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    I think we can all safely say that Arrow has gotten really bad in the past couple of years and really needs to up its game. Here’s a show that for its first two seasons was just beyond epic but these last two seasons have been just beyond stupid. Personally the only thing that keeps me going with the show is that it’s tied to The Flash, a show which can do no wrong, but that’s just me personally. Other people aren’t as invested as I am and the series has actually declined from an average of 3 million viewers a week, of CW TV viewers alone, to an average of 2 million. “Monument Point” actually fell down to 1.94 million viewers. Why did this happen? Olicity. I’m sorry but it’s no secret this concept has ruined the show. Initially the show was more focused on its lead protagonist while keeping its other main cast members and supporting cast members close to the loop. The last two years however have been almost totally devoted to the relationship of Oliver and Felicity where these two do nothing but bring a depression and cringe worthy tone to the once awesome show, now just looking at the two of them together in a scene makes me anxious. More importantly this relationship and the time it’s taken to develop has come at the expense of other characters. I also don’t think I was wrong to think it was pointless as I just assumed Oliver and Laurel would end up together again, until they killed her. That’s ring they killed Black Canary what the fuck? Now I’m not writer or producer and ultimately what the show runners do is their decision, but I have my own inputs on how the show could be better again. Below I’ve written a concept of what I would have the 5th season be if I was one of the show runners using established concepts, which means yea I have to account for Olicity unfortunately, and putting in a few ideas of my own. Now some of you may think some of my ideas are strange and wouldn’t work if they did it but honestly I though a relationship between Oliver and Felicity was the most stupid idea to ever be thought of, and look what happened there. Note: None of this is confirmed information just essentially fanfiction. It’s also about 5 pages long so it’s a bit of a read.

    6 months have passed since the H.I.V.E. plot and Oliver Queen / Green Arrow continues to protect the city and act as the beacon of hope with his girlfriend Felicity Smoak / Overwatch. He also fights to maintain the city’s image as mayor and general performance in the city has become much more improved than it has in the last few years, and people are finally feeling safer with Oliver protecting it as mayor and Green Arrow as its superhero. In the ensuing months together Oliver and Felicity have gotten back together and have become re-engaged with a set wedding date in mind and everything appears to be falling into place. But the peace is not to last. Whilst on a winning streak Oliver is targeted by various mercenaries/assassins with unique skills, some of them are even metahumans, all working for the same employer but none of them know the identity of said employer. Though the first waves of attackers are easily dispatched they progressively become harder to deal with alone, though Oliver doesn’t want to call Diggle and Thea back as they’ve finally broken away from the life, but when the mercenaries become impossible to defeat alone Oliver is forced to call them back.

    John, having finishes his 4th tour, however, has become detached with fighting for the team because of a near death experience during his tour. Though it’s not his first it close encounter it is his first since having a child and during this time he realized that if he dies baby Sara grows up without a father. This is only further stressed when Lyla announces she’s pregnant with another child (Connor Hawke from Legends of Tomorrow). However because of the mercenaries John isn’t able to stay away and let Oliver fight them alone so he conditions that he’ll help him past this threat, but this will be his last tour on the team which Oliver accepts. Thea is very hesitant to join the team as she has been spending her time away with Roy, under the aliases “Jason Todd and Mia Dearden”, and the two actually have started to build something of a normal life together. Like Diggle, Thea is forced to reconsider when she sees what the mercenaries are doing to Star City and she rejoins the team to help Oliver but Roy is unable to rejoin due to being publically dead and they are forced to part ways again. However Quentin has been unable to come back to Star City because of too many memories of Laurel and is actually happy with Donna in Las Vegas, but that’s not the only reason he’s staying behind…

    With the team forced back together they set out to find out what they can about this mysterious employer but they turn up nothing. Even Malcolm is unable to turn up any information on the employer. However the apparent leader of these mercenaries is revealed to be Slade Wilson / Deathstroke who appears to be continuing out his vengeance plot, though Oliver is confused as to why he’s sending mercenaries and holding back when he is more than capable of engaging and probably killing all of them since he knows their identities. Rightly assumed, it’s shown that Slade is not the plotter but is being used by someone who’s holding something over him to force his co-operation, though Slade still wants Oliver as dead as he did 3 years before. Meanwhile it is shown that Quentin’s true reason for remaining behind is because he suspects that Laurel is still alive given a string of sightings across the country between Central City through Las Vegas and boarder lining Star City.

