Gotham 4×06 Hog Day Afternoon Review

This episode picks up from where the last one left off continuing the story with Nygma and recently revived Solomon Grundy and Sofia’s continued manipulation of the Penguin.

Solomon Grundy is now fighting at Cherry’s fighting pit with The Riddler as his manager. Cherry (Marinia Benedict) herself has been rather flat for now but seems okay with Lee running a back alley clinic, hopefully, she will get more focus. Regardless, this plot largely revolved around The Riddlers attempts to get Lee to help him, which gives us development for both. Grundy is largely there to win  money, but he seems to like Lee a little bit, and learn bit more about his undead state. While the Riddler has shown he still has some good ideas, at least until they require execution. While Lee is still moral despite what happened last season, and her story actually involves helping people, out of a sense of guilt than anything with Jim. It also brings her closer to comic book counterpart, as a doctor working for the disadvantaged and poor.

The Sofia and Penguin story line I’m rather mixed on it. While I like Sofia and her willingness to manipulate Oswald, the fact that the Penguin is alternating between detecting and falling for it, despite already having his mother or memory of her used against him 3 times, is off putting. Aside from Sofia, Zasz seems to be the only saving grace, not that I hate Robin Lord Taylor’s performance, but it looks to be a retread of prior plots of Cobblepot ruins himself because of either his own arrogance or his insecurities, except this time it’s not of his own doing. Although Sofia to her credit is at least taking a new approach by stepping into the role of a maternal figure, with more subtlety and less violence.

The introduction of Professor Pyg was the highlight of this episode. Despite an M.O grounded in reality, Pyg a cop killer of crooked cops to “fix” Gotham instead of a demented mob boss with a desire to fix people. Pyg provides the same mix of ghastly and cruel acts with an unnervingly authentic sense of joy and pride in his work, comparing his work to making sausages a good product from a disgusting process. Pyg’s crusade against the police has already aided in Jim’s growing alienation from the rest of the force. More so now that Pyg has revealed Harvey as being on the Penguin’s take, Jim seemingly has almost no friends on the force, and it puts Harvey’s actions earlier in this season in a different light. All of the times Harvey said he didn’t like having to let Penguin’s men go, were all of those lies told to still keep Jim’s trust?

My only issue with Jim’s stance on the Penguin is what does he expect Sofia to do in the Penguin’s place? Is Jim truly motivated by a sense of justice, or does he feel that Penguin’s licensing system would make him obsolete, and just another cop? That somehow Sofia will make things better by making him feel important again, by bringing back criminals he can actually arrest?

Overall I would give this episode a 7 out of 10. Professor Pyg’s introduction was great and felt authentic enough to the character’s personality and actions. Even if the motive is different. Seeing Jim’s growing alienation from the rest of the force, and Harvey being a corrupt cop The Plot with Nygma and Lee was good, and pleasantly surprised how Lee turned out. The Penguin and Sofia plot is starting to look a little bit better, at least the with the direction it is taking, with what would already be a recycled plotline.

Author: False Facer 92

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