comic book Ronnie Raymond, and TV-Ronnie is a lot more like comic book Jason Rusch.

Furthermore, assuming Robbie Amell was willing to return, his commitment to a series as opposed to a few guest appearances here and there would allow for production to not feel as though they were hindering the actor, whose film career never really ended up taking off. The issue with the younger Amell was that production believed that they were tying up the actors valuable time for larger works (such as movies) but making him a guest star/part of an ensemble cast, but if Amell, along with Drameh (Jax) and Garber (Stein) were given the opportunity to spearhead their own series, I’m sure most issues would quickly dissipate.

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Unlike Arrow – which focused (not so much anymore) on the gritty, down to Earth hero, unlike The Flash – which focuses on metahuman villains and heroes, unlike Legends of Tomorrow – which focuses on the worries and woes of time travel, and unlike Supergirl which explores the concept of aliens on Earth, Firestorm could potentially explore a brand new blended space, the concepts of science and how they change the world on a much larger scale.

While metahumans (such as Killer Frost) could also likely be a highlight of the show, the core focus of the show (or at least the show’s first season) could – surprisingly – be drawn from the initial Firestorm arc of the New 52, in which the world somehow gains access to and the ability to create their own Firestorms, allowing Ronnie/Jax to combat those Firestorms.

Also, given the fact that the Speed Force and the Firestorm Matrix are both extremely complex, and unexplored concepts within both the comic books and the television universe, a Firestorm show would almost demand exploration of the Firestorm Matrix whereas a show about The Flash can quite easily dance around what the Speed Force truly is; Stein and Jax are actually within the Matrix each time they merge, whereas Barry is just pulling power from the unseen Speed Force when he runs. Further exploration of the Firestorm Matrix, along with a science-like edge would allow Firestorm to break into molds used by other popular television series such as The X-Files, Fringe, Firefly, etc. and fill voids left on the CW by the now cancelled Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People; point being, the show would have a ton of potential.

The Fate of Ronnie Raymond (of Earth-1)

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As stated way back at the beginning of this write up, The Flash’s second season began by killing off fan-favorite Ronnie Raymond. As Raymond and Professor Stein separated in the eye of the singularity hovering over Central City, the resulting explosion mysteriously only caused one of the two to die…while the other feel from the sku. Given the slightly ambiguous nature of Ronnie’s death, three main trains of through have stemmed from the events of 2×01:

  • Ronnie is actually dead
  • Ronnie is on Earth-2
  • Ronnie has been absorbed into the Firestorm Matrix

While simply killing off Ronnie would – finally – cement that characters can die in the Arrow/Flash universe – both Arrow and The Flash are famous for keeping very few character’s dead – Ronnie’s revival would likely serve a larger purpose then meaninglessly negating the effects of death, and therefore it’s something that should be considered.

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Ronnie is on Earth-2 (or any Earth…or lost in the Multiverse):

Given the fact that 2×13 saw the introduction and “death” of Ronnie’s doppelgänger, Deathstorm, on Earth-2 the rules of the Multiverse seem to have now established that there are indeed multiple Ronnie Raymond’s on the various versions of Earth that exist. While it’s entirely possible that Earth-1 Ronnie was rocketed to Earth-2 in 2×01, and Professor Stein was sent the other way – falling back to Earth-1 – it may seem like more of a retcon if The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow decided to make the claim that Earth-1 Ronnie had been on Earth-2 during the entirety of The Flash’s second season, without any hint or mentioned to his being alive.

That said, the approach I would personally take would be one similar to what was shown in the pages of Injustice. During the events of Injustice Green Arrow was skilled by Superman, and months later Black Canary was almost killed by Superman as well. In a show of good faith, Doctor Fate used his powers to bring Dinah (Black Canary) to an Earth where Oliver had lost his own version of Dinah, thus allowing the two to finally be together. Point being, if the Multiverse approach is used to bring Ronnie back to the CWverse, the writers might be best suited in bringing a version of Ronnie into the fold who has lost his version of Caitlin.

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Ronnie is In the Firestorm Matrix:

While the Multiverse would be an interesting means of bringing a version of Ronnie Raymond back to the CWverse, the best way to actually revive the character may be to reveal he never died in the first place. Firestorm Volume 3 Issue #10 did just that, as it introduced the fact that Ronnie Raymond had not died by the blade of the Shining Knight during Identity Crisis, but rather he’d been absorbed into the Firestorm Matrix itself. This potential storyline would not only allow for the return of the “original” version of Ronnie, but would also allow for a much needed exploration of the Firestorm Matrix as well.

The Fate of Ronnie Raymond (of Earth-2)

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Much like his Earth-1 counterpart, Ronnie Raymond of Earth-2 was seemingly killed by Zoom in the 13th episode of The Flash’s second season. That said, every hero needs a sweet “reverse” counterpart as their villain (i.e. Batman/Hush, Flash/Reverse Flash, Green Arrow/Merlyn, etc), and if Ronnie could potentially return as Firestorm on Earth-1, then who’s to say Earth-2 Deathstorm couldn’t return as well?

