New Gotham Promo Promises Gotham City Will Be Torn Apart and More

In a promo released on Monday by Fox, with under a week to go till Gotham returns with many story lines coming from season 3 into play. The Promo video below is set to Mark Langan’s Burning Jacob’s Ladder while showing us many things in store for the second half of season 3.

First things first we see the Edward Nygma come into his own as the Riddler, asking the biggest riddle of all, “Who controls Gotham?”, which considering what is shown through the rest of the trailer doesn’t have a clear answer. On top of that Nathaniel Barnes is going to be transferred from Arkham and escape to continue his brand of deranged justice, he started earlier in the season.

We have hints of something happening to Selena Kyle, which looks to be a homage to Batman Returns, but also the reappearance of Ivy, Firefly, and Mr. Freeze. Fish Mooney also makes her reappearance after kidnapping Hugo Strange to fix her condition and to make her an army, considering Ivy appears with her as well, it seems that most of the Indian Hill escapees Firefly and Mr. Freeze included will serve Fish Mooney.

Jim Gordon also begins his search for answers, and in a freeze frame at 0:35  shows what appears to be a dead member of the Court. However what appears to happen to Bruce is the most interesting of all, first we see Bruce receives something placed on his forehead, in what appears to be Arabic calligraphy, but it goes inside him and he appears to go on a spiritual journey while a figure says “Everything I have done has been to prepare you for this moment, this city will be torn apart and out of the ashes a dark hero will arise,”. Bruce himself replies by saying if it is his destiny he does not want to fail.

However to get back to who controls Gotham City, the rest of season 3 looks to be one big battle royal. Forces affiliated with the Ra’s and the League of Assassins, seem to have the destruction of Gotham in mind, possibly meaning the Court of Owls could be betrayed. While Fish and Barbara appear to have their own plays for power with, Barbara’s thugs being attacked by assailants with swords and domino masks, possibly symbolizing the Court is stepping out of the shadows to keep Gotham under their control, especially if Jim is on their trail. While the police are going to suffer from the carnage yet again, as at 0:46 the GCPD is shown with Jim standing in the middle of it wrecked and with some dead bodies.

We will start to see the question of who controls Gotham answered when Gotham returns on April 24th on Fox.

Sources: Fox

Author: DCTVU

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