    However Roy also picks up on the same trail and begins following up on it but keeps his distance from Quentin as he doesn’t know he’s alive, but both happen upon the same scene where they finally find Laurel. Unfortunately what they find is not the Laurel they loved but the Earth-2 doppelganger who none of them were aware of because Barry never told them of her, who would escape after a pipeline breach in an episode of The Flash. Upon finding her Laurel-2 instantly attacks Quentin but Roy, exposing himself by accident, saves him but Laurel-2 is able to escape. However Roy and Laurel’s fight calls attention to her and through this the employer discovers her and is lead to believe that Laurel-1 is still alive. Eventually he finds Laurel and though he isn’t able to kill her he is able to extort her by threatening to expose her survival to the world. Though Laurel-2 tries to explain that she’s not Laurel-1 but the employer doesn’t believe her and Laurel knows that footage of her being released to the press would mean everyone would think Laurel-1 is alive and would be looking for her, and she agrees to kill Oliver.

    When she tries to however she is overpowered while caught up in her recklessness and Oliver imprisons her in their newly designed metahuman cell in the Arrowcave, courtesy of Cisco, and after Oliver learns why Laurel was sent to kill him he helps her by having Felicity hack into any network trying to upload information on her and delete the evidence. However Laurel is unable to provide information on the employer himself and briefly escapes captivity and goes on the warpath against Slade’s men, but gets nowhere and almost gets herself killed until Oliver saves her. Taking pity on her because she is another version of Laurel, Oliver proposes an alliance which she immediately declines, uninterested in being a hero, but Oliver reminds her that the employer is still out there, and she has no doubt pissed him off by attacking his men and will be sending men to kill her now just like him. Though Laurel tries to argue that she’ll disappear and find him first Oliver reminds her that if he found her once he’ll do it again, and with no leads or friends to help her find him, there is no way she’ll find the employer until it’s too late. But Team Arrow is capable of finding him and with enough time they can stop him together. Realizing that Oliver is right she, reluctantly, accepts so she can use the team to keep herself safe but makes it perfectly clear that she is not Black Canary and is no hero, which Oliver acknowledges. However her presence causes tensions among the team to see Laurel walking around though it’s not really their’ Laurel, and this Laurel is more aggressive and uncaring compared to her Earth-1 counterpart who becomes more reveling with the prospect of punishing enemies rather than saving people. She also doesn’t get along with Felicity as she finds her geek talk irritating and often insults her intellect by ignoring her, even during missions, in contrast to Earth-1 Laurel who adored her. Laurel-2 has a strange relationship with Quentin as she is his daughter but not his daughter but he still tries to be involved in her life, though Laurel-2 doesn’t want anything to do with him as Quentin-2 was a far worse man than Quentin-1.

    Meanwhile Curtis continues to aid the team with his technical support and begins to learn more about computer hacking from Felicity. Roy meanwhile also decides to help the team by looking into whatever leads he can in other cities nearby, though he will ensure he’s not seen publicly. Oliver is further challenged when the mercenaries begin attacking places in the middle of the day forcing him to suit up during office hours, making it harder for him to be mayor and Green Arrow. Thea finds herself conflicted with her approach to heroism because of Slade’s return. Though she has always supported Oliver’s way of showing mercy she also begins to realize that letting them go, allows them to come back adn harm others. This has been brought on by Darhk killing Laurel and then Anarky killing her boyfriend, both were in situations where it was possible to kill them and prevent their deaths beforehand. Now again with Slade killing her mother and because Oliver showed mercy he’s now back and killing more people. However she also knows that using that approach is how Malcolm became the monster he is and showing mercy is what made Oliver a better person, but Thea has just gotten tired of losing friend and family. This leads to conflictions between her and Oliver on differing approaches. This is further pushed when Anarky continually evades capture and comes back to haunt her, and as she feels vengeful towards him for killing Alex (her season 4 boyfriend) and struggles to restrain herself, though Anarky tries to encourage her to embrace it.

