Justice League of America (Three Episode Crossover Arc)

This will be my final fan story for a while because this kind of wraps up the Supergirl Development Arc I was doing. It’s not as much development as the other two stories, but this one, kind of wraps it up nicely. As much as any other fan, I would love to see a Justice League on the CW (or even a modern Justice Society). I would just like to see a different version of a team than their DCEU counterparts and to the Legends (which, in reality, is just a C-List time traveling Justice League). Here is an interesting idea of how to do it. Since it takes a lot of build-up and aftermath, I decided to do a three episode arc similar to Supergirl’s Exile. It is kind of awkward in some areas, since a lot of it is just the heroes and villains fighting (which is kind of awkward to write) so I apologize for that. However, this is what I think would be an interesting way to bring in characters we know and love to form a Justice League. Also, this story references my two other stories, so if you haven’t read those you might be a little confused with some plot points. It’s not totally necessary, but if you want to you can.

Justice League of America

Episode 1: Formation

A green streak goes across space as it travels to Earth. It lands in Central City, and it is revealed to be a man dressed in a uniform. Cut to Star Labs, Cisco receives the transmission that something entered our atmosphere uninvited and landed near Star Labs. Barry leaves to go investigate. When he finds, what assumes to be an alien or a meteorite, he sees a man in a bright green uniform. The man tells Barry that “something is coming, coming for us” and passes out. Barry, wanting to learn more, takes him to Star Labs. They nurse him back to health and put him in a cell just in case. He wakes up to tell him that he is Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. He was sent back to his sector of 2814 as he received a threat that one of the other Corps were going to invade Earth, the Sinestro Corps. He tells them that he has to put a stop to this before something bad happens, and that it’s a threat that no one has ever seen before. He lets him out of his cell to have him rest in a bed. Barry ponders about what he should do, and decides to take a trip to Earth-38. He finds Kara and tells her that he needs her help to help his Earth and Kara agrees. They go back to Earth-1 only for it to be revealed that the Sinestro Corps has sent scouts to this Earth already. Barry, Hal, and Kara all fight to stop them but they take quite a beating, but eventually, the Lanterns retreat. They head back to Star Labs. Kara offers a different solution and they go back to Earth-38. Kara finds Superman and tells him of the threat on Earth-1. Superman agrees to help and has a friend that could help them even further. Barry goes back to Earth-1 to get Oliver ready. Clark and Kara head over to Gotham City to find, Bruce Wayne. Kara asks how a billionaire playboy would help us and Clark tells her to just trust him. He heads into the Batcave and finds Bruce at his computer. Bruce asks what he wants in a very angry tone. Clark states that he needs help on another Earth with a big threat that we need his help. Bruce asks why he should care about another Earth’s goings-on. Clark argues that millions will die on their Earth if they don’t do something. Clark states that he can’t be hung up on “him” forever and that he needs to move on. Bruce starts yelling and screaming at him and to get out. But before Clark and Kara leave, he asks where Diana is and Bruce states that she went “back to the island” and Clark leaves with stating that “more deaths will be on his hands if he doesn’t do something”. They head to J’onn’s apartment and both Kara and Clark ask for J’onn’s help and he agrees to help. They head back to Earth-1 but before they can, Bruce comes busting through the door and states that he gave it some thought and would like to join them. They head back to Earth-1. The episode ends with Sinestro outside the atmosphere of Earth, with the rest of the Corps.

Episode 2: Justice League

Kara, Bruce, Clark, and J’onn all come back to Earth-1 and are introduced to the team. Barry retrieved Oliver from Star City. Hal states that they only have a day or two, maybe less, for when the Sinestro Corps comes to Earth. Bruce and Clark are filled in and they state they already fought some of them, and because of that, they are here. They decide to build a plan for when they do come to Earth, but before they can do so, there is what feels like an earthquake. They all go outside to see that the Sinestro Corps has arrived on Earth. They suit up and try to fight the Corps. They fight and fight and fight and they barely make a dent. Every member of the team begin to hallucinate, as they experience their biggest fears. Kara’s is not being a great hero and accidentally killing once again, Barry’s is the death of his mother and not saving everyone, Bruce’s is losing Jason Todd, J’onn’s is the death of his family and the green Martians, while Hal does not experience fear, and Clark’s and Ollie’s are unknown. Barry, Oliver, Clark, J’onn and Kara eventually overcome their fears but Bruce begins to succumb to the yellow ring’s hallucinations and is unable to carry on. He is then bloodied and beaten by Sinestro himself. Flash takes him inside and tells him to rest up and that he would be taken care of. He goes back outside to fight with the rest of the team. Martian Manhunter is kicking all kinds of ass against the constructs along with Green Lantern. They fight some more. Some of the weaker Corps members have retreated. It is just between the Justice League and some of the more prominent Sinestro Corps members (maybe have some Easter Egg members for die-hard fans) and of course, Sinestro himself. The team manages to rip off their rings, as they find it’s the only way to detain them and then knock them out. They are taken into cells by Flash, and the only one who remains is Sinestro. He barely has a scratch on him. Kara is sick of fighting and runs at him at full force, dodging every one of his projectiles, and she tries to beat him down. He eventually grabs her and… snaps her neck and kills her. Clark then uses his heat vision on Sinestro as much as he possibly can. Batman then comes out of Star Labs and witnesses what’s happening. He sees Kara on the ground and he is beginning to get even angrier after another comrade is dead. He then runs at him while he is distracted with Superman and kills Sinestro with a Batarang. The episode then cuts to black.

