New Gotham Promo Teases a Bruce in a Proto-Batman suit

A recently released promo video, by Fox, teases both a Penguin vs Jim storyline and a proto-Batman suit for Bruce. The Jim vs Penguin plot seems to finally show him as some who finally cares about Gotham again, he doesn’t want the Penguin to have control over the city even if he isn’t Mayor anymore, which must explain Sophia Falcone’s (Crystal Reed) involvement.

The real thing that stands out is while Bruce is going out to be a vigilante, he will be going out in more than a coat and a ski mask this time like in the finale. Bruce looks like he’s going out in a suit with an attachable mask for his face. While it would seem ridiculous anywhere else, I’d argue the feel fits with Gotham. Bruce hasn’t shown any inspiration with bats to take them up as a symbol, so it’s not a true Batsuit, nor does Bruce seem to have any gadgets along with it, just good ol fisticuffs.

The Promo video which is down below which gives a better look at the suit and mask, and a small overview of what to expect for Season 4. As a reminder, Gotham is set to come back on Thursdays starting September 21st.

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