ManyFacesOfDave: The Man in the Metal Mask, Who is He?

The past two episodes of The Flash have really thrown fans for a loop, but Youtuber @ManyFacesofDave is right on top of each loop the writers have attempted to throw at us – as usual – check out his new theory video below!

If you’re curious as to who is being referred to in Dave’s video above, here are the character profiles:

Johnny Chambers aka Johnny Quick of Earth-2:

Discovering a super complex mathematical formula of supposedly higher dimension, Chambers was able to gain the abilities of superspeed. Inspired by the Flash of Earth-Two and fashioning himself a masked costume and code name, Chambers began his heroic career as impulsive Johnny Quick. – See More at DCWikia

Johnny Quick of Earth-3:

Johnny Quick was born into the partially “reversed” universe of Earth-Three. Most of the Earth-Three Johnny Quick’s history is unrevealed. What is known is that the person who would assume the identity of Johnny Quick was born with an enhanced speed and later found a helmet that allowed him to focus his considerable speed into far greater levels. With the extra speed granted by the use of the helmet and adopting the name of “Johnny Quick” he began his life long career of criminal conquest. It would be during his attacks that he joined in the loose partnership with the other four super-powered beings on Earth-Three and founded the organization known as the Crime Syndicate of America. – See More at DCWikia


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  • stilesgreen

    found from the King Shark trailer on YouTube – an interesting fan theory
    “Jay Garrick is dying because of his addiction to the Velocity Drugs, therefore he needs more healthier cells from his doppelgänger, only to find out that his cells are different to his doppelganger’s. So the drugs end up mutating his DNA into a much more stronger, faster but DEMONIC MONSTER! In order to save himself, he travels back in time and captures his younger self and puts a metal mask on him and locks him up so that he can get his younger healthier cells to save him from dying. The side effect of the drug is that he NEEDS to have more and more of the speed force in order to slow down his cell degeneration and therefore needs Harrison Wells to help him get the flash’s speed force (Barry Allen Earth 1). There are 3 Jay Garricks – the Jay Garrick from the future (Zoom), the Jay Garrick from the present (who was taken by Zoom) and the younger Jay Garrick who is locked up wearing that mask. The younger Jay Garrick was telling Barry that he’s Jay and got extremely happy when Barry said that Jay Garrick is ‘fine’, however upon hearing that, the younger Jay Garrick (one with the mask) got extremely sad and nodded his head indicating that Jay Garrick is NOT okay because that’s HIM!”

    • ManyFacesofDave

      Stilesgreen, not a bad idea. I hadn’t considered Zoom being a future Jay. Very interesting! We’ll have to see when all is revealed later this season. In the meantime, welcome to The Arrowverse. I’m glad the topics here are generating interesting fan discussions!

      • stilesgreen

        Thanks Dave, but yeah I can’t take credit for the theory – just the guy that found it on a video. I just watched your video and I do agree, I’m also not comfortable with Jay = Zoom as it’s very season 1

  • JRosario

    @Stilesgreen. Very creative, interseting. But too convoluted, even for this show.

    • stilesgreen

      JRosario I agree, just thought I’d post it here as food for thought regardless and to think of something a bit more plausible for the show

  • JRosario

    My own theory is that Zoom is actually just the doppleganger of someone we already have met on the show. However, Zoom is ACTUALLY from Earth 3. I would say that Barry’s doppleganger is unlikely, and Wally’s Doppleganger is even less likely. But clearly, the Man in the Mask is Zoom’s doppleganger, and he knows it, and Zooms doesn’t want him telling anyone else.

    I think Dave is right, and the are saving the reveal that Earth 3 and a world where all of the heroes are rotten villains for the very end of the season. Zoom is from Earth 3, and he wants to be absorb the speed of all the other speedsters, and he is keeping his doppleganger alive long enough to accomplish that. That’s all I have