Keith David Cast as Solovar For The Flash’s 2-Part Gorilla City Arc

Last fans of The Flash saw him, Grodd had been dropped on Earth-2’s Gorilla City in the company of gorillas of his kind; smarter, intelligent, larger, faster, etc. We’ve also known for some time now that The Flash would be bringing the character back for a two part arc this season – set photos of which have since surfaced – and now Deadline has confirmed that Grodd seemingly won’t be the only gorilla that is part of the arc’s plot.

Set to make his debut in 3×13 and stay until 3×14, Deadline is reporting that veteran actor Keith David has been cast as Solovar, leader of Gorilla City and the very same Gorilla who reconstructed Barry Allen’s face during the Trial of Barry Allen storyline in the comics. Unlike Grodd, Solovar has long since been seen as an ally of The Flash (not just Barry Allen) and – as aforementioned – leader of Gorilla City. While Solovar is well known for his wisdom and powers, he is consistently opposed by Grodd, who wants Gorilla City for himself.


Sources: ABC

Author: DCTVU

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