More Set Photos from Barry and Iris Date Scene in 3×03 Emerge!

Not long ago set photos were posted of Barry Allen seemingly wooing Iris West (of the Flashpoint timeline) in set photos from The Flash’s third episode of it’s second season and while those images provided context that seemed to be that of a date, new photos from WhatsFilmingCA seem to suggest that Barry is actually surprising Iris.

WhatsFilmingCA said the following of the shoot:

Barry, dressed in a grey suit and sporting a tie, met Iris outside of the delivery entrance to Central City Picture News. – WhatsFilmingCA

It clearly worked as the two held hands and stared into each other’s eyes while continuing their conversation. They then left Picture News, holding hands as they walked away together. – WhatsFilmingCA

More images can be found at WhatsFilmingCA

Source: WhatsFilmingCA

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  • Knight

    *Sigh* Just how long is this lame “Flashpoint” timeline going to last?!