Fox Picks Up Black Lightning TV Show Pilot

About a week ago it was reported that Greg Berlanti – creator of Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – had pitched and was looking for a home for a TV show centered around DC hero Black Lightning.

Deadline described the show as follows:

Written by the Akils, Black Lightning centers on Jefferson Pierce. He made his choice: he hung up the suit and his secret identity years ago, but with a daughter hell-bent on justice and a star student being recruited by a local gang, he’ll be pulled back into the fight as the wanted vigilante and DC legend Black Lightning.

At the time the show was still being shopped around various networks but Variety is now reporting that Fox – home of Gotham – has picked up the show as a pilot. Given the fact that Fox is currently home to Batman, non-Batman, show Gotham, it’ll be interesting to see if Berlanti somehow creates a shared Gotham/Black Lightning universe or if he’ll create – yet another – solo universe.


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