Ra’s Al Ghul Makes His Debut in an Official Teaser

Finally, we get a glimpse of Alexander Siddig as Ra’s Al Ghul, and it is amazing! We are treated to a clip of Bruce entering a chamber with a pool filled with green liquid. Considering that the more mystical elements of Batman have at least touched upon with Sensei and his needles, this could very well be a full blown Lazarus Pit. We first hear Alexander as Ra’s warning, Bruce, not to touch the liquid, and asking him why he came and if Bruce truly knew what Ra’s was after. It seems that just like in other incarnations of Batman, Ra’s wants Bruce as a potential heir to continue his work.

Alexander also give’s his thoughts on both who he approach’s Ra’s and what he wants Ra’s to be. “Every time I approach a scene, I’m sort of figuring out — I want to land this character. I want to make an impact. I don’t want to disappoint the people who already love this show,” Siddig says about his own expectations for Ra’s. While Alex describes Ra’s presence as the following “There’s a sense that he is omnipresent, and a deity of sorts, and that he can hear the prayers of his acolytes throughout the city.” Most chilling of all, Alexander says that “Ra’s could make Bruce cross lines he should never cross,” which if it happens would be an interesting turn of events.

Attached below is the clip, Ra’s Al Ghul is set to make his appearance in the two-part season finale on Monday, June 5th.

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