LoT: 2×14 Photos and Plot Synopsis Released

A few days ago, the synopsis of the fourteenth episode of the season (entitled Moonshot) as well as promotional photos were released.

When the Legends track Commander Steel (guest star Matthew MacCaull) to NASA Headquarters in 1970, they learn where Nate’s (Nick Zano) grandfather hid the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny.  The team notices a time aberration during the Apollo 13 mission and believes that the Legion of Doom might be involved.  As the Legends journey into space to intercept Apollo 13, the Waverider suffers massive internal damage and Ray’s (Brandon Routh) life is left in jeopardy when he is stranded on the moon. Meanwhile, tension grows between Rip (Arthur Darvill) and Sara (Caity Lotz) as to who is the leader of the team.

A very interesting idea for an episode. Plus, it’s nice to see good Rip back. Here are the promotional photos:

Sources: Comicbook.com

Author: Super Legend

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