Episode 3: Aftermath

Clark brings Kara’s body into Star Labs, as the rest of the team follows. Bruce stays away from the rest of the group to avoid the reaction the group will give him after he killed Sinestro. Clark is explaining to Barry how she was supposed to take care of him and be his protector and teach him about Krypton. But now, due to Kara’s time flux, he should’ve been taking care of her and mentoring her. He should’ve helped her more and been there for her more than just let her be on her own. Barry understands and gives him company. Oliver meets up with Bruce and talks to him about killing Sinestro. He states it is okay, because this was a dire situation and it needed to be done. Bruce doesn’t care and states that no matter what happens he can’t kill not even for this. Hal talks to Barry and says that he needs to leave Earth to give Sinestro’s body back to the Corps, along with the other aliens in their cells. Barry agrees and says that he hopes to see him again “in any time of need” and Hal hopes so too. Barry sees Hal go off to the heavens with Sinestro’s body and the rest of the aliens from the Corps. After Clark has necessarily grieved, he begins to wonder how Sinestro snapped the neck of Kryptonian. Apparently, Sinestro made a construct of gold Kryptonite, which caused Kara to lose her powers temporarily, as was shown on a camera outside. J’onn then remembers that not all Kryptonite was the green, gold, silver or red variety. He states that there was a blue kryptonite, which was studied at great lengths and revealed that it reverses the effects of any kryptonite. Clark then urges Barry to find Hal to get him to make a construct of blue Kryptonite, which will reverse the effects and hopefully, bring Kara back to life due to her powers. Barry states that he already left and he probably can’t get him back for the time being. Clark begins to get frustrated but realizes he can probably make a synthetic kryptonite with the help of Bruce. He runs to find Bruce, and he is still talking with Ollie. Clark grabs him and tells him that he has to make the certain Kryptonite that could reverse the effects of other Kryptonite. Bruce is hesitant stating that he still can’t get over Sinestro’s murder and Clark states that “if you want to do something right, you can save my cousin”. Bruce concocts a liquid synthetic kryptonite. It is injected into her and it reverses the effects of the gold Kryptonite and Clark takes her outside to bask in the sun’s rays. She begins to wake up and her collarbone begins to heal. They then take her back inside. Clark begins to talk with Kara about what happened and tells her that he wants to train her a bit more in terms of powers, fighting, and Kryptonian ideals. She agrees and states that she would like that. J’onn steps in and states that they have to leave soon. J’onn, Clark, Kara, and Bruce go back to Earth-38. Barry and company all wish them goodbye as they leave. Back on Earth-38, Clark heads back to Metropolis but says to Kara that he will mentor her more in the future. Kara thanks him and they both go their separate ways along with J’onn, leaving Bruce alone. In his Batman costume, he heads back to Wayne Manor and goes into the Batcave. While there, he sees a kid looking at the old Robin costume. Bruce asks him who he is and what he’s doing here. The kid states his name is Tim, and that he knows he’s Bruce Wayne and wants to talk with him. Cutting back to Earth-1, we see another alien land on Earth. This time, it is Larfleeze and states that “this world is mine” and the episode cuts to black.

While it is kind of weird that a Justice League would fight the Sinestro Corps, I wanted something that would bring Hal to Earth but not something huge like Brainiac or Darkseid. Plus I thought having the JL see their greatest fears would be interesting. Especially a different kind of Batman who has lost Jason Todd. While Affleck’s is more grizzled and angry, this version is more broken and depressed. I thought that was interesting to see, and having the Sinestro Corps highlight that would’ve been a cool way to peek into the psyche of this version of Batman. Also, if you want to know where the rest of the GLC was, they were off fighting the RLC and doing other things. Also in this universe, Hal is (so far) the only Earth Green Lantern. Anyway, I wanted to have a good team up episode that is a fully formed and exact team unlike the “4” part crossover which was just a mish mash of heroes with nor real organization. This is as close to the original line up as I could get, with the exception of Wonder Woman (who is replaced by Supergirl) and Aquaman (who is replaced by Green Arrow). The main thing I wanted to do with this story was have Green Lantern come to Earth and be introduced. Batman has been teased multiple times on Earth-38, so I found it necessary to bring him in too. So far there hasn’t been any reference to WW (with the exception of Diana on the telephone on Earth-2, but that wasn’t officially WW), and only one reference to Aquaman, only in a deleted scene in Flash season 1. So, I thought that bringing them in would bring too much effort, so I brought the people that have been introduced or referenced more in the Arrowverse. Anyway, I hope you liked this story and if you want more in the future, just ask me and I could think of something.

Daniel Gillies as Batman (Concept Art)


Joshua Bowman as Green Lantern (Concept Art)

green lantern

Author: Super Legend

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