Just When Is THIS Eobard Thawne From on Legends of Tomorrow? We’ll Find Out Soon!

Ever since the announcement that Eobard Thawne would be one of the villains appearing in Legends of Tomorrow’s second season fans have been curious to learn just when and where this version of Eobard Thawne is from within history. His interaction – and knowledge – of Professor Stein in LoT’s midseason finale seemed to imply that they’d met before – making many fans assume this is the same Thawne we’d seen in The Flash’s first season – but EW Spoiler Room seems to be implying that he may not be. This may be a version of Thawne from an earlier point in history than we’ve ever seen…

Can you explain which version of Eobard Thawne is on Legends of Tomorrow—  Fatima

This is not a Reverse-Flash from a different Earth if that’s what you mean — after all, Eobard seemed to know who Stein was during the winter finale. “We are going to find out shortly on Legends of Tomorrow just how this Eobard links into the Eobard from The Flash,” Matt Letscher says, “where he’s coming from, and more importantly, where he’s going to after this.”


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