Is HR Hiding a Big Secret? Drago-Morph of Reddit Seems To Think So…

The introduction of HR Wells to The Flash this season has been met with polarizing opinions, while some had hoped the show would grow out of it’s Tom Cavnaugh-reliance, others were happy to see the actor return in yet another role. Regardless of your opinions of HR, there’s no doubting the character is a strange fellow to say the least, and – in typical Wells fashion – reddit user Drago-Morph seems to believe that HR is hiding a secret not too dissimilar to that being hidden by Alex Danvers on Supergirl

I had a small debate with my friend over the course of the episode, and I’m deeply saddened we were left with a cliffhanger, as it was left unresolved. My argument in short: HR is gayer than a rainbow over San Francisco.

The idea was sparked when I realized that Randolph Morgan, co-founder of STAR Labs Earth-19, shared a name with Tess Morgan, co-founder of STAR Labs Earth-1 and wife to Harrison Wells. This idea was solidified when I saw the method for the reveal: HR hitting it off with Joe’s ladyfriend will inevitably lead to some drama, some friction, but it will be resolved when HR points out that he couldn’t have been macking on her, as he’s gay. Not only that, but I believe that he has recently separated or divorced from Mr. Morgan, hence why he was so desperate to come to another Earth, and why he was so reluctant to talk about his “business partner” (and furthermore, why he’s so emphatic when referring to him as his “business partner”). It would also explain why his mind immediately went to the cuffs as sex gear, and why he exclaimed that he hasn’t gotten that close to anyone on this Earth yet: he’s looking for some rebound man-tang.

Anyway, I just wanted it on record so that if my predictions come true over the next couple weeks, I can point back to this post of me fucking calling it.

EDIT: Since I’ve gotten a couple of comments on it, I meant that HR’s mind went to cuffs being sexual because he’s overall just distracted by romantic turmoil (hence making the comment that he wasn’t that close to anyone on this Earth yet), not because he’s gay and all gay people love cuffs. – Drago-Morph

What do you think?


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