No Bat-Family Characters: Batman, Batwoman, Oracle for the CW

Sorry Batman fans! It seems neither the Caped Crusader nor anyone in his extended “Bat Family” will be showing up on the CW anytime soon! IGN is reporting that, at the TCAs, CW-DCTV head honcho Greg Berlanti plainly stated that, “the rumors about Batman, Batwoman and Oracle appearing on Supergirl are completely baseless, and there are no plans to incorporate any of these characters into any of The CW’s superhero shows” (IGN).

While this news might be upsetting to some hoping to see the Dark Knight make a TV appearance on the CW, fear not! Youtuber UltraSargent has cut together a trailer for what he refers to as “CW’s The Bat”, a conceptual trailer for a CW Batman TV series. His trailer showcases actor Karl Urban as the titular character, Bruce Wayne, but personally I’d hope for CW alum and star of The Originals, Daniel Gillies, to play the role if the character were to make an appearance – at any point – on the CW. 

Source: IGNUltraSargent

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  • DiceFestGames

    At this point, what, exactly is WB/CW/DC gaining from this frustrating policy of theirs? Suicide Squad was building a fantastic sub plot on arrow, until they had to pull the plug and kill off some great characters in one of the worst write-offs in TV history. Sorry to rant, but even with it’s hiccups (COUGH OLICITY) the CW Verse has handled the universe (in my opinion) WAAAAY better than any of the recent movies.