Gotham S4 To Be a Mix of The Long Halloween and Year One

More information has started to come out about what we can see for Season 4. ScreenRant reports the first half is going to have elements of The Long Halloween and Year One for the second half. The Long Halloween was a 13 part story that involved Batman going up against a holiday themed killer named Holiday similar to Calendar Man, going after the Gotham Mob. turning out to be Alberto Falcone. Among the characters present where the Scarecrow, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and the Joker. Characters who are already present or are waiting in the wings. While Year One dealt with Bruce Wayne’s first year as Batman, which we are seeing hints of in Bruce’s willingness to continue being a vigilante.

Another interesting tidbit is that Deadline reports Crystal Reed has been cast as Sofia Falcone, who plans to go to war with the Penguin. In the Comics Sofia Falcone becomes a serial killer named Hangman in the same vein as her brother, to get revenge on her father’s killer. However, in Gotham, the mob has already fallen into a seeming decline, and unlike in the Long Halloween, the mob in Gotham looks to be less a traditional mafia, with an Italian-Sicilian exclusive membership. So it looks like Sofia will attempt to turn back the clock on a mafia that suffered under Cobblepot’s leadership.

Gotham is set to return September 21, a week earlier than expected.

Sources: Screenrant, Deadline

Author: DCTVU

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