Flash EP Talks Joe and Iris, Alchemy, Jesse Quick, and Much More!

While fans only have to wait until The Flash’s second episode of it’s third season to begin to see just what changes have begun to unfold in the post-Flashpoint timeline for Barry Allen an interview between Entertainment Weekly and Flash EP Todd Helbing has already begun to shed light on just how large (or small) the changes are and just what fans can expect going forward this season.

Fans who had previously speculated that season-long big bad Doctor Alchemy might have a hand in creating the next batch of metahumans – such a conclusion may have been drawn based on both previous EP comments and comments made by Grant Gustin – have now had their theory confirmed as EP Todd Helbing not only revealed that Alchemy, “has this thing called the Philosopher’s Stone and what he’s starting to do is he has the ability to give people the powers” but also that Alchemy is giving people who had powers to those who had powers in the Flashpoint timeline (Entertainment Weekly). How is this possible? Helbing also revealed, when asked if Alchemy recalled the Flashpoint timeline, that ” he knows about it” and that  “he has memories of it.” (Entertainment Weekly).

As teased at the end of 3×01’s Flashpoint there are changes outside of the introduction of a new non-speedster big-bad in Barry Allen’s life as well, one of those changes being that Joe and Iris West no longer talk. While some fans have speculated that this divergence between characters may have occurred prior to Season 1 in the new timeline Helbing clarified that, “Iris and Joe don’t speak right now outside of Flashpoint is due to something that happened in season 2”, but was tight lipped about just what that event may have been (Entertainment Weekly). Looking back to The Flash’s second season, the only notable Joe/Iris story arcs was the introduction of Wally and the fact that Joe had lied to Iris about her mother dying when Iris was a child, given the potentially volatile nature of such a discovery, it’s more than likely that story arc plays into the newfound schism between Iris and Joe.

Speaking of changes, many fans have also speculated that Eobard Thawne – who was last seen dropping Barry off at his home in 2016 – may have played a role in the differences in the pre and post Flashpoint timelines but Helbing’s comments seem to indicate another story. While reddit user daffydunk offered an explanation as to why Eobard may have been unable to make further changes to the timeline, Helbing related the changes in the post-Flashpoint timeline to being similar to those made in last seasons’s episode, ‘Flash Back’ . “The STAR Labs team is all the same as it was before he left, but there are small things that have had different outcomes that ripple through our team. It’s kind of affected everybody one way or another. I don’t want go into too much detail and ruin the episode for people, but you’ll see how each character has been affected”, Helbing told EW; adding that, “every time Barry went back in time, he wasn’t able to put it back exactly the way it was, but this is the first time that it has directly affected him and his friends and his family. So, that’s what you’ll see”(Entertainment Weekly).

Helbing went on to reiterate previously stated knowledge about Flash newcomer Tom Felton and his role as the mysterious newcomer to the post-Flashpoint timeline, Julian Albert, as well as discuss how Jesse Quick’s powers, “just sort of manifested, so she’s new at this” a discovery which leads her to “sort of learn from Barry” (Entertainment Weekly).


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