ManyFacesofDave’s Arrow Theory: Felicity Creating Enemies!

Warning! Spoilers for the Arrow episode, Monument Point. Also, strong language of a frank and explicit nature! Viewer discretion is advised. You’ve been warned!

The above is the Wikipedia page of Marc Guggenheim. Check it out to follow along with my video, and see for yourselves!

This video will talk about the ramifications of the bombing of Havenrock in Monument Point, the possibility of Felicity creating the enemy for season 5 of Arrow, the growing hostilities between Olicity fans, #NoLaurelNoArrow supporters and the cast suffering needlessly for the hatred created by the writers room of Arrow, along with Marc Guggenheim, the executive producer of the show. I point out his writing credits, which leads to a possible, and frightening conspiracy theory. Is the death of Laurel Lance, The Black Canary on Arrow due to ineptitude and bad writing? Or from sabotage due to someone working with both DC and Marvel? See for yourself, discuss and share.


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