Might Arrow’s Mid-Season Premiere Lead Felicity To the Vigilante Lifestyle?

Anyone who still watches Arrow knows that the show’s fifth season mid-season finale saw the death of Felicity’s new boyfriend, Detective Malone, at the hands of none of than Oliver Queen himself. While Felicity has seemingly accepted the fact that Oliver was both duped and manipulated into accidentally killing Detective Malone (who was dressed as Prometheus at his time of death), a new TVLine report suggests that – come the mid-season premire – Felicity might begin to venture down a new path…

Ex. Desperate Housewives showrunner and current Arrow showrunner had the following to say of what Felicity’s future might hold:

 “One thing Felicity is not going to do, I can tell you for sure, is blame Oliver. She recognizes the manipulations that have led to this situation. Her heart is broken in that last moment for Oliver and for Malone and for herself. Felicity has set her sights on Prometheus. This season we have said we’re going to take her to a darker place, and you’re seeing the genesis of the reason why, right here. [Felicity] is going to meet some people who are both a bit tied to her past but also very much tied to this new future she’s contemplating and that’s going to draw her away from the team and lead her to do some things that are pretty morally questionable.”

While Mericle doesn’t outright say that Felicity will be suiting up by season’s end, given Arrow’s track record of having nearly every character suit up for “morally questionable” reasons, as well as the fact that Season 6 has alreay been confirmed to include flashbacks from character’s other than Oliver, seems to imply Felicity might be getting a nice – expanded – role in the future.


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