Interestingly, much like Ronnie’s death opened up possible avenues to his return through it’s ambiguity, Deathstorm’s death did as well. While both avenues are different, they actually perfectly channel the two distinct versions of Deathstorm who have appeared in DC comics history.


“Revival” Similar to Blackest Night/Brightest Day Deathstorm:

The Brightest Day version of Deathstorm was merely a manifestation of Ronnie’s mannerisms in the form of “Death” within the Firestorm Matrix. Assuming everything we know about Deathstorm of Earth-2 is taken at face value, it’s entirely possible that – now that both of it’s hosts have died – that the Firestorm Matix could become corrupt and begin life again on it’s own; using the body it had once inhabited.


“Revival” Similar to Forever Evil Deathstorm:

While The Flash could quite easily adapt the PreNew 52 version of Firestorm on Earth-1 and merely claim that, within the Firestorm Matrix, there has always been a version of “Death”, they could also play off of what they’ve already built on Earth-2 and bring back the “same” version of Deathstorm they’ve already introduced…but with a twist.

In Welcome to Earth-2 Cisco, when first confronted by Deathstorm, asked if Professor Stein was still “in there”, to which Ronnie responds that he’s “doesn’t talk much anymore”, a line which can b

  1. “He doesn’t talk much anymore” due to the fact that he can no longer speak, effectively meaning he has died while inside of Ronnie’s mind.
  2. “He doesn’t talk much anymore” because Ronnie’s mind has over-powered his (making Ronnie both mentally and physically dominant) and Stein cannot talk anymore.

Assuming we go with the secondary interpretation of this quote, and that Stein has merely been silence but not killed, it’s more than possible that the Deathstorm of Earth-2 could not only return, but be quite faithful to the New 52’s incarnation of the character. Again, using the secondary interpretation of the quote, that would mean that Ronnie’s body is dead (as the body is in the New 52) and Stein’s mind is living within the dead body. Not only would this allow for Deathstorm’s return, but it wouldn’t even demand the use of Robbie Amell (who has been busy with other projects) as the character’s fact could be a skull/decayed.

Th CW’s Firestorm


Overall a Firestorm show could bring a new audience to the CW’s already large set of demographics. In the comics, Firestorm has fought for global peace, he’s had the scientific aspects of his origin and powers explored, he’s been turned into an Elemental hellbent on protecting fire, etc. The character – regardless of which version the CW would chose to adapt – opens up interesting and unexplored avenues within the CWverse and would certainly be a welcomed addition to the CW’s exiting lineup.


http://dctvu.com/the-cws-firestorm-what-should-the-future-hold/feed/ 0
Scarecrow to be Gotham’s S4 Villain http://dctvu.com/scarecrow-to-be-gothams-s4-villain/ http://dctvu.com/scarecrow-to-be-gothams-s4-villain/#comments Sun, 23 Jul 2017 17:58:54 +0000 http://dctvu.com/?p=17191 Gotham’s official Youtube channel has recently put out a video from Comic Con 2017 that not also recaps S3 but in the last minute teases not just the return of Johnathan Crane, but Crane as the Scarecrow, burlap sack mask, fear toxin, and all. However, along with Crane, the Penguin has just opened his new club Selina is still under Tabitha’s tutelage. Most important of all Bruce is continuing his vigilante efforts, which Alfred encourages Bruce to take it up yet at the same time still be Bruce Wayne. The Video is below, the actual teaser for Season 4 starts at 4:25

In contrast, it seems that Crane is being set more as a foil for Bruce than what one would usually see. Most Batman villains tend to embody an opposite quality of Batman be it the Penguin as one for Bruce Wayne as children of privilege, sent down a darker path, Two Face, and Black Mask, as what happens when the line between two identities get blurred and corrupted. The Scarecrow is usually just Batman’s usage of fear turned towards evil, however, the Gotham incarnation of Scarecrow looks to be much more.

The Scarecrow in this incarnation is closer to Bruce’s age but also is shaped by the sins of his father’s past. Thomas Wayne’s unwillingness to work with the Court of Owls got him killed, while Gerald Crane’s guilt over the loss of his and being too afraid causes to experiment on his own son to make an anti-fear toxin. Both of them at this stage in life are dealing with the issue of which is the real them. who they are under the mask or the masks they wear. Bruce so far still sees himself as Bruce Wayne just doing some vigilante work to help the city in whatever way he can, Crane, in contrast, has declared that he is the Scarecrow. Which is actually similar the DCAU view Batman has of himself, that he does not call himself Bruce. Perhaps Crane will be an unwitting catalyst in creating Batman, by forcing Bruce to face his own fears, but also showing Bruce what happens if he loses himself to the mask.

http://dctvu.com/scarecrow-to-be-gothams-s4-villain/feed/ 0