Gotham Teases a Transformation for Bruce

A recent promo video released just this morning on Gotham’s Youtube page give a look at what and if you have a good enough eye, who we can expect when Gotham Finally returns in three weeks. The video itself is below.

So in this promo, it starts with Bruce in what appears to be a pit similar to the one in The Dark Knight Rises with a mysterious man saying to Bruce he was waiting a long time for him to begin his journey and that people of Gotham need a protector and that Bruce is the person to do it. Of note, Bruce appears to be in some kind of garb, and is training in both throwing objects and training with a man in a martial arts dōgi and a domino mask, with what appears to be swords while a man looks on watching them.

Since the identified man mentoring Bruce does not look like Alexander Siddig, it rules out Ra’s and the League of Shadows for now. However, there are some interesting bits between 0:14 and 0:15 of the trailer which shows split-second appearances by Ivy (Maggie Geha) Firefly (Michelle Veintimilla) what appears to be Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) in an executioner’s outfit showing that he’s embracing his role as a violent vigilante and the flamboyant style of villainy that would take over Gotham, and lastly Edward Nygma fully embracing his Riddler persona on a stage. Perhaps while Bruce is busy learning new skills, Gotham will start going to hell all around him, perhaps more than usual?

Gotham returns on Fox on April 24 @ 8 P.M Eastern.

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