    Eventually Oliver and Felicity’s relationship deepens and they decide to marry each other but in the mid-season finale Slade launches another attack on the city where he kidnaps Speedy and plans to execute her in front of the city. While Oliver and the rest of the team are out searching Laurel believes being with the team is getting her nowhere but realizes that she’s starting to grow closer to them and is uncomfortable with it and arranges to fake her death, allowing her to vanish once more so she can go find the employer herself. Meanwhile Slade’s plan is interrupted when Oliver and Malcolm team up to oppose Slade and Thea is able to escape but seemingly kills Slade in a fit of rage for her mother, though Slade uses a decoy. However the team is surrounded and hopelessly outmatched but as it seems that they are about to be killed, Laurel returns to save them and uses her canary cry to render them unconscious having beginning to have a genuine change of heart. Oliver also finally learns there’s someone else pulling the strings on Slade.

    Around that time it’s revealed, to the audience not the characters, that the employer is named David Graves (named after a Justice League enemy). Graves is a former A.R.G.U.S. agent who sees Green Arrow as a false hero who doesn’t inspire hope but inspires despair, as he brought it to him, and is hell bent on ending him, though his true motivations aren’t revealed for some time. It’s also revealed that Slade is working for Graves because his son, Grant, is being held hostage and Graves has threatened to kill him if Slade doesn’t obey. Trying to kill Thea however was not part of the plan, as Slade was still out for vengeance, but having witnessed Malcolm come to their aid Graves realizes he doesn’t know who he’s truly up against, and instead makes learning Green Arrow’s identity his number one priority. Slade however neglects to tell Graves his real identity as he desires to kill Oliver and no one else and begins pulling strings to ensure that Oliver’s identity isn’t exposed, all so he can kill him later when he’s ready.

    Throughout the course of the rest of the season Team Arrow continue to deal with regular threats in the city, recurring foes such as Anarky, Cupid, Brick and several new ones. Oliver and Felicity live together and fight crime together as per usual but Oliver becomes quite scared for her safety and tries to get her to lay low, but Felicity stands her ground that she can defend herself and remains on the team. John begins to regain his love for fighting crimes in the city and reconsiders his original deal which Lyla encourages.Laurel-2 gets on people’s nerves though after a while she and Felicity actually come to an understanding and turn more from enemies into frenemies. Laurel-2 also begins to grow fonder of Quentin and finally sees that he is a much better man that her Quentin was, and the two begin to form a father-daughter like bond, as they technically are father/daughter but still aren’t. You know. Laurel-2 also starts to develop affections for Oliver as she never met him on her Earth as he died when the Queen’s Gambit went down on Earth-2. However Oliver isn’t entirely returning of this, aside from being engaged to Felicity, as Laurel-2 looks exactly like the woman he loved and lost which is why he feels guilty when he later admits he does feel something for her. Slade continues to attack the city but rather than attack Green Arrow on instead Graves has Slade stealing various technologies and planting them across the city, only engaging Green Arrow whenever their plans are discovered though Slade continually looks for a way to save Grant.

    Eventually Graves, while researching the possibilities on who Green Arrow is, discovers Felicity but also discovers that her father is Noah Kuttler / The Calculator and researching his misdeeds, discovers that he was in contact with Roy Harper the previous year and discovers that Roy is still alive. Graves realises that Noah is the key to finding Roy seeks him out and forces him to find Roy again, using Felicity as leverage and kidnaps Roy while laying low and tortures him until he gives up what he knows. However Noah gives away their location and Green Arrow, Speedy, Spartan and Black Siren come to his aid and after realizing his cover’s been blown Oliver has Roy relocated back to Star City for his safety, but is unable to be Arsenal as they know Graves has eyes on them everywhere. However Malcolm realizes that Graves will never stop looking for him and if he can learn that Roy is alive, it won’t be long until he discovers Thea’s connection to the team and Malcolm meets with Graves and tells him who Green Arrow is conditioning that he lets Thea live. Though Graves agrees he also knows that Slade has been playing him and is already aware of Green Arrow’s identity and will need another enforcer after his plan to kill him, and manages to extort Malcolm into working for him instead when he threatens to expose his survival to the world, and also reveals he knows his true name: Arthur King (Taken from the Arrow: The Dark Archer comics written by John Barrowman himself) and will expose everything on him both as Arthur and Malcolm. Reluctant, Malcolm agrees. Soon after Graves tries to have Slade disposed of but is unaware he possesses the Mirakuru serum in his veins again, and he survives his brush with death but comes to believe Graves has killed Grant and becomes hell bent on killing him too.

