Lance Henriksen Cast as Todd Rice aka Obsidian on Legends of Tomorrow

While Dr.Mid-Nite, the final confirmed DCTV JSA member, has yet to be cast the TCA’s confirmed that actor Lance Henriksen, of Aliens and The Blacklist, will be playing Todd Rice aka Obsidian on Legends of Tomorrow. 

Henriksen will be joining the likes of  Matthew MacCaull’s  Commander Steel , Sarah Grey’s Stargirl, Maisie Sellers’ Vixen, the yet to be Dr.Midnite, and potentially – although he hasn’t been mentioned at all since his appearance in the Season 1 finale – Patrick Adams’ Hourman.

Interestingly the character being played by Henriksen is typically significantly younger and is actually the twin brother of DC comic hero Jade, and son of DC comic hero and original JSA member Alan Scott. Given the fact that it’s been confirmed that Scott cannot and will not be appearing on the small screen, it stand to reason that Obsidian’s origin will be vastly different then that of his comic counterpart – something immediately evident by the choice to cast a 76 year old to play a character typically portrayed in his mid-to-late 20’s.

In the comics Todd Rice – as aforementioned – is the son of original Green Lantern Alan Scott and has abilities that actually give him a connection to the Shadowlands. What’ll be most interesting to see is just how the show choses to tackle the source of Todd’s powers, as the comics suggest that his father’s exposure to Shadow energy after a battle with Ian Karakul is what gave him his powers.

That said, are you excited to see this new take on Obsidian? Or would you prefer a slightly more traditional take?


Source: The Arrowverse

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  • Knight

    No, I am not excited to see this. Is it SO hard to remain faithful to the comics? The more casting news I see, the more it’s proven the showrunners don’t give a crap about remaining faithful to anything.