Gotham 4×03 They Who Hide Behind Masks Review

Gotham takes a break from fear, to give much more development for Bruce and introduce us to Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed), as well get the ball rolling on The Riddler’s plot who was frozen in ice since the end of season 3.

Gotham starts us off with an admittedly stylistic flashback in Arabia, where we see Ra’s al Ghul has apparently died in battle, but was brought back to life from a follower with a Lazarus Pit, who tells Ra’s that he must find an heir, and is given a dagger.Back to the present day, this dagger becomes the driving force behind the main plot.

Bruce and Alfred are watching one of the Penguin’s shipments that have arrived on the docks when Bruce sees a thief who he feels is walking into a trap and goes in to save them. While Bruce does draw them away he feels that there’s something important on that ship.However, in talking with Alfred, Bruce comes to realize that he has to use other methods than his fists. He tries to sneak aboard the ship, disguised a street kid with an accent to match, to find the ship’s cargo manifest for anything out of the ordinary. When he finds out it’s a knife, whose image for it is in a historical book has a man Bruce believes is Ra’s. Bruce goes to the Penguin’s auction to get the knife but is confronted by Babara who also wants the knife for her client.

Here is where we see Bruce’s rich playboy person come to life. As a testament to David Mazouz’s acting skills and the writers, this does not disappoint. Bruce, when faced with Barbara’s actions, treats the auction as the joke matching her bids with more money with the addition of one dollar or even one cent, and appears to be the time of his life doing so. Bruce is starting to understand the concept of creating separate new identities, and while it has some mixed success so far, it’s never the less important.

However, Bruce wasn’t the only one after the knife, Selina was tasked with getting the knife as well for Barbara. Selina shows both her willingness to prove herself, but also isn’t desperate for Barbara’s approval, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen. Barbara herself seems to have retained some degree of her manipulative side, trying to appeal to Selina’s pride after, giving her chores to redeem herself that she knew Selenia would reject.

Jim going down to meet Carmine Falcon, to try and convince him to come back. While we know his daughter Sofia would be coming back to Gotham it’s interesting with what they are doing with the character. Apparently, Carmine Falcone is dying, much sooner than in the comics, and is not returning to Gotham City proper. Sofia herself is an interesting character so far, she seems to be a mix of contradictions of being caring, but also deceptive and ambitious that seems to belie her looks. If we have to have another love interest, at least she’ll look to have a more interesting start with Jim and little chance of character derailment that had happened in the past.

The Plot with the Riddler is interesting, to say the least. The Riddler gets broken out of the ice by a fangirl who actually wants to commit crimes with him, Myrtle Jenkins. However being in the ice left Nygma legs atrophied to the point Myrtle has to take care of him. Despite the Misery overtones, Myrtle is eccentric at best, and really doesn’t try to cause him any harm. However, the damage done to the Riddler was more than just physical, it also affected his brain.

Contrary to what I may have said earlier on, Nygma is not an amnesiac, he still has memory of who is and his rivalry with the Penguin but has his intelligence and perception greatly thrown off that he is no longer an incredibly dangerous genius, and cannot even answer basic riddles instead going for something else entirely. The Riddler decides to leave, leaving Myrtle to the mercy or lack thereof of the Penguin, who has Zsasz kill her, which he does after complimenting her dress.

Overall, I feel that seeing start Bruce grow into the other aspect of his style crime fighting, be it disguises or using exaggerated mannerism as Bruce Wayne, great, as we’ve lots of improvement in Bruce growing stronger. Selina’s plotline was rather lacking for her personally, and all we got was another small appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul. The Riddler side plot was okay, I found it to have a fair deal of dark comedy at the Riddler’s and fatally Mertyle’s expense but also, kind of sad to see the Riddler so pathetic. Sofia Falcone, I’m cautious about since she doesn’t she seem the type to put up with Jim, like Valarie Vale in season 3, but has the plot relevance of Lee so she at least stays for a while, we can hope. I would give this episode a 7 out of 10

Author: False Facer 92

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