RUMOR: Flashpoint’s End Will Bring Supergirl into the CWverse “Officially”

While many have speculated for quite some time that the vastly loose adaptation of Flashpoint that the CW is crafting would end in a similar manner to it’s comic book counterpart, with Barry pulling multiple universes into one universe, continuity errors always seemed to be a glaring flaw. Some fans speculated that somehow only the residents of National City (and therefore everyone from Supergirl, and only members of the cast necessary) would be pulled into the main CWverse, but this would have been cause for a strange quota because technically that would mean that the entirety of National City left their world behind.

On the other hand some fans thought that – as aforementioned – that both universes would be merged as they had been during DC events such as Crisis on Infinite Earths and the end of Flashpoint; this would mean that both worlds were entirely merged, histories would be blended, and new quotas established. While that option would have brought continuity errors to an all time high, as Superman – who would have existed long before Oliver returned from the island – could have helped Oliver or Barry stop many of the foes they’d faced, as could Kara and Martian Manhunter.

Potential errors aside, a report from BleedingCool suggests that the CW is not only preparing to merge both the Supergirl and Flash universes come late-November, but that they’re well aware of the continuity issues and those will be resolved by…plotforce.

As of the upcoming Flashpoint crossover storyline, Supergirl will now be a part of the main DC TV universe. Only Barry Allen will know that they were once separate… any remaining continuity issues will be handwaved as “a time traveller did it” – BleedingCool

What do you think? Is this universe-merge a bit too sloppy? Or do you think this is the CW’s best bet?


Source: BleedingCool

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  • Knight

    It’s sloppy, plain and simple. 1). If the universes merge, the showrunners won’t even bother explaining the continuity errors given their rather lame “rumored” reasoning here. 2). Had Supergirl started off in Barry’s universe to begin with, I’d be fine with all this. But they didn’t start out that way. Thus, they should remain two separate universes. A merge is both highly unnecessary and it would be messy. There is only one thing that would be good for a universe merge and that’s the ease of crossovers. But that alone does NOT justify a universe merge. Nevertheless, the Universes will merge weather I like it or not.