Gotham S5 E1 Review

Gotham’s first episode of the season accurately paints a picture of just how bad things now are in Gotham. We are first treated to a Flash Forward where we see Jim, Harvey, the Penguin, and The Riddler facing off against what looks to be an army, and this is on the on the three hundred and ninety-first day that Gotham is abandoned. This means that the worst is yet to come and for more than a year Gotham will be left on its own.

We are then sent to the present the 34th day that Gotham has been abandoned and we’re giving an exposition That shows things are still just as bad right now the GCPD only controls a 10-block radius outside of their Precinct while the rest of Gotham is left to the mercy of various criminals. The Penguin and Barbara Keen have gone back to roughly business, as usual. However, other criminals have gotten in on having their own gangs and carving up their own turfs such as Firefly, and Mr. freeze who are busy clashing with each other as well as the Scarecrow who has his own band of creepy followers. The government says that nothing can be done.

Even the GCPD has problems of its own is it not also contains cops but refugees and the lack of food and supplies is becoming a serious issue. The refugees are starting to protest the lack of food. the GCPD is also low on ammunition making protecting whoever they can very difficult. On top of that, it’s the Scarecrow of all people who draw first blood when it comes to fighting against the GCPD as he and his gang go to raid the hospital for medicine.

However, the GCPD is in the only side of his suffering the Penguins in the situation where he has a monopoly on bullets but little in the way of food which is causing a decrease in the effectiveness of his products. Barbara’s Sirens are in an opposite situation where they have plenty of food but little in the way of protection. This causes Barbara to try and work out a deal of ammunition for food, much to Tabitha’s protests as she wants the Penguin dead for killing Butch, granted she and Butch killed his mother back in season two. However, this partnership does not last. A helicopter from Wayne Enterprises carrying supplies is shot down leading to a standoff between the Penguin and the GCPD, after driving off the local gang the Lowboys.

However the GCPD and the Pen, Tabitha kills the Penguin’s men and tries to kill him with a gun. However, the bullet she placed in it earlier was one of the Penguin’s defective bullets, causing her gun to jam. Taking advantage of this the Penguin stabs her with a knife he had at his side and kills her. Barbara finds and tries to shot Penguin, but gets non-fatally shot by the Penguin himself. The Penguin ends up getting shot in the leg.

We are starting to see the beginning of Bruce’s future relationship with Jim Gordon as Police Commissioner. Jim here is much more tolerant of Bruce trying to actively help out, and even said to him that he did not have to go sneak around to help and that Jim would have wanted to come along. Bruce had also sent the helicopter and was almost able to stop the Scarecrow’s thugs from taking the medicine, if not for being disoriented from the light being restored while wearing night vision goggles.

The Riddler has a small plot of his own where he finds himself blacking out and waking up in random locations which he believes is the work of is Ed personality, he is also growing out his hair. the plot has a fair deal of humor such as the Riddler waking up near a dog or in a dumpster, but it is very small, just two-three scenes. It does show that The Riddler we’re seeing now is not the one we’re going to see by the end of No Man’s Land.

However, there is a more noticeable plot with Bruce and Selina. Selina was paralyzed extra being shot by Jeremiah during the last episode of season 4. Selena is undergoing treatment who would least be able to move if the treatment was successful but Selina finds out she cannot walk. This ordeal has left Selina broken and even perhaps without saying it blames Bruce, she’s depressed enough to try and kill herself, before getting sedated. The only solution Bruce is given is to find someone called The Witch by a suspicious nurse, as a means to possibly restore her ability to walk.

This episode does a great job of showing just how bad things are in Gotham. Sure one could say that Gotham is always been a crime-infested hellscape but in this case, it’s much different. The police could always try to restore order or even work with criminals to keep crime contained, and even the Gotham or Penguin as Mayor never saw Gotham degenerate into an everyman for himself warzone with scarce supplies. Now in Gotham, the various factions are laws unto themselves, and they have to struggle for resources to survive, The Penguin is forced to barter for food, the Sirens have little in the way of guns, and the Scarecrow is stealing medicine from a hospital.

Even though the episode has ended on a note of hope that GCPD has more supplies, it has only given them five weeks of supplies, and children are being targeted by gangs as well. Bruce has to worry about a suicidal Selena, the Penguin gets his leg damaged again, and Barbara has to deal with Tabithia dying. Tabitha’s death being so soon was unexpected. Personally, I’ve always liked Tabitha as the ruthless voice of reason to both her brother Theo in Season Two and Barbara in Seasons Three and Four. Her death will set Barbara on edge as she has lost this voice of reason, but it also finally gives Penguin his revenge against all of those responsible for his mother’s death in Season Two. Considering Echo, Jeremiah’s assistant makes a small appearance, showing that Jeremiah Valeska is still out there, there’s still plenty of time for things to get even worse than they are in Gotham.

Overall I would give this episode a nine. The atmosphere was great if a little bit jam-packed in terms of plot. The Riddler plot was just a very small set up, that I felt could have been put into a later episode, but the rest of the episode was great.

Author: False Facer 92

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