LoT: ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ Promo #2 Released

While a trailer for the upcoming midseason premiere was released a while ago, a newer one was released explaining what happened with Rip. They did use a lot of the montages from the first promo with showing the Legion and Rip going back to the 1700s, as well as some other stuff. Watch the full promo below:

Now, what it seems like is that Rip went back to the American Revolutionary War when he scattered the team in the season 2 premiere episode ‘Out of Time’. Then I assume the Legion of Doom kidnapped him to try and find the Spear of Destiny and they either don’t or do find it (isn’t really clear). Then, they scramble his brain and plump him in 1967 and create the George Lucas quitting film school time aberration (which may or may not be caused by Rip as Phil in the past) where the Legion tries to kill them. That is what I think will most likely happen. Could be wrong though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Legends of Tomorrow will be premiering in its new time slot, Tuesday January 24th.

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