    After this Graves reveals himself to the team personally and admits to being behind the mercenaries and attacks and reveals his reasons why and he commits the unthinkable and murders Felicity right in front of her, hours after announcing that she’s pregnant. This sends Oliver down a path of vengeance greater than anything he’s experienced and becomes a full on war machine of what he used to be, and stops at nothing to find Graves and kill him. Felicity’s death also sends Noah off the deep end and he tries to expose Oliver’s identity to the public but Curtis is able to stop him by deleting all his evidence and imprisoning him in their lair until they can find a more suitable method of imprisonment.

    While hunting Graves yields not results for the team Slade approaches them and offers his assistance and gives them everything on Graves, his plans and where to find him. However Slade reveals that Graves plans on attacking the city and killing everyone in it and then levelling the city with a nuke, aiming to finish Darhk’s work, which Slade has been secretly gathering the parts for to build. However he is based on Lian Yu after taking charge of the island prison and has it’s men forced to give the all clear signals so no one suspects anything. However Oliver is unable to warn Lyla because Grant may still be hostage and if Graves sees anything other than himself or Green Arrow, he’s dead.
    However since Graves’ attacks will start soon Team Arrow needs to remain behind in Star City to fight the mercenaries, leaving only Oliver and Slade to go and kills Graves on the island. Though reluctant Oliver agrees to these terms and the two of them head out to Lian Yu to kill Graves. On the island however after Oliver and Slade battle their way to him Graves pulls his wildcard and reveals Grant is still very much alive, but will kill him unless Slade kills Oliver and he tries to no hesitation. However Oliver manages to beat Slade but is poisoned by Graves and imprisoned on the island prison where Graves explains his story: The previous year when H.I.V.E. was attacking the city Graves fell in league with them and came to see that Damien Darhk was the hero not the villain, as he planned to give the world a reset. However he and his family were taking shelter at the facility Darhk tried to kill Thea, Diggle and Felicity at which was destroyed when Malcolm destroyed the facility, though since he was dressed as Green Arrow Graves naturally assumed it was the real Green Arrow. Furthermore Graves tried to take shelter in Darhk’s ark but when Anarky destroyed it he saw Green Arrow and assumed he was the one responsible, and when he killed Darhk and saw him rallying the city behind him he grew to hate him for killing his family. Since then he saw Green Arrow as a beacon of despair quickly spreading like a cancer and sought to end it by killing him and destroying all he’s fought for.

    Now that Graves has him imprisoned he unleashes his armies to sabotage and destroy Star City, ruining everything that Green Arrow’s fought for, and Team Arrow is forced to oppose Graves’ men without Oliver, even with Laurel-2’s powers it proves to be a challenge, while Oliver is forcibly detained on Lian Yu by Graves’ men who make sure he stays alive. In the city Graves also stages one of his men as Green Arrow and has him killed by mercenaries to fake his death to spread the city further into chaos. After a while however Oliver manages to escape by killing the soldiers and escapes topside but is forced to re-embrace the darkness he sheltered for so long, to find who he really is once more. Following this Diggle comes to the island to rescue Oliver but he refuses to go insisting the island is where he belongs, where he should have died or else none of what is transpiring would have happened. Upon hearing this Diggle gives him a beat down for giving up, for betraying his principles. John reminds Oliver he joined his crusade because he saw what war can do and saw that Oliver would need someone to bring him back, in case he ever got lost and has never, ever, given up on that promise. He also reminds him that if Graves succeeds then everything he’s built to achieve will be lost and those closest to him Tommy, Moira, Laurel and Felicity will have died for nothing. Upon hearing these words Oliver realizes how far he’s fallen and rises back up and the two return to the city to face Graves’ soldiers.

