ManyFacesofDave’s “Jay Garrick’s Dark Side” Theory!

Expanding on an Outsider Theory previously posted here, Youtuber @ManyFacesofDave has posted a video not only expanding, but slightly tweaking a theory we both (he and I) hope is not true, but only because we’re nostalgic of the comics!

Part 2 – Jay Garrick’s Dark Side

Part 1 – Jay Garrick’s Dark Side

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  • JRosario

    Dave: While I usually find your theories interesting and amusing, I think you are just paranoid on this one. While I admit that it is POSSIBLE that Jay Garrick isn’t as heroic as we are all expecting, to me the Jay Garrick character has been about as forthright and upfront as anyone on this show. Since the show is told to us from Barry’s perspective, I guess that is really the only TRULY honest character on the show, but Jay is a close second to me. What I enjoy about the Flash show is that while it usually lets us know which characters are harboring secrets pretty obviously, it is still able to maintain a pretty good mystery for the audience and give us room to speculate week to week.

    But to me, Jay really hasn’t done anything suspicious. IF anything, I blame the writers room for the slight inconsistencies I have noticed in his character. First he says he can teach Barry to throw lightning, then says he was never able to do it to stop Sand Demon?? What. It’s just bad writing.