More Potential Future Flash Events Revealed?

While fans of the The Flash still have to wait a few weeks until the show returns from break and have to wait even longer to see if the future events teased in the finale will come to fruitition, a keen eyed Instagram user seems to have come accross more potential future events that will qwell some fans nerves in concern to the fates of characaters. User @world_of_flash_ has noted that, beneath the news report sentencing DC villain Plunder (who is set to be caught by Barry and Wally in 3×10) various other headlines reveal the fates of Joe West, Cailtin Snow, and STAR Labs.

Assuming that the events hinted at are more than placeholders – set photos indicate STAR Labs Museum transformation is all but inevitable – it seems as if Joe West will be promoted to Captain by season’s end (a position he also holds in 2024 according to the 2024 paper) and Caitlin Snow seemingly looses control of her frosty powers and dons the mantle of Killer Frost once again.

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