ManyFacesofDave: Zoom Isn’t 100% Human!

Delivering possibly his most interesting theory yet, Youtuber @ManyFacesofDave presents yet another fun, interesting, and insightful Flash theory!

All right, the secret is out. We know the face under Zoom’s mask. Many people are talking about clones, doppelgangers, alternate Earths, including me. But what if the answer was something no one is talking about? In the comics, Gorilla Grodd had just as much a part to play in Zoom’s origin. What if the result of a Meta-Ape mixing with a certain speedster created another personality, also adding strength, speed, agility and savagery? You’ll only find this theory here, my friends!

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  • JRosario

    Good theory. Well thought out. But I will just sit back and enjoy the show. This show is so crazy, and there are so many things they can do, there is really no way to predict what they will do.

    • ManyFacesofDave

      Maybe, but part of my fun is trying. I’ve watched Doctor Who for years. It’s helped prepare me for this show!

  • JRosario

    After all, how many people predicted BEFORE the season finale last year that we would be seeing and going to Earth TWo this year. It’s insane. Who know s what they are building towrads, but it is entertaining as Hell!!

    • ManyFacesofDave


  • eyalamir12

    If this theory is true, who’s body Zoom throw in his lair?

    • ManyFacesofDave

      I’m guessing Edward Clariss, AKA The Rival.