New Interview With Wendy Mericle Sheds Light On Season 5

While Arrow is not set to return for a few months, executive producer Wendy Mercile spoke to TVGuide about the direction Season 5 is heading, and teased the possible villain of the shows fifth season.

When asked what she could reveal of the seemingly original (not from the comics) villain planned for Arrow’s fifth Mericle revealed that the characater would be “somebody Oliver unwittingly created in Season 1” during his time as the killer “Hood”. Mericle continued by stating that the character would truly be recognized as a dark mirror of Oliver Queen himself. Given what we now know, the question becomes just who is this villain? Could he be reated to someone fans saw in the show’s first season? Or someone the writers chose to work into the mythos created in the show’s first season?

Furthermore, fans who still plan on watching Arrow in it’s fifth season may be excited to hear that Curtis Holt will finally fulfill his comic book role of Mr. Terrific. “We will be doing a real origin story for Mr. Terrific in Season 5,” she revealed. “When we come back in Season 5, [Star City] is overrun with crime.” Mericle told TVGuide; this increase in crime will likely lead directly into the emergance of new vigilantes such as The Vigilante, Mr.Terrific, Wild Dog, and Artemis – most of whom may likely appear in 5×02 which had been aptly titled “Recruits”.

Lastly, it seems that Oliver and his [new] team will be getting yet another new hideout as Production Designer Richard Hudolin stated the following to TVGuide, “We wanted to have different ways  enter and exit it on a much bigger scale, since we have more characters coming in and out”. The aformentioned quote begs the question, just how many heroes will be running around Star City in Season 5? And more importantly will Arrow ever even attempt to resemble anything close to Green Arrow and his mythos?

Source:  ComicBook Resources

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  • Zoom

    “By the time we return to Star City in Season 5, it is overrun by crime” just like every season premier honestly

    • Zoom

      When will Star City ever not be overrun with crime