Ra’s al Ghul Looks to Leave his Mark on Gotham

It seems Ra’s al Ghul will make his lasting presence felt on both Bruce Wayne and Gotham City itself by the end of this season. Screener T.V had the chance to talk to both Executive Producer Danny Cannon and David Mazouz who plays Bruce Wayne at WonderCon, about the impact Ra’s could have on the season 3. Danny goes into more details about the exact scope of what Ra’s impact will bring to Gotham City itself.

“We’ve been building to a catastrophic event, which is going to befall Gotham, which may change Gotham forever, [We’re] basically going down the rabbit hole… The Court of Owls is going to uncover something that is an act of terror that’s going to happen around Gotham. It’s going to involve every single character. One ancient, mystic spiritual character could really be at the end of this rabbit hole.”

However, Danny also talks about how Ra’s and his arrival will effect Bruce Wayne, perhaps more so than anything else that has happened to him so far. Which considering what has happened seems to be no small task of its own.

“This whole season has been about Bruce Wayne’s journey into manhood, and going and meeting somebody like that at the end of the season — it’s going to take him into a different plane,”

David himself teases more specifically about the effects that will come from Ra’s interactions with Bruce, and how it will shape him, or even in some cases break him and the world as Bruce knew it.

“[Ra’s] has some involvement in taking Bruce on an incredibly instrumental journey in his transformation to becoming the man we all know he’s going to be. They will mess with his mind, mess with his body, mess with everything — mess with his relationships, good and bad.

Gotham is set to return April 24th on Fox at 8 pm Eastern.


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