Gotham 4X07 A Day In the Narrows Review

The latest episode of Gotham shows us just how badly Jim and Harvey’s friendship is being tested by Jim’s attempts efforts to persue the Penguin and more recently Professor Pyg, as well as how is Bruce coping having killed Ra’s Al Ghul, and killing someone in general.

I’d like to get the Gotham City Siren’s plotline out of the way because of the short length of it. Barbara decides to disband her partnership with Selena and Tabitha since Ra’s is dead and was her only reason for forming an outfit with Tabitha and Selena. Tabitha is angry and willing to cut her loses while Selena still wanted to do a job they were considering, and goes off on her own. This gets Selena in a tight situation with Tabitha having to come help her, eventually, Barbara helps them and comes around to actually keeping their partnership even without Ra’s. So it means that even without Ra’s this development won’t go to waste.

Apparently, killing Ra’s Al Ghul has left Bruce very angry, giving him no real sense of satisfaction. He starts to lash out against hired help and Alfred over the smallest of things. A former classmate of Bruce’s wants to invite him to hang out with her friends including a more mellowed out Tommy Eliot, and Bruce takes her up on her offer. Here Bruce starts to party, but unlike in They Who Hide Behind Masks Bruce’s rich playboy actions are not done for an ulterior motive, but more as a coping mechanism for his feelings. This is foreshadowed when, after Brant brings up Bruce having a butler instead of beating him up like he wanted to, Bruce decides to get revenge by buying the club, and not letting him in. Even so this partying just leaves Bruce as he’s been since episode 5, lost and confused, if a little less angry.

While Professor Pyg, himself does not get much screentime this episode. He is still has a presence that manages to get Jim to almost see his point. Pyg’s murders of cops are causing Harvey as acting captain to use the Penguin’s help to find him. However, the cops are just as violent as Penguin’s thugs, that the only thing to tell them apart is the uniforms. Still, the ending does give a little bit of hope that the GCPD can change for the better, but I think it might too quickly. That also raises the inconsistencies of GCPD since this season, just how corrupt are they, and does this mean the audience is to forgive them for how horrible their actions were early on.

Jim and Harvey’s relationship also reaches a breaking point where Harvey refused to listen to Jim over the chance to finally get Pyg and almost gets himself and other officers killed. Jim manages to save them but earns the anger of Harvey, which is heartbreaking considering their prior friendship was close. The Penguin largely plays a role in looking out for his own interests and taking Harvey’s side and ultimately loses, with the GCPD now willing to arrest Penguin’s license holders.

Overall, I would call this one of season 4’s stronger episodes plot-wise, at least and give it an 8/10. The smaller plots of the Sirens and Bruce Wayne had development to go along with them, and it opens up new opportunities for the Sirens and new problems for Bruce. Pyg once again gives a strong showing as a villain, while Harvey and Jim’s relationship deteriorating is fine, the GCPD should not be immediately be let off the hook by arresting license holders, after storming the Narrows the way they did.

Author: False Facer 92

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