LoT: Legends are Going Bigger for Season 3

In three days, the sophomore season of Legends of Tomorrow will come to a close. Many fans agree that this was a much better season than last as it went for more of a fun adventure style vibe then the previous season, which was much darker and more of a race against time. Not that that’s bad, but this season felt like it had its priorities straight by doing something that you would expect from this type of show. However, for next season, the Legends are going much, MUCH bigger. Not for just the roster though, but for the plot itself, as next season, the Legends are going to be facing a much bigger threat that’s not just going to be a threat for the timeline, but the Multiverse itself. That’s right, the Legends will come from different universes to come together to protect the Multiverse.

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Apparently, at the beginning of next season, Rip will learn of a bigger threat, thanks to another message from Future Barry. We don’t know what the threat is just yet but it will feature a big bad sending minions to different Earths to try and destroy the Multiverse. This is what Marc Guggenheim had to say about the upcoming season.

“We really wanted to go bigger, and I said ‘What could be bigger than time itself? The Mulitverse’. I want to make the Legends not just Legends on Earth-1, but across all universes. Hopefully, we can get John Wesley Shipp for a series regular as Jay Garrick’s Flash of Earth-3. We also want to get some fan favorites for the season. Maybe Zatanna, Shazam, Plastic Man could be a good one. The Ray is making a return in Rebirth so we might use him as well. Hell, maybe Welling can make a cameo at one point or even some Golden Age heroes. We want to at least get 6-8 other heroes from other worlds to become Legends. Maybe some can leave and then another will take its place, depending on the world. I’m really excited for what we have planned.

Well damn, that is going bigger. I’m definitely getting a Justice League Unlimited vibe from this. The Legends would truly become Legends if this were to happen. If I have any theories about who the big bad will be, there are only two I can really think of that could work. One is the Sinestro Corps, wanting to spread fear not only across the galaxy, but the Multiverse now. But that would never happen as Guggy hates Green Lantern now, haha. The other only logical choice I can think of is Brainiac. He sends minions to collect other worlds but are stopped by the Legends each time. I think that could be really interesting. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Sources: ScreenRant

Author: Super Legend

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