LoT: Season Finale Cast Teases

Just yesterday, Marc Guggenheim released an image on his Twitter as well as a tweet stating the following:

Legends of Tomorrow’s season finale enters its last week of production today.

It is very unsurprising for this news as April will most likely be here before we know it. But the image itself is kind of interesting:

cast banner

A few interesting tidbits. We already knew Wentworth Miller was returning because of the production photos. The name of the episode is going to be called “Aruba” (maybe it’s going to take place on the island for some reason). Laurel is going to be making a return as well as the team meeting famed Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien. I think there will be some flashbacks, as I mentioned before with Miller being on set, and adding to the fact that Cassidy will also be on set. I have a feeling there will be another “George Lucas situation” with Tolkien.

Sources: Twitter

Author: Super Legend

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