Gotham Season 4 Premiere Title Revealed

            Gotham’s return will thankfully be soon and if writer and director John Stephens has anything to say about it, the Penguin will be making his return to ruling the Gotham underworld. In a tweet, Mr. Stephen reveals that the first episode of Gotham will be called Pax Penguina Pax is Latin for peace and in this context means the Penguin is establishing some kind of peace similar to the idea of regional periods of peace such as Pax Romana or Pax Mongolica for the Romans and Mongols respectively.

Personally, It would be nice to see the Penguin actually make something that lasts this time, especially with this incarnation embracing the label of being a freak. Both his run as head of the Gotham mob and even mayor of Gotham were ruined either by forces outside his control with Theo Galavan in the second season and things in his control such as his emotions, mistreating his subordinates anger and his trying to get Nygma to return his feelings by killing Isabella. So time can only tell if Penguin has learned anything for next season.

Gotham S4XEP1

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