ManyFacesOfDave’s Arrow Theory: Is the New Black Canary Misfit? #NoLaurelNoArrow

ManyFacesofDave proposes the theory of who Madison McLaughlin’s new “Black Canary”-like character is on Arrow…and it’s Misfit! Dave had the following to say in the description:

Warning! Spoiler alert for the Arrow episode 11:59, and synopsis for Canary Cry! You’ve been warned!


In this video, I theorize about who the new Black Canary may be. Also, I have a heartfelt and musical message for Katie Cassidy.

Misfit’s character backstory is as follows:

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe lived with her mother and her newborn sibling in an apartment in Metropolis’s worst slum. She never met her father.

Charlie knew she had superpowers from a young age, but rarely used them, because they made her mother uncomfortable. She was a big fan of Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl.

The landlord of the apartment building had bribed the safety inspectors. The fire escape had been removed, and the smoke detectors were broken. When a fire broke out, Charlie and her family were trapped in the apartment.

In Charlie’s experiments with her powers, she had discovered that living beings didn’t survive teleporting with her – she couldn’t get her family out. In the end, Charlie’s mother made her leave, shouting at her to teleport out.

Seventeen people died in the fire. The landlord’s sentence was six months, time served. – Read More @DCWikia

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