    Meanwhile in the city Thea, Roy and Laurel-2 hold the line against the soldiers but are further aided by Slade, still wanting payback against Graves, but are aided by Oliver and Diggle just in time and they oppose Graves’ army. Malcolm continues to aid Graves so he won’t expose his past as Arthur and his survival to the world. Additionally Sara Lane and Ray Palmer are sent to aid in the fight by Rip Hunter as history records the day being lost if they’re not present as a result of their alterations to the timeline. During the fight Thea has a chance to kill Slade after being buried under debris and he even encourages it but Thea spares him though nothing is forgiven between the two. However during the fight Diggle suffers a severe injury and though alive, is practically incapacitated, and eventually Oliver confronts Graves and tries to kill him but he realizes that he’s the symbol of hope and for his own sanity chooses not to. Instead he gives Graves to Slade as part of a deal worked out between them: Witnessing Oliver save Grant’s life Slade and being given Graves to him to kill out of revenge for Grant Slade will never cross paths with Oliver again, though makes it clear he still resents him for Shado’s death, and if Oliver does the same they should never encounter again. After Slade kills Graves they keep true to his arrangement and part ways hopefully forever. Meanwhile Oliver, tired of Malcolm’s backstabbing and with Thea’s approval, reveals his survival to the police and Malcolm is forced to leave Star City forever.

    In the aftermath Oliver grieves for Felicity’s death. Diggle is diagnosed with partial paralysis although he can still walk he can’t push himself too far, or he’ll worsen the injury and he is forced to retire from active field work as Spartan but chooses to stay and remain Oliver’s confidant. Lyla also gives birth to their new son who Sara suggests they name after John and they name him John Diggle Jr. Laurel-2 decides to remain with the team as she can have a new life, a new name and a new start on Earth-1 and expresses liking for being a hero, but also because of affections developed for Oliver. To cover her presence of looking like Laurel-1 Laurel-2 takes up a new name “Dinah Drake” (named after the Golden Age Black Canary) and is passed off as a long lost twin sister of Laurel-1. Curtis also takes Felicity’s place as tech support utilizing all the skills learned during the year. Roy is forced to leave unfortunately as he’s presence could expose Oliver’s secret but he while Thea decides to stay to carry out her work, having come to a sense of peace herself, and are forced to part ways but Roy plans to take up vigilante activities elsewhere. Likewise Sara and Ray are forced to depart to resume their mission of protecting time itself, but not before telling Oliver about the future (Star City 2046) and Oliver knows to keep an eye on Grant Wilson in the coming years. Quentin is reinstated as police captain for his part in helping save the city and arranges Laurel-2’s new identity for her. Anarky and Calculator are imprisoned on Lian Yu to remove them from the equation while Malcolm is forced to become a mercenary himself to keep himself off the grid.

    This is just what I think Arrow Season 5 should be and I, speaking modestly, think it would be awesome. Yes I haven’t entirely accounted for all characters as I don’t really know how Curtis fits into the story, but this is just a few ideas.

    I understand that people might think the Earth-2 Laurel becoming a hero and taking Earth-1 Laurel’s place is a bit farfetched but I don’t think it’d be an impossible feet. Look at Mick Rory, a criminal and arsonist whose killed a lot of innocent people, and now he’s a hero and apparently is a member of the Justice Society of America in the future? Anyway if Mick can be redeemed why not Laruel-2. Honestly I think this is a good opportunity to do the character differently and better this time because as devastated as most of us were when Laurel died, we can’t ignore that she wasn’t the best written character of the show. True she evolved from a lawyer who suffered many losses in her life and channeled her grief by taking on the city’s criminal underworld as a hero, and served as a role model for young women. However Season 1 she more often felt like a plot device to Oliver and Tommy’s story, Season 2 she descended into drug abuse, Season 3 she kept Sara’s death a secret and was quite reckless taking on foes like Malcolm, Season 4 she brought Sara back to life despite knowing she’d come back different. It doesn’t make it any less devastating that she’s dead but if they introduce Laurel-2 to the team it’d be a chance to do the character differently and hopefully better, though not to say we forget Laurel-1 either. An Oliver and Laurel-2 paring might sound a bit off but then again so did Oliver x Felicity so I don’t feel as bad about thinking of this idea, as I previously stated I don’t think I was being naive to assume Oliver and Laurel-1 would end up together at some point.

    Aside from that tell me what you think of it and be honest too I’d like to hear what you think of my idea.