ManyFacesofDave Proposes an Interesting Legion of Superheroes Theory!

While I personally believe there is a chance that we may only see the Legion of Superheroes in name (but they’ll be more like the Justice League Beyond team from Batman Beyond), Youtuber @ManyFacesofDave proposes a very interesting set of theories as to how, when, and where the Legion of Superheroes may show up! What do you think?

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  • JRosario

    If anything, they should save the Legion for the Supergirl show. Why, you might ask?? Because honestly the Supergirl show really doesn’t have any interesting original storylines going on at all, definately none that are unique. ALmost all of the show’s episodes are either rip offs of classic Superman stories or discussions of how SUpergirl isn’t as good as her cousin. And the other two episodes are about Martian Manhunter.

    The Supergirl tv show needs to use the Legion to drum up some interesting things for the show to do.