Robbie Amell Set to Return in The Flash’s 3rd Season…Firestorm? Deathstorm? or Just Ronnie Raymond?

While Firestorm (both Martin Stein and Jax Jackson) are carving away their own path on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow fans of the CW’s Flash will always remember and callback to the seemingly incomplete story of Ronnie Raymond, one half of the original Firestorm. The character met his fate in The Flash’s Season 1 finale/Season 2 premiere when he willingly separated from his other half and closed the paradoxical breach that had opened over Central City and while actor Robbie Amell returned to play an alternate Earth version of the character in The Flash’s sophomore season, that character – Deathstorm – was also short lived. His many deaths aside is now reporting that the actor has been confirmed to reprise the role of Ronnie Raymond (the version of which is still unknown) in The Flash’s third season.

Again nothing specific has been said about just how or why the character will be returning, but the current train of thought seemed to follow one of the following mindsets:

  • Ronnie Raymond of Earth-1: Ronnie didn’t actually die in the Season 1 finale, but was merely cast into the multiverse when he separated from Professor Stein
  • Ronnie Raymond of Earth-2: While Zoom did kill the body of Earth-2’s Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm, fans of DC comics know that the New 52 established that Deathstorm was composed of Professor Stein’s living mind inside of Ronnie Raymond’s deceased body; while Raymond did say Stein “doesn’t talk much anymore”, but never actually states that the Earth-2 version of Stein is dead.
  • Ronnie Raymond of Another Earth: Simply put, Ronnie from yet another Earth appears.
  • Ronnie Raymond as a Savitar Vision: As we saw in the episodes leading up to the midseason finale, Savitar is able to create visions of deceased characters (i.e. Dante Ramon) in order to bend people to his will…could he do the same with Ronnie?

What do you think?


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